The Complete Camping Food List for Planning, Packing and Cooking

A family friend used to tell stories from when he went camping in college. He said that he would always bring a sack of potatoes and his friend would bring a bag of sweet...

How to Get in Great Shape for Backpacking with a Baby

Outdoor life doesn’t end when you have children, it only gets better. So if you were an avid hiker and backpacker before the baby arrived, there is no reason you shouldn’t continue to enjoy...

How to Plan The Perfect Family Camping Road Trip

As vacation season quickly approaches we all start weighing the options: a trip to Disney or a theme park, a week at the beach, sightseeing in a new city or a good old-fashioned family...
Stars above a mountain

How To Raise Your Kid To Be A Camping Guru

Remember those good old days before virtual reality video games and smartphones when we all used to spend hours up a tree, laying in the grass, or turning over rocks in the local creek? Actually,...

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