Basic MN Winter Camping Tips

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There is no way to deny the winter chill in Minnesota. For some camping comes to a complete close at the end of September, however for others it doesn't shut down for the winter season. Winter is a moment when the world stands still giving these campers enough space to embrace the outdoors in a more solitaire nature. It also is a whole different experience to be out there … [Read more...]

5 Family Camping Blogs You Should Follow

5 Family Camping Blogs You Should Follow beyond the tent review gear mn

I have enjoyed camping with my family for the past 10 years and it has been a ton of fun sharing our adventures with you. Starting the camping blog was a great idea and we plan on continuing the site. We have a list of ideas we will be putting into place in the coming year. A blog can be a great tool for planning trips, get useful tips, read reviews and you might come to … [Read more...]

Willow River Wisconsin State Park Campground


As a close to our summer break we went on a big group camping trip with some of our close friends. I had been researching places to visit throughout the winter months and found Willow River Wisconsin State Park campground. It turns out one of the families that joined us had stayed there many times before and loved it, so we decided this would be our goodbye summer … [Read more...]

How To Beat The Summer Heat When Camping


A few weeks ago we spent a weekend camping at Willow River State Park just over the Wisconsin border. We had a great time with a few good friends, spent time at the lake swimming and paddle boarding and even took a nice hike to the waterfall and cooled off perfectly under the falls. The Waterfall Was Fantastic We had tons of fun during the day, but our problems began … [Read more...]

9 Camping Myths Debunked

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In case you can't tell, our family loves camping. We often run into many people who say how they would love to get out and take their family camping but they have come to believe certain things about camping that are keeping them away. Below are 9 common myths that we hear from would be campers about why they are scared to give camping a try and why these myths aren't … [Read more...]

Best Family Hiking Trails In Minnesota

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I believe most Minnesotans will tell you their favorite season is fall. It’s because we don’t have to deal with the humidity of summer or the arctic cold of winter. It’s the perfect weather and time to plan a camping trip. It’s also the ideal time to try out one of the best family hiking trails in Minnesota. As we enter into September the colors on the leaves in Northern … [Read more...]

Bunker Hills Campground


Camping Inside City Limits! This time the family and I needed to plan a quick trip close to the Twin Cities because Kelli Hanson from Twin Cities LIVE wanted to do a segment on us and some of the cool camping gear we take out on our trips. Side note: You can catch us on her popular show on July 1st 3pm Central on channel 5!! Lucky for us I was able to book a couple … [Read more...]

A Camping Trip To Wild Mountain

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Last fall, as we were busy wrapping up our camping season, we thought it would be fun to throw in one last trip. We arranged to camp at Wildwood Campground, which is related to Wild Mountain, Taylors Falls Recreation. It was too cold already for the waterpark fun, but I was excited about the alpine slides! Over the weekend I was thinking you might be starting to make your … [Read more...]

Cabela’s Guidewear Strom Cotton Hoodie

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I absolutely love hoodies. I don’t know if they are as popular around the country as they are here in Minnesota, but they are the perfect all around jacket for any time of the year. In the fall and spring they are great to put on and leave on all day whether inside or out. In the winter they provide just enough warmth to keep you warm while getting in and out of your … [Read more...]

Campfire S’mores Cookie Recipe

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What I love most about camping with my family is the flexibility to make it into a trip that fits into our interest. Camping can be all about the activities you do or it can be geared around the campsite and the campfire. It also can be about the foods you serve and in this case I was looking for foods that had a unique camper spin on it. I wanted to treat my family with a … [Read more...]