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Cool New Camping Gear For 2016

ONAGOfly Micro Drone

Onagofly Drone

In 2015 personal drones grew into a 3 billion dollar industry. The problem for most people though is that quality drones with gps, hd cameras and such were far too expensiveand flying these drones was equally hard. With the new ONAGOfly drone (which is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo) all of these old problems are solved.

First, this micro drone is affordable at $199 and incredibly easy to fly thus opening up the possibility of owning a drone to a far larger crowd. The ONAGOfly also sports high end drone features usually found only on $1,000+ drones such as HD quality video and photos, gps navigation, obstacle avoidance and easy takeoff and landing. This micro drone is the perfect drone for campers or anyone else looking to get their first drone. You can check out Onagofly’s website here.

Barker Bag

The Barker Bag

The Barker Bag is one of my favorite pieces of gear for 2016, this one is just plain old fun! The Barker Bag is basically a side car sleeping bag for your dog. The bag zips into any normal sleeping bag allowing your k-9 to have his own space and share some warmth.

If your dog is anything like my Rosco (an 11 year old Jack Russell), he likes to sleep at my feet under the covers. The Barker Bag would be perfect for Rosco, allowing him to have his own space and not crowd the foot space in my mummy bag. You can check out the Barker Bag here.

Alpine Hammocks

Alpine Hammock

If you have been paying any attention to the outdoor gear industry over the last few years, you may have noticed a ton of new hammocks coming to the market. Each of these hammocks usually improve on the hammock concept in one way or another (and some definitely don’t!). This has led to a category of hammocks that are complete camping sleep systems, which include ENO Hammocks and Hennessy Hammocks (both of which I love!).

It may be time to add a new hammock to my collection, The Apline Hammock takes the concept of a camping hammock and takes it one further, it actually allows you to set up your camping/sleeping hammock in the trees or on the ground.

This would be perfect for many of my trips as I have found myself at times with a tent wishing I had my Hennessy Hammock or having my Hennessy and wishing I had my Big Agnes tent.The Alpine comes in with a total weight of 3lbs, so while not the lightest, it is still plenty light for most camping trips. You can find out more at Alpine’s website here.

Siesta 4

Siesta 4 Tent

Personally, I usually wake up before the sun whether I am at home or out camping, but my wife, she’s a different story. One of her biggest complaints is being woken up by a bright hot tent when we are out camping during the summer. With the new Siesta 4 tent, someone has finally tackled this problem. The Siesta actually blocks out infrared, visible and ultraviolet lights. This causes the tent to remain drastically cooler during the day as well as keeping the tent darker. Not only will this allow people like my wife to sleep in later, but I personally am excited to try this tent out for my afternoon camping naps! You can find out more and order the Siesta 4 right here.

Tusk Survival Knife

Tusk Survival Knife

While the outdoor industry certainly has no shortage of survival knives, I found the Tusk intriguing for a few different reasons. First of all is it’s size, this is no small knife. The Tusk measures in at 12″ long with a 7″ blade made from 0.2″ thick 440c stainless steel.

The survival features include: A fixed blade, sharpener, fire starter, leather sheath, alan key, paracord lanyard, hammer, square wrench, lanyard system and much more. This knife would be perfect for chopping wood and honestly, just about anything you could think of while out on a trip. Find out more about the Tusk and order here.

The Solo Stove

Solo Stove

In the past couple of years you may have seen an incredible little stove called the Solo Stove. This award winning and lightweightstove burns small sticks and boils water in roughly 8 minutes. The problem, if you are doing some family camping, is that it simply wasn’t big enough to cook on for the whole family. Now, with the Solo Stove Campfire, they have delivered a larger family sized version of the Solo Stove big enough to use with full sized cooking gear. The Solo Stove Campfire weighs 2.2 lbs. and boils water in roughly 2 minutes.

Purchase Here For $109.99

The Field Knife Set

Field Knife Set

While the name sounds a bit generic, The Field Knife Set is a perfect outdoor take on the most used set of kitchen knives. The field set includes a chef’s knife, pairing knife and a serrated knife. The design is compact and durable, making it perfect for just about any caping adventures. You may notice that the knives have no handles, this is actually done for very specific reasons. First, it allows the knives to be more compact and lightweight. It also improves balance, ergonomics and even makes them easier to clean. You can find out more about The Field Knife Set here.

Chammock Upright Hammock

Chammock Upright Hammock

At first glance, the Chammock may not look like a new piece of gear that is really going to blow your mind in 2016. Sometimes the best new camping gear is gear that simply improves upon old ideas. The Chammock does exactly this. I almost always bring a hammock along on my camping trips (I prefer the Hummingbird Hammock due to it’s incredible light weight), but I do miss having a simple lightweight chair that I can sit up in and enjoy reading, eating or my surroundings. This upright hammock is lightweight, weighs less than a can of coke, needs only 4 feet between objects to set up and sets up in less than 2 minutes. I can definitely see myself taking along the Chammock on many upcoming camping trips this year!

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Greg Pincelli

Sunday 24th of April 2016

i know this is kind of old...but just got the eno double hammock and it is the best thing ever. Greg Pincelli


Monday 25th of April 2016

I love my ENO!


Sunday 24th of January 2016


Happy Camper

Friday 22nd of January 2016

Great gear. The canvas tent in the first picture is my kind of camping. Now if I can only convince my wife.

Seriously though, canvas tents are so heavy it's insane. I had to cry mine in the Marine corps and it was not light.

The drone looks cool to. That's going to add so much to photography it's going to be insane.