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Cool Camping Clothes From Twin Cities LIVE

When I first met Kelli Hanson, from Twin Cities LIVE we chatted about our camping site a bit and she had the fabulous idea to feature a Camping Fashion Show. Immediately, I thought about all the cool camping clothes we have been using and I was excited to join Elizabeth and Steve in the studio!

Here Are The Cool Camping Clothes from

Twin Cities LIVE



In the photo above Ryan is sporting his Cablea’s Mesa Valley Short-Sleeve Shirt. It’s known for keeping you cool with it’s moisture-wicking nylon dobby fabric. There is a split hem in the back which vents out the extra heat from hiking on the camping trails. It’s comfortable, but what I like best about it is the tailored design and the color scheme. I think Ryan looks ready for the outdoors without looking like he is going on a hunting trip. Price – $50

Just so you know I am writing this before we actually go on the show and I am not sure which undershirt Ryan is going to be showcasing. I figure I can tell you about both and either way I have you and me covered!

The other option for Ryan is going to be the Cabela’s Granite Range Active Short-Sleeve V-Neck Tee Shirt. It’s lightweight and is made with a Dri-release fabric. The Dri-release fabric dries four times faster than cotton and it also has moisture-wicking, too.  May be you are in the mood to stay causal and have the ability to move with ease, well this shirt is the perfect match. I think it would team well with any golfer out in the hot sun playing a few holes in the afternoon.Price – $25


The pants Ryan was wearing on the Twin Cities LIVE show was from a rack at REI The ExOfficio Terram collection provides a UPF 50+ rating in the fabric of the pants. Pretty neat to be able to enjoy the sunny afternoon without the worry of having ultraviolet rays sneaking through the fabrics of your clothing. It comes in a “ray” of colors. Price – $60/$80


The coolest waterproof Cablea’s Guidewear Bass Angler Storm Cotton Hoodie is new in Ryan’s closet. We had a chance to have a bit of fun with it when we had a light rain outside of our house. Ryan wrote a full review with video on the sweatshirt which you can check outHEREPrice – $90


Ryan is also showing off our Boreas Gear Buttermilk Backpack. We use it for those times when we need to pack a ton of gear and don’t want to be loaded down any weight from the pack itself. The Buttermilk is ultralight which has been perfect for running from the campsite to the lake, beach, playground and it is also great for camping backcountry style. You can get it in a 44 or 55 liter in medium or large sizes. Price – $140/$160

Ryan’s Shoes

xpg watershoes mens review camping blog mn cabelas.jpg

Cablea’s has a new brand in stores called XPG. So far I really like the line. Ryan was wearing the XPG Water Sandal on Twin Cities LIVE. One thing I wanted to share with you is the outsoles on these shoes are held up by Vibram®, which you see on other brands like Keen and Merrell shoes. The difference between XPG and the other guys is the price. XPG has the same soles, however you can expect to spend at least $10 – $15 less without a sale tag. Price – $90

Isaiah’s Keeping It Cool With Camping Gear


Isaiah would not wear the shorts I plan on featuring on Twin Cities LIVE for our photo shoot – I even tried to convince him by bribing him with candy. He won the battle because he didn’t change, but he did get candy.


Isaiah is wearing a loose fitting Columbia Super Chill kid shirt that has sweat activated cooling in the fabric. Many stores sell the brand Columbia and I wanted to show you a range of items that you can find not only in my favorite stores, but brands that stand out in a number of places. My little guy is very active and I think out of everyone in the family he could use the cooling down clothing! Price – $25


When we go camping we love to be out on the lake and that is why I look for anything that can keep the sun rays off my kids. Isaiah’s shorts are from REI and they have a sun protection UPF 50 rating. With the way the sun works when on water I make sure to take as many steps as I can to protect our children’s skin. Plus, there is no inseam in these shorts which gives him a chafe-free comfort. Price – $27.00

Hydration Pack

In the above photo Isaiah is sporting around in his Outdoor Products Youth Hydration Pack. It is a 2-Liter kid size backpack that also has room for more camping gear or in his case candy! I love that he can go hiking with us and instead of having the little kids pulling on my hydration pack they can have their own water when ever they choose to do so while walking. Price – $20/$25

Isaiah’s Shoes

cudas watershoe youth review camping blog gear 2014 2015 kids.jpg

I have fallen head over heels for Cudas’ Water Shoes! I wear mine almost everyday – I normally would wear flip flops during the summer. My Cudas’ are more comfortable than any flip flop I have owned. Not that flip flops are comfortable, but I wear them a lot for the ease of throwing something on as I am running around. If you see us out on the water I canassurance you we have our Cudas. They have a hard, yet bendable sole and they are easy to put on and take off of the kid’s feet. I highly recommend them for your next beach day or like me any day. Price – $15- $20

Ruth Goes Camping


Ruth is ready to play the day away in her fancy REI camping clothes. I just wanted the kid’s to put on their outfits so I could grab a few photos before the show segment, however Ruthie wanted to wear her outfit all day because she said it is so cozy! I made her change into cozy play clothes afterwards, but it was nice to know she felt good in her cute outfit.


Ruth is wearing a REI Sahara Long-Sleeve Shirt that can be rolled and snapped at the elbow line. The fabric is a lightweight 4-way stretch polyester that wicks moisture and dries fast keeping kids cooler and drier when outdoors. It also has a UPF 50+ rating, too. I love the hot pink color on Ruth and the Sahara shirt comes in a aqua and mushroom color as well. Price – $37


Once again Ruth is showing off REI’s Sahara design, the Convertible Pants. I just adore the NoSitZip legs feature that makes it easy for them to zip off the lower section of the pant leg turning their pants into shorts. The moment Ruth put them on she was telling us she didn’t want to take them off. They are made from nylon and are made to move with your child. The Convertible Pants also contain a UPF 30 rating protecting kids from the UV rays. I also wanted to note the hand pockets are designed to drain water faster than normal pocket liners. In case your child ends up cooling down in a creek while hiking on a hot trail. Price – $45


Hot pink is the Ruth’s favorite color and her pink Cudas’ Water Shoes are just the right match to her shirt. They pull the whole look together and even though she is wearing pants now, she can easily convert them into shorts and take off for the beach area! Price – $15-20

Jadis Is Ready For Fun


Jadis is the type of kid who would go camping everyday if she could. She loves the activities and sleeping in the camper! She needs clothing that can keep up with her and nothing that is clinging or holding her back.


Jadis is running around in her Cablea’s Dri Release Shirt that dries 4x faster than cotton! With all her buzzing here and there I am happy to have FreshGuard in the fabric which control odors. You would think Keegan could get that in this football gear!! Price – $20


I am a big fan of being able to adjust clothing with ease with the changing temps and when we are being active with the kids. Jadis is wearing Cablea’s Roll-Up Pants. They are a simple pant with the ability to roll-up and button to give you more control over what you are wearing. Price – $40



kelty vintage day backpack pack review camping gear cool 2014 2015.jpg

Kelty Vintage Line’s Wren design is my newest pack and I am totally in love with it! I can use it as a day pack or for packing Isaiah up for the whole weekend. It is stylish and feels great on the back! Price – $75

Kelly Is Going Beyond The Tent

I am not showing off my pants I will be wearing on the show in the above photo because the night before we were out at Ham Lake Campground and I thought I could sneak up on Keegan and spook him. It didn’t turn out too good for me because as I went to jump out at him I lost my balance and fell in the pond in front of our camper! OK, it was funny and I was laughing at myself, however I didn’t have them ready for the photo shoot. Sorry, I will have to use a product photo for you to see them.


I am wearing a Cabela’s Triune Hooded Pullover Shirt that is relaxed fitting and works well for everyday camping. The sleeves have thumbholes for chilly mornings and for style. This is an ideal layer attire with a UPF 30 sun blocker. I am a huge pocket wearing Mom because you never know when a child is going to hand off their unwanted wrapper/toy/crayon etc., the Triune Hood has a lower front pocket giving me a kangaroo pouch. I like this shirt so much that I have it in two of the three colors! Price – $40
cabelas insect repellent clothing for women camping review blog
Above the Triune I am going to be wearing a Cablea’s Insect Defense System Women’s Long-Sleeve Shirt. This shirt is designed to keep the bugs away without having to use any spray on repellents. It has what is called No Fly Zone woven into the shirt. On contact it repels against mosquitoes, ants, chiggers, flies, midges and ticks! Not only can you keep the bugs at bay you get a mix of moisture wicking and UPF 30 rating in the fabric, too. This shirt looks like you are going camping and it is like wearing a magic guard from the elements of being outside. LOVE IT! Price – $85


Triune cabelas pants hiking outdoor reviews cool camping clothes 2014 2015

Here are the Cabela’s Women’s Triune Pants I am going to be showcasing on Twin Cities LIVE. Don’t worry I washed them before going to the studio! I have one other pair of hiking pants I wear and I can tell you these are way more comfortable and they also keep me feeling dry and fresh with the built in wick away feature. I also don’t have the fear of sunburn thanks to the UPF 30 rating in the pants fabric. The part I like most is the side leg adjustments that I can tie into a comfortable setting when I am out and about. Price – $45


I will be wearing Cabela’s XPG Multisport Trail Shoe. These are the pair I wear the most when we are at the campground. I like the lightweight breathable mesh top and the Vibram® outsoles keep me from getting sore feet. They fit my feel well and I like the black with purple color scheme. Price – $120

Keegan is Hiding From The Bugs



Cablea’s  Insect Defense System Long-Sleeve Crew Shirts are made to keep the bugs away from the camper. There is an insect repellent permethrin bound into the fabric fibers. It is effective on mosquitoes, ticks and other camping critters. It also hosts a UPF 50 rating, too.Price – $50


Keegan is wearing a Cablea’s ColorPhase Hunt Varsity Camo Hoodie. This hoodie has the technology to change the camo colors to match the conditions of the weather surrounding you. Mild weather shows a more vivid green base as the weather drops they change to a muted brown. Very cool camping hoodie or even perfect for those who are hunting in the fall season.Price – $70


Cabela’s Camo Insect Defense System Pants are super cool! Keegan wanted to wear all camo and I told him I wanted him to find an insect defense pant. When he came around the corner with these I gave him my Mom look he quickly stated they are insect defense! I couldn’t believe it, win for both of us. He tells me they feel better than his Nike sweatpants. I love the fact that he blends into the camping environment and if a bug happens to notice him they still stay away with the No-Fly Zone fabric. Price – $100

Mikaela Keeps Bugs Away


Mikaela is not a fan of having bugs join us at the campsite. She likes to wear her Cabela’s Insect Defense System Knit Shirt because it is more enjoyable to be outside without the mosquitoes! We tend to have our ThermaCELL lantern or carrier setup, but if she happens to move out of the 15 foot range she can still be clear from biting and harmful bugs with her Insect Defense shirt. Price – $55


Mikaela is wearing the XPG Cooling Phase Active Sorts. They keep you cool as you run around or if you are climbing hills. What I like about these are the sporty look without being too short.Price – $40


Mikaela is wearing a fun colored pair of Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh. Inspired for the women hikers Ahnu offers a vibrant look that performs for camping or everyday needs. The upper mesh is waterproof and it also has our favorite Vibram® soles! Price – $110

Those Are Cool Camping Clothes –

What About The Spray On Repellent

If you don’t have the listed clothing,  you can always use the Sawyer permethrin clothing and gear insect repellent spray. It’s odorless and you should plan ahead and spray on your camping clothes a couple of days before wearing them.

I hope you saw us on Twin Cities LIVE today, but if not check out the video below.



Thanks for checking us out and I hope to see you soon –


Happy Camping – Kelly