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The Best Coffee For Camping: Yes, There is a Best “Camping” Coffee!

There’s nothing quite like being greeted by a strong, flavorful cup of coffee on a sunny morning. And when you get to sit outside in the fresh air while you enjoy it, it’s even better.

There are many kinds of coffee for camping out there, but how do you choose? Which is the best coffee for camping?

Don’t stress—we’ve gathered our top picks for the best camping coffee right here. No matter your coffee preference, from classic to cold brew, we’ve got something for you!

coffee for camping

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Death Wish Coffee

Runner Up
Kuju Pour-Over Blend

Best Flavored
Bones Coffee Company S’morey Time Coffee Beans

Best Overall

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee, Organic and Fair Trade Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 16 oz

Don’t let the name scare you off—Death Wish Coffee is one of the highest-rated coffees out there!

This is our pick for the best coffee for camping for a few reasons.

Firstly, it claims to have an extra helping of caffeine. If you’re an avid hiker, you’re going to need the energy boost!

Honestly, any kind of camper will be grateful for the extra pep in their step. Camping is always an active experience, even if you’re not much of a hiker.

Secondly, the flavor is utterly divine. It comes in medium and dark roast, so you’re set on whether you prefer a strong or mild cup!

Thirdly, it comes already ground, which means less work for you—and no need for electricity. If you had to bring a grinder along, you would be limited in your choices of campsite.

(Say goodbye to remote camping…or to your coffee. We know which we’d choose.)

Fourthly, when you buy Death Wish coffee, you support a small business!

Fifthly, this is considered a Fair Trade coffee. By buying this coffee for camping, you’re supporting farmers who grow their coffee ethically and help ensure they receive fair compensation for their work.

Fair Trade standards are also put in place to help protect the environment. When you purchase this coffee for camping, you support proper care for your camping places!


  • Ethically sourced
  • Fantastic flavor
  • Pre-ground
  • Multiple roasts
  • Extra caffeine content
  • Supports a small business
  • Meets Fair Trade standards


  • Not instant; you will need a way to brew this coffee traditionally

Runner Up

Kuju Pour-Over Blend

best coffee for camping

Our runner-up for the best camping coffee is Kuju Pour-Over Blend!

When you choose this coffee for camping, you won’t have to worry about brewing—this is a pour-over coffee!

This blend comes in individual packets, so it’s pre-portioned, eliminating the need for measurements. You don’t need a coffee maker of any sort; all you need is hot water.

Once you heat your water to boiling, you simply set the filter over the top of your chosen receptacle and pour it!

The results? You can enjoy a nice-tasting, low-maintenance cup of coffee even on the most rustic of camping excursions!

The only downside to this coffee for camping is that it results in considerable trash. The individual packets can clutter up your bag and become annoying to clean up.

This coffee’s flavor is weaker than Death Wish, but if you enjoy a milder cup and prioritize convenience on your trip, you want this coffee for camping.

Kuju’s pour-over coffee comes in three roasts: Angels Landing (light roast), Base Camp Blend (medium roast), and Bold Awakening (dark roast).


  • Easy to brew
  • Doesn’t require extra equipment
  • Multiple roasts for every coffee drinker’s preference
  • Good for all kinds of camping, even backpacking and remote camping


  • Creates extra trash to clean up and lug with you

Best Flavored

Bones Coffee Company S’morey Time Coffee Beans

Bones Coffee Company S'morey Time Ground Coffee Beans S'mores and Graham Crackers Flavor | 12 oz Medium Roast Low Acid Coffee | Flavored Coffee Gifts & Beverages (Ground)

This is for you if you’re someone seeking a sweeter touch to your coffee for camping. Our pick for the best-flavored coffee for camping is Bones Coffee Company S’morey Time!

That’s right—you don’t have to wait till the evening fire to enjoy the indulgence of a s’more.

This coffee is listed as “low acid;” it’s a good choice for those whose stomachs get easily irritated by coffee.

One downside is that this coffee for camping comes in whole bean form.

(Of course, you can always grind the beans before leaving for your trip if you don’t have electricity available to you at the campsite!)

If you’re not a fan of sweeter coffee, this is not the best camping coffee for you.

But if you want to enjoy the nostalgic experience of a s’more without the hassle of assembling the treat, try this coffee out instead!

This is a medium roast coffee. It doesn’t come in other roasts.

This artisan coffee for camping is also ethically sourced and comes from a small business!


  • Powerful, indulgent flavor
  • Low acid
  • Supports a small business
  • Ethically sourced


  • Whole bean (could be a pro, depending on your point of view!)
  • Only one roast

Best Instant

Javy Coffee Concentrate

Javy Coffee 35X Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, Perfect for Instant Iced Coffee, Cold Brewed Coffee and Hot Coffee.

When you think of instant coffee, many people jump straight to dry, weak-flavored granules they stir into water. Let’s be honest—most instant coffee isn’t worth writing home about.

Javy is different.

Javy is considered an instant coffee, but it isn’t made up of grounds—instead, it’s a coffee concentrate. It comes as a liquid, and you only need a bit less than a tablespoon to achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

You can mix Javy with water, milk, cream, or whatever liquid you choose. (You can even mix it with ice cream if you want to make a coffee milkshake, but that’s for the RV camper or glamper.)

Javy can be used to make both iced and hot coffee. It doesn’t require grinding, brewing, or anything else—you just pour it in and mix!

Javy is also ethically sourced and is less acidic than brewed coffee.

You can also easily adjust whether the flavor is strong or mild by adding more or less than the recommended amount.

Javy comes in several variations, including Original, Caramel, Mocha, Vanilla, and even Decaf!

One downside is that it is recommended that you refrigerate Javy after opening. This can be achieved easily if you’re an RV camper, cabin camper, or glamper with access to a fridge. However, it might be more difficult to accomplish as a tent camper or backpacker.

You can always use a cooler to store it, but you’ll likely need to replenish your ice supply somehow.


  • Can be used for both hot and iced coffee
  • Potent, smooth flavor
  • Doesn’t require grinding, filters, or any kind of brewing
  • Low maintenance, low waste
  • Multiple variations
  • Low acid


  • Requires refrigeration of some kind
  • Less cost-effective

Best Cold Brew

Wandering Bear Cold Brew

Wandering Bear Organic Straight Black Cold Brew Coffee On Tap, 128 fl oz (1 gallon) - Extra Strong, Smooth, Unsweetened, Shelf-Stable, and Ready to Drink Iced Coffee, Cold Brewed Coffee, Cold Coffee

Not feeling the idea of brewing your own coffee while camping? Prefer cold coffee over hot? No problem—there’s a cold brew out there for you!

Wandering Bear Cold Brew is the best camping coffee for those who prefer iced coffee over a steaming cup of joe. (Wandering Bear? The name is even camping-themed!)

This coffee for camping is described as double the strength of the ordinary cold brew, which is exactly what you want when gearing up for a long outdoor adventure.

You’re going to be especially grateful to have the chilled option if you’re camping at the height of summer or in a very hot area.

This cold brew comes in boxed form—boxed wine drinkers, you’ll be familiar with how it works! All you have to do is hold your cup underneath, press the tap button, and fill it up to your desired level.

The box holds a gallon—yes, a gallon!—of cold brew ready for consumption. It should last you your whole trip, and you’ll never have to break out the coffee maker.

Wandering Bear comes in several varieties, including the classic Black variety and flavored options.

Of course, this comes with the same con as the Javy—it requires refrigeration, and it’s not as easy to fit into a cooler as the Javy bottle is. However, you won’t regret investing if you can access a fridge or some other way of keeping this cold brew…well, cold!

Once again, this coffee for camping comes from a small business and is ethically sourced.


  • Strong and smooth flavor
  • Multiple options
  • Comes in “bulk”
  • Supports a small business
  • Ethically sourced


  • Not easy to transport
  • Must be refrigerated once opened
  • Can’t be made hot

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I brew coffee while camping without electricity?

It’s actually surprisingly easy to brew coffee without electricity!

The Kuju coffee (our runner-up pick) comes with its own filter that clips to the top of your mug to allow you to brew coffee easily anywhere. However, if you choose one of our other picks and want to brew it on the go, you can purchase the Java Drip Coffee Maker!

This coffee maker functions just like the Kuju coffee filter; it just doesn’t come with the coffee. All you need is coffee grounds and hot water.

This is a great pick if you prefer backpacking!

How can I get rid of the grounds and other waste?

The most important thing to remember when brewing coffee while camping is to practice the Leave No Trace principle.

Never leave your trash or coffee grounds lying around on the ground. (Yes, not even the coffee grounds! They can be toxic for certain animals.)

The best way to dispose of your waste is to bring along a bag for your trash, fill it up, and dispose of it in the marked area for trash disposal in your campground.

coffee for camping

Have Your Camping Coffee…And Drink It, Too!

Before your next camping excursion, make sure you pick up the best camping coffee for you!

For more tips on camping food and drink, visit our camping food page now!