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The 7 Best Camping Chairs for 2023

Wrapped in a hoodie while the percolator hisses into the morning, you understand the value of a camping chair. What do the best camping chairs have in common? Are you looking for durability, comfort, accessories?

At the end of the day the best camping chairs are going to be the ones that make your adventure better. You might be surprised by all the options out there. We’ve put together a list of incredible camping chairs in a variety of categories.

I have no doubt that you will find something you love!

Classic-style red camping chairs.

Our Top Picks for Camping Chairs

Best Overall:
Coleman Camping Chair

Heavy-Duty Option:
LivingXL by DXL Heavy Duty Portable Chair

Great for Backpacking:
REI Helinox Chair Zero

Rocking Chair:
PORTAL Oversized Folding Rocking Camping Chair

Best for Chillin’ in the Sun:
Sport-Brella Beach Chair with Umbrella

Best Overall

Coleman Camping Chair

Coleman Camp Chair with 4-Can Cooler | Folding Beach Chair with Built In Drinks Cooler | Portable Quad Chair with Armrest Cooler for Tailgating, Camping & Outdoors , Black, Roomy seat: 24"

We start off with the classic camping chair we all know and love from a classic name in camping gear, Coleman.

This chair features a cushioned polyester seat and back for lingering by evening campfires. You’ll be able to place beverages in the handy cup holder. The side pockets hold all kinds of camping items like snacks, books, small tech, flashlights, bug spray — whatever you need for being comfortable on your camping trip!

The Coleman camp chair sets up quickly and folds up easily to fit inside the included carrying bag.

The arms are marketed as being adjustable, but there’s no way to lock them into place to prevent them from sliding down. The chair also doesn’t fold up small enough to fit into most backpacks, so this might be better if you’re car camping or staying at a campground.


  • Easy setup and fold up
  • Cup holder and storage pockets
  • Classic crowd favorite


  • No way to lock adjustable arms
  • Not ideal for backpack camping trips

Best Heavy-Duty

LivingXL by DXL Heavy Duty Portable Chair

LivingXL by DXL Heavy Duty Portable Chair | Outdoor Lawn or Beach Chair with 500 lb Max Capacity, Lightweight Folding Frame

Campers come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re a large-sized camper (big or tall), then you need a heavy-duty camping chair like the Heavy Duty Portable Chair by Living XL by DXL.

This chair boasts being able to handle up to 500 pounds without any sagging! It features a cup holder on both arms for those with a big thirst, and there’s a lower side pocket for stowing small items. The polyester fabric stands up to all kinds of weather conditions for year-round camping.

While it’s made for heavy-duty use, it’s anything but a heavy piece of camping gear. The chair folds up to fit into a slim carry bag and weighs just one pound.

Like the Coleman, it doesn’t fold up small enough to fit into an average backpack. So it might be more suited or campgrounds and car camping trips.


  • Hold up to 500 pounds
  • Dual cup holders, side pocket
  • Weighs one pound


  • Doesn’t fit inside most backpacks
  • Can be hard to fold up

Best for Backpacking

REI Helinox Chair Zero

The 7 Best Camping Chairs for 2023 1

Most camping chairs are too bulky or heavy for those who love backcountry camping. For that, you need a camping chair that’s light — two pounds or less — and folds up small enough to fit into a backpack.

The REI Helinox Chair Zero checks both boxes. It weighs only one pound and folds up to just 3.9″ x 13.8″ for storing in the included stuff sack.

But don’t let the petite numbers fool you. The Helinox holds up to 265 pounds and provides seating similar to traditional camping chairs. When you’re out in a remote camping location, this camping chair is a welcome alternative to sitting on the ground!

The seat is 8.5 inches off the ground which can make getting in and out of it awkward. Be sure to use on level ground to avoid tipping.


  • Weighs one pound
  • Fits inside most backpacks


  • Can feel awkward being so low to the ground

Rocking Chair for Camping

PORTAL Oversized Folding Rocking Camping Chair

PORTAL Oversized Folding Rocking Camping Chair Portable Outdoor Rocker with High Back Hard Armrests Carry Bag, Supports 300 lbs, Black

You know what makes a camping chair even better? When it’s a rocking camping chair!

The PORTAL Folding Rocking Camp Chair might be your new favorite chair for all outdoor activities. It’s oversized and holds up to 300 pounds. The high back and arms on the chair keep you safe and comfortable while seated on the high-density polyester material.

There’s a video to demonstrate the 10-second setup by just one person to help you be a pro with setting up your rocking chair. The design of this chair allows it to fold up smaller than other rocking chairs for camping.

If you get the 2.0 version, there’s a cup-holder included in the design. With this one, you’ll have to rest your drinks on nearby surfaces or hold onto them. Because this is a chair designed to accommodate large campers, more petite-sized campers may find this chair uncomfortable to sit in because the seat digs into the back of their legs.

The PORTAL rocker’s folded dimensions measure 7″w x 40″ h, so this isn’t a chair you can stow in a backpack. Adding in the chair’s 16.5 pound weight means this is a campground or car camping chair.


  • You get to have a rocking chair while camping!
  • High back and arms design for safety
  • Easy and quick setup


  • No cup holders
  • Shorter campers may find it uncomfortable

KingCamp Lumbar Back Padded Camp Chair

KingCamp Lumbar Back Padded Oversized Folding Camping Chair with Cooler Bag Armrest and Cup Holder, Heavy Duty Supports 350 Lbs for Fishing Sports Picnic, Black/MediumGrey

Looking for an oversized camping chair that provides amazing lumbar support? Then the KingCamp Padded Camp Chair is the one for you.

The chair comes with a strap to ensure that the lumbar support stays where you want it to. It holds up to 350 pounds, so even larger-sized campers will be comfy.

One arm features a cup rest while the other side contains a cooler bag that holds up to three cans of your choice of beverage. There’s also a lower side pocket to hold all the essentials for a relaxing time on your camping trip.

The KingCamp chair folds up to fit inside an included shoulder carry bag, although there are reports that it can be hard to fold the chair and get it inside the bag. Smaller campers might not find this to be the most comfortable chair because it’s oversized.

At 11.2 pounds and a folded height of 38.2 inches, this isn’t a backpacking camping chair.


  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Comfortable padding
  • Sturdy and oversized for larger campers


  • Not comfortable for smaller campers
  • Can be difficult to fold up or stow in carry bag

Guide Gear Club Oversized Camping Chair

Guide Gear Club Camping Chair, Oversized, Portable, Folding with Padded Seats, 500-lb. Capacity, Tan Brown

If luxury glamping is what you go for, then this ultra-comfuy Guide Gear Club Oversized Camping Chair is just the ticket!

One look at the water-resistant padding on the seat, back, and sides, and you know you’re in for some cozy nighttime stargazing or morning coffee while seated by the campfire. Because it holds up to 500 pounds, you can even snuggle with the kiddos!

The side storage pocket is smaller than the pockets of other chairs on this list. Since it’s also located on the side, the cup holder isn’t as sturdy as in-arm designed holders — you’ll want to keep a close eye on your drink to be sure it doesn’t spill if pets or people get close.

Because this is an overstuffed style of camping chair, it doesn’t fold up as small as the other chairs. It also weighs 19 pounds, so this is strictly for glamptrips.


  • Very comfortable overstuff design
  • Holds up to 500 pounds
  • Large enough to hold adults and younger children at the same time


  • Heavy, at 19 pounds
  • Bulky when folded up

Sport-Brella Beach Chair with Umbrella

Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest, Midnight Blue

We’ve featured a rocker and an overstuffed chair on our list, so why not a recliner camping chair?

The Sport-Brella Chair features an adjustable umbrella that makes it great for beach or desert camping locations. You have the option to sit up, recline, or lie back for a relaxing nap in this chair. The footrest is removable, which gives you even more configurations for your comfort.

There’s a cup holder in one armrest and a four-can storage pocket in the other. A pocket on the cup-holder side keeps smaller items handy, and it features a built-in bottle opener (Now that’s convenient!).

The Sport-Brella is only rated for up to 250 pounds, so bear that in mind when considering this chair. The folded dimensions and 13.5 pound weight make this an ideal chair for campgrounds or car camping.


  • Three position options for use
  • Umbrella provides shade
  • Removable footrest


  • Only holds up to 250 pounds

Camping Chairs Buyer’s Guide

There are many criteria that you can consider when it comes to choosing the best camping chairs. Just don’t lose sight of the purpose of your camping chair. After a long day of hiking, you need a chair. It should be comfortable and effective.

Camping chairs, a portable table, and a cooler by a river.

What to Consider


Establish a budget and stick to it. That will keep you out of trouble when shopping for the best camping chairs. Look, there are cheap chairs that do everything a chair should do, but there are also luxury reclining and rocking chairs for the campsite that can get pricey.


No matter your budget, you should seek out the most comfortable chair you can afford. The best camping chairs have to be comfortable. Sitting around the campfire should bring about comfort and great memories.


What are the kinds of things you want as part of your camping chair experience? Chairs can have simple cupholders all the way up to complete hard plastic side tables. You could have a pillow behind your head or go cheap and get a chair that doesn’t even have legs!

What is your camping chair setup looking like?

Sitting Height

You can find camping chairs that sit you right on the ground, just off the ground, or with your legs at a 90-degree angle to the ground. It’s really up to you. Around the campfire, I prefer being able to get up easily and help the

Packed Size

Modern camping chairs pack down pretty small now. The camping stool comes to mind. You will sacrifice comfort for packed size with a stool, but it depends on your mission, right?


If you plan on hiking into a campsite or traveling to several smaller sites from base camp, then the weight of your chair is going to play a role in how far you can go and what kind of strain you put on your body. There are some lightweight options.


If you camp a lot and use your chairs a lot, then you should invest in durable chairs that will last through many adventures. The best camping chairs must be durable

Pockets, Features, etc

The sky is the limit when it comes to special features for your chairs. You can even find 2 seaters where you can snuggle up with that special camper. Overhead shades to protect you from the sun, cup holders, attachments to rest your feet on, and even side tables.

Specialty Designs

There are all kinds of camping chairs out there. You can sleep in these things. They rock, recline, transform, and even protect you from the sun. There are bench long chairs connected and ultra-padded chairs.

Different Types of Camping Chairs

In our hyper-competitive consumerist world, we get incredible variety and high-quality products. In the world of camping chairs, it is no different.

A basic folding camp chair.

Folding Camping Chairs

Some camping chairs simply fold up like any other folding chair. Others fold up to fit into carry bags or stuff sacks.

Rocking Camping Chairs

Many people enjoy that rocking motion when it comes time to relax. Rocking around the campfire adds an entirely different element to things. When you are perched on a padded seat and rocking to the pop and hiss of the fire, it can make for a very peaceful night.

Reclining Camping Chairs

If rocking is not enough, then you might want to recline altogether. A chair that reclines and locks is basically a cot! Some are padded better than most cots, and you could sleep in them under the right conditions.

Specialty Camping Chairs

There are specialty camping chairs like bench seating, camping chairs built like love seats, three seaters, seats with umbrellas, footrests — the list goes on and on. There are all kinds of little accessories that can be included with specialty camping chairs, too.

Lightweight Camping Chairs

Camping chairs for backpacking often hover right around 1lb! That’s incredible when you think about it. Some chairs, like the Helinox, pack down so much that you can virtually store them anywhere!

Folding Camping Stools

While not some of the most comfortable chairs that you can have on your next adventure are the camping stools. Many people use a camping stool when hunting in a ground blind. Camping stools are affordable, and they can be a great option.

How to Care for Your Camping Chairs

The materials that make up most camping chairs are very durable. In most cases, you will have to go out of your way to destroy your camping chairs. Caring for them is very basic and requires that you keep them clean and dry. This is especially true in the off season.

Lots of camping chairs give you the ability to remove the seat materials. They can then be hand washed if necessary and hung to dry.

If you store them in a climate-controlled area, they will also last longer.

Camping Chair FAQs

Camping chairs around a fire.

Do camping chairs fit in a backpack?

Some of the camping chairs we featured in this article will fit into a backpack. Some will not. If you are interested in the more compact style of camping chair, then you should look to the sling style chairs.

What features should a camping chair have?

This is a very personal question. It all depends on what you are doing on your camping adventure. The one thing I would recommend is that you have a cup holder. At the very least.

Are sling style camping chairs comfortable?

These chairs are usually made of a breathable mesh fabric. They’re reminiscient of something like a hammock. The sling style chair swallows you up a bit and provides uniquely comfortable seating.

Are camping chairs necessary?

You can sit on the ground around the campfire. You can sit on cut logs or rocks. Camping chairs just make your entire sitting experience much more enjoyable. It’s nice to have a group of people sitting around a fire in the best camping chairs.

Make Camping Even Better With a Camping Chair

A camping chair by a campfire at dusk or dawn.

We go into nature to disconnect from the stress and pressures of normal life and to reconnect with what recharges our internal batteries. Sitting in a comfy camping chair near a fire is one of the best ways to enjoy an evening of camping. Settling in for a few hours of stargazing or fireside conversation sets the scene for making great memories.

Any of the chair selections on our list will be welcome on your next trip, but we especially recommend our top pick, the classic Coleman Camping Chair.

Of course, a camping chair is just one item on your camping checklist. Read our other Camping Gear blog posts to find the best supplies for your next camping trip.