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40 of the Best Places to Go Camping in Arizona

Arizona is one of the most picturesque states in the country. There is so much to see and do from wild west historic sites to natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. The rugged terrain, cactus-dotted desert views and spectacular rock formations make this state a camper’s dream. The state is also home to some of the most well-known state and national parks in the region. Whether you want to pull your rig up lakeside or pitch a tent off-the-beaten-path this list will help you find the best camping sites in Arizona. So pack up your tent, collect your backpacking gear...

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The Complete Camping Food List for Planning, Packing and Cooking

A family friend used to tell stories from when he went camping in college. He said that he would always bring a sack of potatoes and his friend would bring a bag of sweet apples. Apples for breakfast, potatoes boiled up for dinner and that was their food for the weekend. While it is certainly a simple way to head out on a weekend trip, most of us would prefer a bit more variety and substance in our daily diets, especially when camping. Food is a major part of hiking, camping, and backpacking. It is both a social activity...

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How to Get in Great Shape for Backpacking with a Baby

Outdoor life doesn’t end when you have children, it only gets better. So if you were an avid hiker and backpacker before the baby arrived, there is no reason you shouldn’t continue to enjoy the outdoors now that you’ve added a member to your family. Bringing a baby along on your hiking and backpacking adventures does add some work for mom and dad. Both backpacking and babies are known for being unpredictable. That’s why it is important to know what you are getting into and be as prepared as possible before you hit the trail. Whether you are going...

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How to Plan The Perfect Family Camping Road Trip

As vacation season quickly approaches we all start weighing the options: a trip to Disney or a theme park, a week at the beach, sightseeing in a new city or a good old-fashioned family camping trip. Why not enjoy them all by going on a family camping road trip. You can hit the road as a family, explore a variety of places and still enjoy the great outdoors. A family camping road trip can also be a great way to bond with your kids and add a little spontaneity and adventure to your next vacation. Here are a few...

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25 Make Ahead Camping Meals to Feed a Whole Family

Who wants to spend their whole time camping trying to whip up gourmet meals on a folding table or picnic bench. At the same time, hot dogs on a stick and cans of beans get boring pretty quickly and won’t keep anyone fed for very long. But what is the alternative?  Leave the ramen at home and opt for make ahead camping meals. Meal prep isn’t just for busy families anymore. Now you can use your at-home kitchen skills to whip up some yummy and filling meals to take on your next camping trip and avoid the mess and...

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Ryan Cunningham My name is Ryan Cunningham and I have always loved the outdoors. As a boy growing up in Southern MN, I would spend hours roaming the woods by our home and camping on our farm. These days I am lucky enough to be able to go on great camping adventures all over the US and share my experiences here on Beyond The Tent.

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