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Cool New Camping Gear 2014

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Minnesota has had it’s fair share of winter snow this year. To make up for all the extra white I thought we could take a peek into the cool new camping gear coming out this year. Here is a look at the hottest products on the market for 2014.

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Sunbell Solar Lantern

Sunbell Yellow

Not only is the Sunbell providing campers with a mighty little lantern, but it is also a USB charger, flashlight and reading lamp! It claims to keep the light running on high for up to 4.5+ hours and on low for 130 hours. The Sunbell’s design is what really sets it apart from it’s competitors. The cords roll up into the lantern for storage, a detachable solar panel is connected by a 9 foot cable so you can keep your phone safe from the elements, the flashlight is detachable and more. Even if you aren’t on the road for a camping trip, the Sunbell lantern would be a great tool to have in your car emergency kit. It can be purchased from Earth Easy for $79.95.

ENO – JungleNest Hammock

best cool camping gear 2014 beyond the tent blog

I don’t plan on taking a trip into the jungle anytime soon, but I was thinking it would be quite the adventure to camp overnight in a hammock locally this summer. The new ENO JungleNest keeps the bugs and elements out. The JungleNest is an all in one design of the highly rated hammock system and the ENO BugNet. Keeping everything lightweight the JungleNest weighs in at e 27oz.! It also has a full zipper giving you easy access to getting in and out of the hammock. ENO fans are excited about the JungleNest and they are also just as thrilled with the price ($99.95)! You would think a system like this one would be more costly. You can purchase the Eno Hammock at Summit Online for $69.95, the Bugnet for $59.95 and the Pro Rainfly Tarp for $79.95.

Sliver Creek Paddle – Big EZ

sliver creek paddle minneapolis mn

Minnesota is known for it’s 10,000 lakes. In most cases, when we are camping we are guaranteed to be near some sort of water. There is a fun water toy that has recently caught my eye. It’s a paddle board called the Big EZ. I have been told anyone can ride the Big EZ with ease and with a low risk of falling into the water. The price to own one of these is $1,199.99. I know it isn’t EZ on the pocket, but can you put a price on fun?! You can add the Big EZ to your camping gear by purchasing it at Sliver Creek Paddle.

BioLite – KettlePot

best new camping gear 2014

BioLite has come out with another handy device! It’s called the KettlePot and it’s made to team up with their BioLite CampStove. The KettlePot now supplies the camper with an all in one cooking system. Making meals for up to four campers is simple with the KettlePot. You just place the KettlePot ontop of your BioLite CampStove to heat your dinner. In the morning you can also use it to brew your early cup of coffee. The coolest part about this new camping tool is the space saving design. You can now pack your CampStove into the BioLite KettlePot, so adding the KettlePot to your camping gear doesn’t mean you are losing storage room. You can purchase a KettlePot for $50.00 at Eastern Mountain Sports.

Black Diamond – Storm Headlamp

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The company Black Diamond focuses on designing products for people who aren’t afraid of going to higher heights or taking on the road less traveled. The new Storm Headlamp is a step up from the Spot Headlamp. In case you find yourself in the middle of unexpected weather the Storm Headlamp is the perfect camping gear tool when you are in extreme elements. What makes this one of the best additions to our camping gear 2014 list is the functional use of being able to withstand being hit with bad weather. Backed with easy to control light adjustments, many red night vision modes and a lock mode. Not only that, but what gets me ready to buy is the design to protect it against water immersion down to 1 m (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes! You can purchase the Storm Headlamp at Eastern Mountain Sports for $39.96.

Outdoor Tech – Turtle Shell

outdoor tech new camping gear list 2014 beyond the tent blog

If you and your group of campers want the sweet sounds of campfire songs, but aren’t musically talented, let Outdoor Tech help. They have produced what is called the Turtle Shell 2.0. The Water resistant Bluetooth Speaker also will boost the campground sound waves with a reach of 32 feet! It can mount on bikes, hook on backpacks and it has a rechargeable battery life of 16 hours. That’s a lot of music and talk time in the woods! You can grab the Turtle Shell 2.0 at Outdoor Tech’s website for $99.95.

Sierra Designs – Mobile Mummy

cool best top sleeping bag mobile mummy style gear review outdoor camp

This is not only a mummy sleeping bag, but you can also wear it as a light weight mummy style jacket! The hood fits nicely around the head and doesn’t have the extra draw strings hanging around the face. There are zipper-less arm holes giving access to the camper to remove their arms from the mummy bag without any issues and it zips up in front making it easy to move in and out of the sleeping bag. Who doesn’t want to stay all wrapped up and cozy when camping in the cool air? Now you can starting at $169.95 for their base model at

These are a few of my favorite items hitting the camping scene this Spring. Look for more cool new camping gear as the snow fades away and we enter into my favorite summer time season.

Happy Camping

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