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10 Ways to Get Your Tech Obsessed Kids Outside

Technology has become so integrated into our everyday lives that it is sometimes hard to remember the importance or unplugging. When it comes to our kids, schools across the country are giving children I-pads and laptop computers to use at school and take home as early as kindergarten. The age is getting lower and lower that children are being given their own cell phones and the video gaming industry is constantly coming out with new and improved technology that draws kids in. Most of us can probably admit that our children are a little too obsessed with technology and...

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Top 25 Tips For Tent Camping

In our earlier days of tent camping we didn’t always end up “happy campers”, however after years of trying new ways to make camping more fun I learned a few things that have made camping less of a chore and more of a relaxing getaway for everyone. I believe the more you plan and prepare for your trip, the more you’ll enjoy your experience. Tips When Planning A Camping Trip   Test Drive Camping At Home You don’t want to end up sleeping underneath the stars because you couldn’t figure out how to set up your tent! It’s a good idea...

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Basic MN Winter Camping Tips

There is no way to deny the winter chill in Minnesota. For some camping comes to a complete close at the end of September, however for others it doesn’t shut down for the winter season. Winter is a moment when the world stands still giving these campers enough space to embrace the outdoors in a more solitaire nature. It also is a whole different experience to be out there among the snow, ice and lower temperatures. Have you ever thought about trying winter camping out? If you are like me and are new to the idea of braving the weather,...

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The SunTurtle Solar Camping Lamp

Now you have one less item to pack and that is batteries! The SunTurtle solar camping lamp was sent to us around Christmas and I had every intention of winter camping this past year, however we were unable to make time for it with our chaos of a calendar. Instead of trying the SunTurtle out in the woods I was able to use it inside where the weather was a comfortable 72° at all times. I was impressed that the SunTurtle was able to draw the sunlight energy from our sitting room as well as it did. It was...

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5 Family Camping Blogs You Should Follow

  I have enjoyed camping with my family for the past 10 years and it has been a ton of fun sharing our adventures with you. Starting the camping blog was a great idea and we plan on continuing the site. We have a list of ideas we will be putting into place in the coming year. A blog can be a great tool for planning trips, get useful tips, read reviews and you might come to truly like the people behind the site. At least I hope you like us! Not only do I run a few website, but...

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Ryan Cunningham My name is Ryan Cunningham and I have always loved the outdoors. As a boy growing up in Southern MN, I would spend hours roaming the woods by our home and camping on our farm. These days I am lucky enough to be able to go on great camping adventures all over the US and share my experiences here on Beyond The Tent.

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