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22 Of The Best Camping Blogs That You Should Be Following

22 Of The Best Camping Blogs That You Should Be Following

So you’re looking for a camping blog to follow for gear advice, novice hiking tips, camping meal recipes, trip planning or maybe just to live vicariously through someone else.

And you end up here, to a compiled list the best camping blogs that will you with virtually every camping situation (legal disclaimer: although, we can’t fight off a bear for you)

Odds are good that AT LEAST one of these will speak to you in some way and satisfy the inner outdoorsman in you.

They all have one thing in common though (well more than one): Passion and knowledge.

Our Favorite Camping Blogs

Glamping Tent At Night

Beyond The Tent

Beyond The Tent

We’d definitely have to start off this post by saying that you NEED to check out the Beyond The Tent camping and outdoor blog! 🙂

Beyond the tent is a camping blog that is an amazing resource to anyone looking to get outdoors. Ryan’s passion for family definitely shows through the topics of these posts (and through pictures) and he does an amazing job showing a balance between family and camping.

This outdoor blog offers camping recipes of plenty to satisfy campers of any age.

Beyond the Tent’s Gear Guides also shouldn’t be missed such as the Tent Buyer’s Guide, The Sleeping Bag Buyers Guide, The Complete Guide To Camping Grills, Outdoor Power, and even Camping Lanterns!

The site is also full of helpful how tos such as How Set Up The Perfect Camp Shower, and camping guides such as The Complete Visitor’s Guide To Yellowstone National Park.

Our favorite posts from this blog

The Complete Guide To Camping In The Rain – Camping in the rain can be a complete drag. With this guide you’ll be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at you.

A Behind The Scenes Look At Wenonah Canoes – Ever want to learn how the best canoes in the world are made? Ryan did a tour of the Wenonah Canoe plant in Winona, MN and shares this amazing experience.

Camping In The Boundary Waters Canoe Area – The BWCA in Minnesota is considered some of the best camping in the entire world. Check out Ryan’s adventures through the BWCA.

How to Camp Out

How To Camp Out Blog

What’s great about this camping blog (aside from the nifty tagline “Adventurous souls meet here”) is that it really sticks to its name… all about how to camp out.

This blog is full of how-to’s, lessons, gear info, and gear reviews for campers of all experience levels.

They make it pretty darn difficult to have an excuse to NOT go camping, heck, they even have a 2-part series of what to take camping! it wasn’t hard for us to decide that How to Camp Out needed to make our list of best-camping blogs!

Our favorite posts from this blog

How to Make a Campsite Intruder Alarm – Safety is always #1 when it comes to outdoor activities, so this DIY campsite alarm is a MUST HAVE

The 5 W’s on Picking a Campsite – You probably didn’t think that ‘Widowmaker’ was one of those W’s that need to be carefully considered

Fresh Off the Grid

Fresh off the grid camping blog

This camping blog isn’t just any ordinary “How to set up a tent” camping and hiking blog – it’s a FOOD camping and hiking blog!

This blog is recipe after recipe after recipe. Unlike regular old run-of-the-mill tent camping recipes like hot dogs and baked beans, this blog made for a camping foodie features recipes that are diet specific (vegan, dairy free, gluten free, ect), utensil and gear specific (grilling, one pot, dutch oven, ect), as well as organizes them very nicely in to specific meal types (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, ect). Finding a recipe you’ll like will be a piece of cake…Mmmm cake

Our favorite posts from this blog

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes – Even campers have to admit that they go #basic #PSL sometimes, and we all gotta eat!

3 Cozy Winter Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Winter – This is probably the best way to camp in the winter, with these warm cocktails to keep you toasty

Bearfoot Theory

Barefoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory is a camping blog that carries a ‘hippy’ vibe (hence, bare feet?). You’ll not only find valuable camping information in this blog, but you’ll also find posts about campervans, hiking, backpacking, and specific travel destinations. Check out this great outdoor post about the best places to see peak fall colors here. Thinking about a road solo trip? You wouldn’t want to miss important pieces of planning a trip where you are alone and vulnerable most of the time would you? Didn’t think so. Click here for the ultimate guide to planning solo road trips. These are just a couple of great posts from this camping blog, and there is much more to expore!

Our favorite posts from this blog

How to Poop Outdoors: A Step-by-step guide to Leave No Trace – Shit happens even to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean other people want to see it

Campervan Rental Companies for Your U.S. Roadtrip – I’m probably not the only one hoping (oh so hoping) that there is a campervan with shag carpeting, right? Or is that just me… that might just be me.



The activity of glamping (a.k.a. glamorous camping) is a newer trend on the rise that mixes the rugged outdoors with comfortable accommodations.

These accommodations might include a bed (eek! Is it still real camping then?), meals cooked for you, and electricity.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking… “Why not just stay in a hotel if that’s the case?”. The answer is simple. Nature. A hotel cannot hang you from a tree to sway in the breeze at night while you sleep.

Glamping is the experience of a lifetime, and it can also cost an arm and a leg (depending how glamorous you decide to get).

This blog is filled with reviews of many different glamping sites around the world and shouldn’t be one to miss if you are curious and want to learn more about glamping!

Our favorite posts from this blog

Rush Over to Mount Rushmore in 2018 – Now you can take in the views and other sites around Mount Rushmore from a luxurious tent with an on-site restaurant!

Tiny Glamping in WeeCasa – Get a taste of tiny living whilst tiny glamping

Our Favorite RV Blogs

RV Blogs
RV blogs are different from camping, backpacking and outdoor blogs. They tend to cover all the intricate details of RVing such as storing your RV, RV maintenance, Parking the RV and much more. These are our favorite RV blogs.

Ardent Camper

Ardent Camper RV Blog

Ardent Camper is an RV blog that was started a few years back by a couple that made that the decision to quit their jobs and generate income on the open road while they travel the country.

While it sounds exhausting just thinking about it, they explained, with simplicity, the lessons they learned about downsizing their belongings by selling on Craigslist in their post Downsizing Adventure: 10 Lessons Learned Selling on Craigslist.

This RV blog is a go-to for RV tips, how-to’s, travel suggestions, and lessons that perhaps you don’t want to learn by making the mistake yourself.

Our favorite posts from this blog

Towables vs. Motorhomes – What is the difference REALLY? Find out here!

Tips for First-Time Campers – Never driven an RV before?  Not sure what dumping supplies you need? No worries, Ardent Camper has your back!

Crazy Family Adventure Blog

Crazy Family Adventure RV Blog

This particular RV blog will inspire the moms and dads out there to live their dream of RV life and not to let any excuses hold them back – like children.

These high school sweethearts, their 4 children, and 2 fur babies lived the typical suburban life before they decided to take the plunge into RV life to focus on spending more time together and staying in the moment.

They now chronicle their journeys (like a badass Baja trip!)through this amazing RV blog. Did we mention their rockin’ podcast that lays out exactly how they came to the place in life that they are in now?

Our favorite posts from this blog

10 Helpful Tips For Making Friends While Living Fulltime In An RV – Making friends is tough for children and adults, even more so when living fulltime on the road. Here are some tips to get you on the road to friendship.

EP 3: How We Downsized From A House To An RV – Great webisode about how a family of 6…yes I said SIX… managed to downsize and uproot their life to full RV living.

Weekend RV Adventures

RV Adventure Blog

One of the best RV blogs for mechanical RV tips, Weekend RV Adventures is sure to get your driving on the road to success and freedom.

In a bind and run out of sewer storage? Don’t let yourself sink in shit by creating a DIY RV Sewer Hose Storage.

Or perhaps you are looking for 5 Easy Tips to save money when towing your camper. Maybe you’re new to the RV life and need Towing Tips for New RV Owners. This blog has your back AND will help make sure your tail-swing won’t cause you too much damage.

Our favorite posts from this blog

100 Best RV Camping Tips for Beginners – It seems like SOMEHOW someone ALWAYS manages to forget the hot dog and marshmallow forks… #dontbethatperson

How to Winterize an RV [4-easy steps] –  Winter is just around the corner, is your RV ready?

How to Back Your RV Into a Campsite – Tips and tricks to back up your truck and trailer, which you cannot ALWAYS find ways to avoid.

My Camper Friend

RV Blog Website

My Camper Friend will become your best RV blog friend when diving deep into what this blog has to offer.

Aside from the reviews in the links below, this blog offers up a product list of over 400 items that most campers need. Along with that, we are talking CHECKLISTS that list more than 400 items! Even a checklist for people looking to purchase an RV! It can’t get any easier than that!

I wonder if there is a spot on the checklist to “double check the checklist”?

Our favorite posts from this blog

Owning an RV First Time – Filled with checklists and guides to get you going

Do I need a Surge Protector for my RV? –  Do you need one? If so, surge protectors are reviewed here!

Winnebago Life

Winnebago Life RV Blog

Whether it is RV storage, RV cleanliness, or RV maintenance that you are seeking help for online, stumbling upon Winnebago Life just might save you from numerous hours and keystrokes.

The Winnebago Life RV blog is chock full of essential information for any level of RV living expertise.

You can check out their Travel section where they document their journeys to places such as national parks and Disney, their Life section which holds… sit down for this… 19 pages of posts in and of itself, and last but not least you can scroll around their Gear section where you can find something for just about every situation.

Our favorite posts from this blog

6 Wine Essentials for the RV – All I have to say is #roseallday

Breaking Myths of Full-Time RV Travel – Can you earn an income? Can you be healthy? What will other people think? Read the top 9 common worries about fulltime RV living

The XYZs of TV for RV – Get the 411 on RV TV 101

Cheap RV Living

Cheap RV Living Blog

Whether you are living on the road or vacationing, it is very important to always save as much money as possible in any situation. Cheap RV Living RV blog so graciously gives us their tips and tricks to do just that.

Ever heard of Workamping? It’s a site that lists jobs within campgrounds around the U.S. that allow you to earn an income as well as travel the country!

Our favorite posts from this blog

Where To Stealth Park – Like a ninja

Baby Steps: How to Have Electricity in Your Car or Van For Very Little Money –  Every little bit of money helps, especially when you are living on the road or on vacation!

How to Stay in Touch – Probably the toughest thing of choosing the RV life is lost connections, try these tips to ensure that doesn’t happen!

Our Favorite Backpacking Blogs

Backpacking In The Mountains

There is something pure about backpacking.

It forces you to strip down all of the unnecessaries and focus on you, nature and your company while making due with as little as possible.

Because of this, backpacking is one of my favorite styles of camping. Here are some of our favorite backpacking blogs that you should be following.

Brian’s Backpacking Blog

Backpacking Blog

Brian is a hardcore backpacking professional that originally reigns from the U.K. but now has lived in the U.S. for over 20 years.

His passion for backpacking is what made this backpacking blog be the best that it can it be with helpful tips for backpacking levels ranging from beginner to expert.

Brian’s Backpacking Blog is full of reviews of backpacking products such as Paleo Meals To Go, Renovo Trio Water Filter, as well as the Compass Caddy.

Our favorite posts from this blog

How do You Pass the Time on Long Nights? – Nights can get long, cold, and lonely and we all know from the TV survivalist shows that loneliness takes a toll on our mentalities. What would you do to stay sane?

The Broke Backpacker

Broke Backpacker Blog

Known for being the $10 a day travel man, The Broker Backpacker has taken things to the extreme when it comes to rationing money.

To fund his backpacking passion, he now makes five figures a month through online ventures along with optimizing affiliate links within the blog.

He has spent months developing the training of Ditch Your Desk so that you too can cultivate your passion for backpacking and traveling the world.

Our favorite posts from this blog

7 Things Nobody Tells You About Backpacking – #4 You will fall in love all the bloody time he says.

Travel Banking 101 – Don’t forget to keep in mind that currency in other countries are higher or lower than in the U.S. and you need to budget correctly.

Honeymoon Backpackers

Honeymoon Backpacking Blog

Named “Best Honeymoon Blog of 2018”, The Honeymoon Backpackers backpacking blog is written by a picturesque couple (Mon & Dyl) that wanted to combine their love for each other with their love for adventure.

They have filled their backpacking blog with adventures to exotic places such as Bali, and Hua Hin.

Planning a honeymoon in 2019? If so, Top 20 Honeymoon Destinations of 2019 is a MUST READ! If you feel the need to live vicariously through an exciting, young backpacking couple (who also chronicle their backpacking adventures to places such as Hanoi, and Myanmar), then this is your backpacking blog to follow.

Our favorite posts from this blog

The Ultimate Philippines Honeymoon Guide 2018 – Make your honeymoon the best it can be with this ultimate guide! #romance

10 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together – Being with that special person traveling the world brings experiences and situations that creates a bond like no other <3.

Life Epiphany and Inspiration for Honeymoon Backpackers – This couple married young and wanted the ‘honeymoon phase’ to never end, and just like that – their endless backpacking honeymoon dream became a reality.

Anywhere At Home

Anywhere At Home Blog

Angel and Michelle started their outdoor blog back in 2014 after having the realization that any trip they went on together, they made it feel like ‘home’.

Both of these bloggers are photographers – So you know this blog is sure to be filled with breathtaking photos of their chronicles.

These guys are crazy active outdoors, check out this post about how to conquer fears of caving: Overcoming Fears While Caving (you know you’re a badass if you’re exploring lava bed caves).

Our favorite posts from this blog

How to Sleep Warm – a Guide for Extending Your Camping Season into the Winter – Keeping electronics close to your body is just 1 of these awesome tips!

8 Things You Should Know Before Your First Backpacking Trip – FYI You don’t need to buy out REI.

Travels of a Bookpacker

Bookpacker Blog

Rohan has 3 loves: books, travel, and Max. Between Rohan and Max they have traveled to over 80 countries! With that, they’ve stayed true to their travel budgets by hitchhiking and traveling with strangers to save a few bucks.

How to Save Money for Travel highlights how they manage to save money for their trips and gives great ideas on what you can do to save money for your own trips that you are planning.

Our favorite posts from this blog

Setting a Long-Term Travel Budget (and Sticking to it!) – Just a tip, travel in pairs!

Round the World Travel Itinerary – How long should you plan your world trip for? 12 months? 18 months? Find out what’s best for you here!

Best Carry-On Backpack for Long or Short Trips – It’s simple really, you don’t need a giant backpack for a short trip, and vice versa.

Our Favorite Hiking Blogs

Hiking In Glacier

Hiking is such a great sport because it is so inclusive. You don’t have to travel far and nearly everyone can enjoy it.

We’ve rounded up our favorite hiking blogs, so go check them out!

Happiest Outdoors

22 Of The Best Camping Blogs That You Should Be Following 1

Taryn of Happiest Outdoors hiking blog is a firm advocate of hiking and leave no trace. She has hiked the outdoors in many different climates and has useful tips for both hot and cold weather hiking. The 14 years that she has had her passion for the great outdoors, she has hiked and camped in over 40 unique destinations all over the world!

Our favorite posts from this blog

How to Prevent Blisters When Hiking – Don’t let blisters stop your love of hiking.

15 Ways to Avoid Crowded Hiking Trails – Being outdoors can be peaceful, or it can be quite crowded – here’s how to avoid that problem.

Trail Maiden

Hiking Blog

Trail Maiden was created by a passionate woman who has a wealth of knowledge in hiking and backpacking and this became her means to show the world what she knows so that more people can experience the love of hiking and backpacking.

There are many useful posts regarding staying safe in all types of weather, including Hiking in the Rain – The Ulitmate Guide.

Our favorite posts from this blog

Your Must-Have Backpacking First Aid Kit – No hiking trip is complete without a quality first aid kit!

Easy Backpacking Meals – Dehydrated Food Explained – Still believing that freeze-dried food is unhealthy? Think again.

Miss Adventure Pants

Hiking Blog

Miss Adventure Pants is a connoisseur of everything fitness and hiking. She knows that it takes great endurance and strength to fight any obstacles that could come your way during a hike.

From finding the best heart rate monitor to training for high altitude hiking, she’s got you covered. This hiking and outdoor blog is encompassed with the perfect mix of health to becoming your best!

Our favorite posts from this blog

How to Navigate the Wilderness Like a Boss – #likeaboss Don’t get lost

16 Ways to Save Money on Outdoor Gear – Quality gear doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re clever!

Clever Hiker

Clever Hiker Blog

It doesn’t take long to realize that this blog was created by professional hikers. Annie and Dave out-do themselves with offering advice; gear reviews; and many helpful guides to hikeing destinations such as Torres Del Paine, Mt. St. Helens, and the Amethyst Basin.

Our favorite posts from this blog

Ticks & Hiking: How To Protect Yourself – Find out how to keep those disgusting ticks off you without having to start the whole forest on fire.

The Hiking Life

Hiking Life Blog

Labeled “the most traveled hiker on Earth” by Backpacker Magazine in 2015, this hiking blog truly has it all.

It’s easy navigation and sleek layout makes it easy to find whatever it is that the inner outdoorsman in your desires.

Striving to become a thru-hiker? Their thru-hikers guide will guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve ever dreamed about hiking the lowest point in the U.S. to the highest, then you have to read A Quick & Dirty Guide to the Lowest to Highest Route to find out how much work it REALLY entails.

Our favorite posts from this blog

Why Choose a Quilt over a Sleeping Bag? – Sleeping bags are #soyesterday, sleeping quilts are where it’s at!

Going Light – Hiking light is one of the main keys to success hiking, you don’t want anything weighing you down, and here’s how to achieve it

Guided or Independent? – Planning a hiking trip abroad means a lot of decisions, and the type of hike you choose is one of them to decide wisely.

Mountain House

Mountain House Blog

While Mountain house is a brand of camping food, this hiking blog is chock full of great knowledge, and also plays a dual role as a place to purchase high-quality freeze-dried camping food – just in case! Mountain House has a main focus of daily meals and emergency preparedness, therefore this is a great hiking blog to visit for your next serious hiking trip.

Our favorite posts from this blog

River Safety Tips: How to Cross a River – We want you to be safe! This is a MUST read if you are hiking a trail that runs through a river!

Hiking and Backpacking Meal Plan – A 5 day laid-out plan, that’s even easy to super easy to prep for!

Great Long-Distance Trails in the USA – 17 beautiful long distance hiking trails sprawled out across the U.S.

Camping at Night

So there you have it. The 22 best camping blogs that you should be following – with 24 VERY different personalities and focuses.

Read them and reap the benefits

Which blog speaks most to you? Comment below!

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