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The 5 Best Cast Iron Dutch Ovens for Camping

One of the trickiest parts of camping is preparing your meals, especially if you want hot ones. Cast iron Dutch ovens are an excellent solution. In fact, so many people love using them outdoors that there’s a whole category of cast iron Dutch ovens for camping!

If you want one for your next trip, we recommend the five best models to consider.

cast iron dutch ovens for camping

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Lodge L10DO3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Cover, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart

Best Budget-Friendly Option
Overmont Camp Dutch Oven Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Best Splurge
Lodge Deep Camp 10-Qt. Dutch Oven

Best Overall

Lodge L10DO3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Cover, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart

Lodge L10DO3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Iron Cover, Pre-Seasoned, 7-Quart

If you need a product that balances all the most important aspects of a camping cast iron Dutch oven, take a look at the Lodge L10DO3. Pre-seasoned and perfectly crafted to spread and retain both heat and moisture, it can help you cook anything flawlessly. The smooth iron is also tough enough to last for years with proper maintenance.

Although the 7-quart model represents the “happy medium” for most trips with multiple campers, it can help you cook meals that are neither too big nor too small. Still, there are also five- and nine-quart versions. Any of them cooks beautifully over an open fire, stove, or grill, depending on what you bring for your trip.

The manufacturer also offers ovens packaged with other tools, like a lid lifter, basket, or skillet. You won’t be missing anything by going with one of these!


  • Pre-seasoned
  • Non-stick
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Retains heat and moisture with consistent reliability
  • Priced moderately


  • Every size is very heavy
  • Wire handles may not help much with lifting

Best Budget-Friendly Option

Overmont Pre-Seasoned 4.4-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Overmont Camp Dutch Oven Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Lid Also a Skillet Casserole Pot with Lid Lifter for Camping Cooking BBQ Baking 6QT(Pot+Lid)

There are fabulous cast iron Dutch ovens for camping groups on a budget, and the Overmont pre-seasoned 4.4-quart stands out among them.

For a reasonable price, you get not only the oven itself but a lid that can become a skillet. That’s actually six usable quarts in total, so it’s big enough to suit a family or group of friends camping together. It also means you can cook more than one food at a time if you have an outdoor stove, grill, or another open campfire to use. You can also put it in a kitchen oven.

The oven’s size and price do not compromise its quality. It’s remarkable at retaining and distributing heat, and the iron is so strong that you may never need another dutch oven for the rest of your life!


  • Pre-seasoned
  • Non-stick
  • Great at retaining and distributing heat
  • Lid can double as a skillet
  • Big enough for moderately sized groups of campers
  • Priced affordably


  • Legs and lid may be wobbly
  • Difficult to hang levelly from its handle

Best Splurge

Lodge Deep Camp 10-Quart Dutch Oven

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven, 10 Qt

When you have the money, why not treat yourself to the best of the biggest cast iron Dutch ovens for camping?

The Lodge Deep Camp 10-quart earns its high price tag for fusing excellent durability and insulation with a generous cooking capacity. With one meal, you could feed a large group of campers or make enough leftovers to last you several days without cooking again. Also, the lid works as a griddle, increasing your productivity.

All these benefits are available in smaller sizes of the same model, but the 10-quart is an especially amazing value for its size. No matter which one you choose, you could opt for a package deal from the manufacturer if you’d like a tripod, meat rack, or tote bag as well.


  • Large enough for big groups of campers
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Non-stick
  • Great at retaining and distributing heat
  • Lid can also be a griddle


  • Very heavy
  • Pre-seasoning may be uneven, flaky, or poorly textured upon arrival

Best for Variety

Uno Casa 6-Quart Cast Iron Camping Dutch Oven

Uno Casa 6Qt Cast Iron Camping Dutch Oven with Lid Lifter and Storage Bag - Cast Iron Dutch Oven Pot with Lid, Cast Iron Camping Cookware, Camping Oven - Campfire Cooking Equipment

Perhaps you love cooking and experimenting with food even when you’re out in nature and away from modern conveniences.

The Uno Casa 6-quart camping cast iron Dutch oven may pique your interest. It promises satisfying delivery on all the basic requirements of a cast iron Dutch oven–durability, pre-seasoning, even heating, and insulation–in addition to a lid that can become a skillet. There’s even a steel lid lifter and tote bag!

However, what really sets this oven apart is that the manufacturer includes a downloadable recipe eBook with every purchase. Save it to your phone or tablet and use it as inspiration for meals during your camping trip. The culinary variety could make your trip extra fun and memorable!


  • Non-stick
  • Very tough and durable
  • Great at heat retention and distribution
  • Lid can be used as a skillet
  • Includes lid lifter and tote bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Priced affordably
  • Includes a downloadable recipe eBook


  • Pre-seasoning may be uneven or poorly textured upon arrival
  • Very heavy

Best for Small Meals

Camp Chef 3/4-Quart Seasoned Cast Iron Mini Dutch Oven

Camp Chef 3/4 Qt Seasoned Cast Iron Mini Dutch Oven

Maybe you’re camping solo, or there will be just one additional person with you, and you’re trying to avoid dealing with leftovers or lugging lots of extra weight with your other supplies. If so, check out the Camp Chef 3/4-Quart seasoned cast iron mini Dutch oven. It’s small enough to comfortably and dependably cook only as much food as you need, and it’s light enough to go practically unnoticed when packed with all your other gear.

Plus, there’s a thermometer built into the rim. You can monitor the temperature of your food without having to lift the lid, further simplifying the cooking process. It’s also safe to put into an indoor or outdoor kitchen oven.


  • Pre-seasoned
  • Very small and light
  • Includes built-in thermometer
  • Very inexpensive
  • Just adorable!


  • Lid and handle are difficult to grasp and lift
  • Hard to clean due to rough texture

Buyer’s Guide on Cast Iron Dutch Ovens for Camping

Considering the risks associated with camping, it’s especially important to choose products that help you create a healthy and happy experience. Here’s what to look for when shopping for camping cast iron Dutch ovens.


When choosing a cast iron Dutch oven, check the item’s description to make sure it’s pre-seasoned. Most cast iron products come that way, but not all. It’s important because it helps with flavoring and heat retention. Your food not only tastes better but will be more thoroughly cooked, eradicating germs that might make you sick.

Should your cast iron Dutch oven arrive with chipped or flaky seasoning, you can always redo it yourself, but it’s worth looking for models that include it in the first place.


Although cast iron is famed for its sturdiness and longevity, not all of it is created equal, and some manufacturers have better reputations than others.

See if any of the buyers’ reviews mention chips, cracks, or premature rust. As long as you’re taking good care of your oven, it shouldn’t have any problems like that. While camping, you may be facing harsh natural elements without any restaurants or stores nearby for emergency food rations, so you must be able to depend on your cooking equipment.

Ease of Cleaning

Smooth, non-stick cast iron is the easiest kind to clean. It typically requires nothing more than water, mild detergent, and a washcloth. Considering all the dirt, dust, debris, and bacteria you may encounter while camping, cleaning your kitchenware is as simple and effortless yet reliable as possible.

cast iron dutch over for camping

Additional Tools

To have tasty and healthy meals, you don’t strictly need anything more than the features already mentioned here. However, if you want to have total peace of mind and fully enjoy the culinary aspect of your trip, then prioritize camping cast iron Dutch ovens that offer more than just the ovens by themselves. In fact, we would suggest looking for these tools in particular:

Lid Lifters

Though any decent cast iron Dutch oven for camping will come with a handle, they’re not always sturdy enough for lifting or carrying heavy ovens, especially if they have food inside. Plus, they can get hot after being near so much heat for a long period of time.

lid lifter solves both these problems. You can move the oven off its heat source without anything breaking or burning your skin.

Multipurpose Lids

As you’ve seen in this list, some cast iron Dutch ovens include lids that can double as skillets or griddles. With either of these, cooking will be faster and easier, and you can have more flavor and nutritional variety in your meals.

A tool like this would also make great backup equipment in the rare event that the oven itself unexpectedly becomes too cracked or chipped to use properly. Consider getting a cast iron skillet and/or griddle independently of the Dutch oven, if you must. You’ll never have to worry about being unable to feed yourself hot, thoroughly cooked food.


Lots of illnesses come from undercooked food, especially meat. Because camping usually takes you far from medical centers and grocery stores, and your resources and conveniences are limited, you’re particularly vulnerable if you get sick. You need to be extra vigilant about cooking your food correctly.

Some camping cast iron Dutch ovens are built with thermometers. If you don’t already have an external thermometer, you should heavily consider getting a Dutch oven with a built-in thermometer so it can do that for you.

Tote Bags

Whether you’re a glamper or a minimalist, camping requires a lot of packing and supply transportation. Many camping cast iron Dutch ovens are heavy and/or awkward to carry, especially if you choose a model with the extra supplies we’ve mentioned.

That’s why some manufacturers offer tote bags with their Dutch ovens. They’re tailored specifically to make Dutch ovens and their tools easier to pack and move. Organization is key to stress-free camping, so if you can get a tote bag for your Dutch oven, we think you should.

Frequently Asked Questions About Camping Cast Iron Dutch Ovens

What is the difference between cast iron Dutch ovens and other Dutch ovens?

As you search for Dutch ovens, you may find some made from ceramic, glass, stainless steel, or aluminum. Some are made from enameled cast iron, characterized by its smooth, glossy texture. Many of these Dutch ovens are high-quality products, but you should focus on traditional cast iron Dutch ovens for camping.

What are the benefits of using cast iron Dutch ovens for camping?

Cast iron contains carbon, a chemical element renowned for its strength, bonding properties, and capacity for thermal conduction. When paired with iron, you get an exceptionally tough and useful product. Cast iron Dutch ovens are more likely than most other types to endure the elements of the great outdoors and cook your food properly with just a campfire or hot stones as your heat source.

Additionally, cast iron demands little in the way of cleaning. In contrast, other Dutch oven materials usually need thorough scrubbing and sanitization, which is inconvenient when camping.

What maintenance does a camping cast iron Dutch oven need?

True to its reputation, cast iron Dutch ovens usually do fine if they’re just washed with water and mild detergent. Add a little salt to the water if it’s particularly dirty. Either way, wash it only with a rag or cloth, not a metal scrub or sponge, as they may weaken or even remove the seasoning.

Afterward, gently pat it dry with a paper towel; air drying can lead to corrosion. If you’re concerned that the seasoning needs better preservation, rub a little cooking oil into the surface, too.

Finally, remember that cast iron Dutch ovens need to stay dry and cool so that moisture doesn’t build up and increase the risk of rusting. If you don’t have a tote bag, consider setting it in a cooler or suitcase when you’re not using it.

cast iron dutch ovens for camping

Plan a Camping Trip With a Cast Iron Dutch Oven!

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or just getting into it, you should treat yourself to all the most wonderful tools possible for your hobby. This includes investing in the best cast iron Dutch oven for camping, and any of the models on our list would do the trick!

After that, you’ll need great food to keep you healthy and happy the whole time you’re camping. Check out our recommendations for cast iron Dutch oven camping recipes and get some practice before your trip!