I have enjoyed camping with my family for the past 10 years and it has been a ton of fun sharing our adventures with you. Starting the camping blog was a great idea and we plan on continuing the site. We have a list of ideas we will be putting into place in the coming year. A blog can be a great tool for planning trips, get useful tips, read reviews and you might come to truly like the people behind the site. At least I hope you like us! Not only do I run a few website, but I also spend time following other blogs on a variety of subjects. I thought if you follow us, you might like other family camping blogs, too. Here is a list of five family camping blogs you should follow.

1. Adventure Parents

When I started the camping blog I went through looking to see if there was already a Minnesota family camping blog. In my search I came across the Adventure Parents website. I like the clean layout of their site and they keep current with their articles enough to the point of keeping me interested. The photos are large, crisp and I like that they don’t try to make all the photos look staged. Great information with a touch of personal family camping included.

2. Griffis Family Outdoors

Speaking of photos, the Griffis Family Outdoors camping blog is very photo heavy. They have been blogging about their trips since 2006! That’s a lot of material you can read through. I find myself longing for mountains when I go through their articles.

3. Outdoors Geek

The Outdoors Geek blog is unique in the way that they share great camping and hiking articles, yet they run a store online, too. That’s not all… they allow you to RENT gear before you buy it from them. I have never heard of a site running a rental option until I stumbled upon Outdoors Geek. Pretty cool, right?!

4. RV Crazy?!

I had a blogging friend who introduced me to RV Crazy?! (love the name). What I have enjoyed most about following their family trips is how relatable they are with the reader. The site is designed to give you reviews of the places they travel to in their RV, they share recipes and they even have a special spot devoted to “Winnie” the Winnebago. You should go check them out!

5. Beyond The Tent

If you don’t follow Beyond The Tent, you should. We are currently going through the site and designing areas that will give you more useful resources to make your family camping vacations more memorable, plus easier to plan. We have tons of fun outdoors with our five kids and we all really like having a camping blog. Our goal is to provide you with ideas that will get you and your family thinking outside of the normal camping box. It can be so much fun camping with a stick and hot dog, but how much more fun is it to bring a paddle board or sleep in a hammock?! We want to give you information to make something that will give your family life long memories.


  1. Thanks for the mention of Outdoors Geek in your article. We serve campers, backpackers, and hunters all over the country with top of the line rental camping equipment.

    I also love all the great information on your site about camping in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area. For people from outside of that region that are looking for a great place to hike, there is a website called http://www.localhikes.com that focuses on hiking trails near metropolitan areas. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing on that site for MN/WI area.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the link Will, great info there! Our Mid-West camping directory is currently being put together here on Beyond The Tent and should be available by Spring time!

  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing the blogs here! It is so informative and interesting blogs to read for. Appreciate for the resources and effort. Thanks and have a nice day

  3. Thanks for the great list. There is nothing like family camping to bring everyone together. That said, it’s not always easy, so I really respect how you can manage it with 7. Best of luck this camping season.

    Thanks Again,

    Steve Sanders

  4. Thanks so much for sharing a good variety of great blogs. You’ve given something for everyone, which is terrific. I used to be more into the tent thing or backpacking but now that I have a family and a little one, the RV stuff is getting more appealing. Plus taking an RV to travel the country sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll definitely check out all of these blogs, though, so again, thank you so much for sharing this. Much appreciated.

  5. Ryan, I have really have enjoyed reading your blog… I appreciate how you focus on making camping easier for the beginner or families. One of these days I will write a post similar to this and your site will definitely be included!

  6. I have a friend who is considering turning his property into a camp ground. He is thinking of having green house on site with fresh fruit and vegetables Chickens for fresh eggs etc. Can I get some ideas on what is most important when you pick a camp ground. Thanks for the input he will appreciate the suggestions

  7. I thought these tips were really useful. The five family camping blogs will be very useful for my friends, family, and me. I will not have to be searching all over for this kind of information. Your “Family Camping Guide” is very important information for first time family campers.


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