Cool New Camping Gear 2014

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Minnesota has had it's fair share of winter snow this year. To make up for all the extra white I thought we could take a peek into the cool new camping gear coming out this year. Here is a look at the hottest products on the market for 2014. ENO - JungleNest Hammock   I don't plan on taking a trip into the jungle anytime soon, but I was thinking it would be … [Read more...]

Minneapolis RV Camping Vacation Show Is Missing Something

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The hope of Spring is growing larger by the day. My family does better when there is a daily dose of sunshine, green grass under their feet and room to spread out. After being stuck in the house with crazy children for a couple of weeks I was beyond ready to take a trip to the convention center for the Minneapolis RV Camping Vacation Show. Ryan and I were excited to … [Read more...]

Interview With Wicked Tuna Captains Dave Carraro & Bill Monte

National Geographic Wicked Tuna

Recently we were lucky enough to spend some time with Captain Dave Carraro and his first mate Sandro Maniaci of the as well as Captain Bill Monte of The Bounty Hunter. Kelly sat down and had a great interview and a great time with the guys. You can check out the whole video here! More videos from the 2014 Minneapolis Boat Show are on there way! . … [Read more...]

Progressive Boat Show Anchors In Minneapolis


The Progressive Boat Show in Minneapolis is one of the largest shows in the United States. Which isn't a big surprise when you count in how many boaters and Great Lakes Minnesota has. The boat show is produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, which is known as the world’s largest producer of boat shows. Also, they are the number one company producing … [Read more...]

Fun Camping Games To Play With Kids

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For our family, camping has been a great way to spend special time with our kids. When we are at home on the weekends it is easy to get lost in all the To-Do lists that run a mile long, but stepping away from the chores can be the best thing you can do for your family. We have come up with some fun camping games to play with kids to help make the memories from your trip … [Read more...]

How To Keep Bears Away From Camp

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One fear I have about traveling North towards Bear Country is the BEARS! In all my years of camping I have yet to spot any trace of a bear, but that doesn't mean they aren't near by. As I gather all my plans for a future Boundary Waters Canoe trip I have been trying my best to set aside my fear of coming face to face with a hungry brown bear. It is important to understand … [Read more...]

Best State Park Camping

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64 State Parks • 55 State Forests • 2 State Wildlife Areas 548 State Wildlife Management Areas • 1 State Natural Area • 1 National Park 2 National Forests • 7 National Wildlife Refuges There are over 60 State Parks in the state of Minnesota. Hosting 4,239 campsites, 1,234 miles of trails and 33 beaches to soak up the sunshine. What makes my family love these wooded … [Read more...]

Simple Family Camping Checklist

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Are You Ready For Camping? I thought with the season approaching, at a fast rate, I better upgrade to a printable camping checklist. Checklists are a great tool to help with organization. I am usually hustling  all my children to gather last minute items as we are trying to get out the door. I am famous for forgetting things at home and because of my history I have … [Read more...]

Portable Patio Set Comes In Handy – Review

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I can't count how many times we have been at a campground and thought it would be nice to have our own camping table. Most camping sites provide a picnic bench, but it is nice to have the extra space to put cooking items on, setting up the kids with coloring books and crayons or simply having more seating space comes in handy. RIO Adventure has designed a portable patio … [Read more...]

When My Family Travels – Rightline Cargo Bags

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When my family travels anywhere, even for just a few days, we always find a way to bring enough stuff to fill up every inch of space in our SUV. We don’t have a big vehicle, it’s a regular sized Chevy Trailblazer, but I thought it would be big enough for our family trips…I was wrong. So, we decided to look at a couple different options for increasing our storage capacity. … [Read more...]