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General Camping is where all of our posts about camping go that don't quite fit anywhere else.

The Complete Visitor’s Guide to Yellowstone National Park

People love Yellowstone National Park for its stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and widespread geothermal activity. Much of the park can be seen from the road, but we recommend taking time to stop, get out...

Planning a Backpacking Trip: The Complete Guide

Camping is the best. There’s no denying that. Yet few experiences compare to the thrill of planning a backpacking trip and leaving the campground far behind. Enter the wilderness on an overnight backpacking trip to...

25 of the Best Places to Go Camping in Washington

When the sun finally clears and the weather warms up, few things are better than going camping in Washington. In a state well known for its heavy rainfall, there’s a surprising variety of campgrounds...

Buying a Sleeping Bag: The Complete Guide

Buying a sleeping bag - and the right one, at that - is essential for a great camping trip. A cheap sleeping bag just won't cut it. They're usually uncomfortable, heavy, and surprisingly not very...

Survival Camping Woodsman Course: Identifying Useful Trees

Whether we are talking about healing, feeding or sheltering us, or even just pleasing our eyes, trees are a huge part of the camping experience. When setting up camp we also must consider the...

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