Top 5 Family Friendly Campgrounds – MN Parent

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In the month of July we were featured in MN Parent Magazine! Ruth's S'more filled face made for a great cover photo and we were happy to share our top 5 family friendly campgrounds with their readers. Here Is The List & Why We Love Them Ham Lake Campground is a place where you can relax and take in a few on site activities. Our kids love the petting zoo which has … [Read more...]

Cool Camping Clothes From Twin Cities LIVE


When I first met Kelli Hanson, from Twin Cities LIVE we chatted about our camping site a bit and she had the fabulous idea to feature a Camping Fashion Show. Immediately, I thought about all the cool camping clothes we have been using and I was excited to join Elizabeth and Steve in the studio! Here Are The Cool Camping Clothes from Twin Cities LIVE Shirts In the … [Read more...]

Float Squad’s Aqua Lily Pads & Bull Frog Water Toys

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There Is With Float Squad's Aqua Lily Pads & Bull Frog Water Toys!   We were excited to get out on the water with the Bull Frog this summer. One thing I noticed about camping with the Bull Frog is the size makes it hard to pack up for a camping trip. It comes in at 20' long x 6' wide, but it can hold up to 1,600 pounds!  I would suggest going with the Aqua … [Read more...]

Backyard Campfire Friday Night Fun With Kids

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We have been on the go non-stop lately, however most of the going hasn't been from camping. We were visiting family and driving teens to and from camp. We have put a lot of miles on the Chevy and I thought it was time to take a break during this summer break! Cabin Time On Bay Lake Family Reunion At The Farm Home We needed a little down time in our own space. … [Read more...]

A Simple Baked Honey Granola Recipe


My family and I spend a great amount of time on the go and in the summer we enjoy camping together. One of my all time favorite treats to pack for long car rides and busy afternoons is my husband’s grandmother’s baked honey granola recipe. I don’t like to fill my kids up on wasteful snacks that contain a ton of sugar. Grandma Carolyn makes her recipe with a few things my … [Read more...]

Cabela’s Guidewear Strom Cotton Hoodie

Cabel's Guidewear Storm Cotton Hoodie

I absolutely love hoodies. I don't know if they are as popular around the country as they are here in Minnesota, but they are the perfect all around jacket for any time of the year. In the fall and spring they are great to put on and leave on all day whether inside or out. In the winter they provide just enough warmth to keep you warm while getting in and out of your … [Read more...]

On The Water Fun With Sliver Creek Paddle Board

On The Water Fun With Sliver Creek Paddle Board

One of the goals for our camping blog, Beyond The Tent, was to introduce products which people don't think about when planning a camping trip. We want them to be useful and enjoyable items that can join you on your travels. One item has stood out in my mind this summer which is a paddle board. Paddle boarding has picked up on the MN radar and I wasn't sure if it would be … [Read more...]

Washing Clothes While Camping – Scrubba Wash Bag

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I was out camping a couple of months ago and one of my kids spilled juice on themselves. It happens... often. Once I got closer to clean up the mess I wondered if there was a camping washing machine on the market. There are so many household items designed for the camper lifestyle that I wouldn't have been amazed if there were a few ideas sold online. After a paper towel … [Read more...]

Twin Cities LIVE Visits Beyond The Tent


It's been a long time dream of mine to be featured on my favorite show Twin Cities LIVE. I was thrilled when Kelli Hanson contacted me and said she wanted to do a taped segment on location at a campground. I was ready to go in front of the camera with my happy kids and some of my hottest camping gear of the season. Happy Camper In case you saw the show or if you … [Read more...]

Bunker Hills Campground

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Camping Inside City Limits!   This time the family and I needed to plan a quick trip close to the Twin Cities because Kelli Hanson from Twin Cities LIVE wanted to do a segment on us and some of the cool camping gear we take out on our trips. Side note: You can catch us on her popular show on July 1st 3pm Central on channel 5!! Lucky for us I was able to book a … [Read more...]