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3 Great Inflatable Hot Tub Surround Ideas

Offering all the fun of an installed hot tub with some added versatility, inflatable hot tubs are becoming more popular every season. One of the best ways to really ramp up the attractiveness of an inflatable hot tub is with a surround setup that truly pops!

Check out our roundup of some great inflatable hot tub surround ideas. These elements are sure to make your hot tub area the best place to be all summer long!

Privacy landscaping with trellising and vines around an inflatable hot tub.

Full Hot Tub Surround Set

VidaXL Square Spa Surround

vidaXL Square Spa Surround Home Garden Outdoor Patio Lawn Yard Pool Spa Accessory Modern Hot Tub Enclosure Surround Black Poly Rattan

If you want to go all in with some inflatable hot tub surround ideas that come in a single packaged deal, there are lots of options to choose from! For a set that’s classy and comes with it all, we recommend the VidaXL Square Spa Surround set.

This beautiful, sturdy hot tub surround set is a fantastic blend of steel, wicker, and wood. Its darker shading will add a pop of color to just about any of your inflatable hot tub surround ideas.

Best of all, if you go this route, you can get the whole surround set up in a single package…no need to buy lots of additional furnishing elements!

Beautiful Freestanding Screens

OutSunny Freestanding Screens With Planters

Outsunny Freestanding Outdoor Privacy Screen, 4 Self-Draining Planters/Raised Garden Beds, 3 Hinged Panels for Hot Tub, Patio, Backyard, Deck, Natural

Looking for a more minimalist style in your inflatable hot tub surround ideas? Look no further than the OutSunny Freestanding Screens with Planters.

These screens offer a wonderful privacy element, and with the addition of the included planters. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to add freshness and natural beauty to your hot tub surround.

Best of all, these screens are transportable and foldable. You can adjust them into multiple positions based on specific needs, or move them as necessary wherever your inflatable hot tub goes.

Privacy and Shade

Christopher Knight Soft Top Gazebo

Christopher Knight Home CKH Outdoor Gazebo Canopy with Net Drapery, Beige

Folks on the hunt for elements of privacy and some fantastic shade with their inflatable hot tub surround ideas will love the Christopher Knight Soft Top Gazebo. Available in both beige and nutmeg hues, this gazebo is the perfect covering and surround element for any inflatable hut tub.

During the heat of the day, this gazebo provides wonderful shade, and with the sides rolled up, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, watch the kiddos play, and more. At night—or whenever you need some additional privacy—the sides of this gazebo roll down to create a solid enclosure.

You can also unroll just the mosquito netting into place, allowing you to enjoy your inflatable hot tub at any time of the day without having to worry about pesky insects ruining the fun.

Inflatable Hot Tub Surround Ideas for Décor

An inflatable hot tub on an outdoor deck space.

Plants and Foliage

Creating a tropical atmosphere, a deep jungle aesthetic, or just a simple foliage setting are some of the most popular hot tub surround ideas. Plants and foliage can really make for a private getaway feeling right in your own backyard!

When choosing foliage as part of your hot tub surround ideas, you want to take into account any overarching themes. Are you going for a specific setting or a certain vibe? This will dictate, at least in part, the species of plants you want to choose.

A display of tropical plants at a nursery. Landscape plants are a great feature for inflatable hot tub surround ideas.

For example, if you already have some fantastic standing trees in your yard or hot tub area, consider matching your theme to them—something woodland, beachy, or jungle like, as needed. You can also incorporate your gardening or plants into your theme.

You can also pick and choose between live plants and foliage. This gives you the option of plants such as annual species that will bloom each year, or perennials you will need to replant every spring. Or, if you prefer to go super low maintenance, consider false foliage that you can leave up all year round, or store and then set up again when it’s time to use the hot tub.


Lighting sets the ambiance and is one of the key factors to consider when building out your hot tub surround ideas. You really do not want to skimp on your lighting game, especially if you plan to use your inflatable hot tub after dark during the warm summer months—or even in the winter cold!

There are lots of different angles you can take with your hot tub surround lighting. You might prefer a more whimsical approach to your décor, so you could consider something like twinkling lights, fairy lights, or a string of Chinese lanterns.

If you enjoy more of a bolder lighting flare, you might consider strands of Edison lights or tiki torches when laying out your inflatable hot tub surround ideas. You can also invest in a firepit for some stronger lighting around your inflatable hot tub—you just want to make sure the fire is a safe distance from the hot tub.

String lights at night.

If you are investing in a hot tub surround set, this also gives you some more lighting options. You might consider using battery-powered lanterns, jars full of battery-powered fairy lights, floating candles or jar candles, and more.

In any case where you are using fire for lighting with your inflatable hot tub surround, always be sure to take proper fire safety and precaution measures. Do not burn candles or have open flame near the inflatable hot tub itself, or on any bare, exposed wooden surfaces.

Furniture and Décor

Your inflatable hot tub is just one element within the aesthetic you are looking to create! The furniture and décor are equally vital parts of the setup and should be given careful consideration when constructing your hot tub surround ideas.

Some of the things to consider when choosing the furniture and décor in your hot tub surround are color, size, and style.


Décor and furniture for a hot tub surround can look just about any way you would like! But it can be really helpful to gain direction by trying to match up colors.

For example, consider the color of your inflatable hot tub itself. If it’s a single color, you might look for furniture and décor that match, making a cohesive single tone setting. Or, if you have an inflatable hot tub with various colors, try matching one or two of them to achieve the same effect.

You might also choose a color scheme for your inflatable hot tub surround based on the kind of theme you want to cultivate. Themes like a tropical retreat, a backyard paradise, or a relaxing spa all bring their own pallet of colors you can lean into with your furniture and décor choices.

An inflatable hot tub on an outdoor rooftop deck with color-coordinated patio furniture nearby.


When putting together your hot tub surround ideas, being mindful of how much space you have to work with is key. Whether you have a large setting you are looking to fill up or a small area to work with, you want to choose furniture and décor that will fit well.

You always want to set the scene without overwhelming the senses, which can actually hamper the relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere you are looking to cultivate in your hot tub area. Be sure to take time to measure out how much space you have for furniture and décor.

Once you know how much area you can dedicate to building out the furniture and decoration that will surround your hot tub, you can start looking for pieces that will fit within your means! Don’t be afraid to get creative in how you combine things like sectionals, chairs, outdoor sofas, tables, and even cushion seating.


When putting together décor as part of your hot tube surround ideas, consider if you want to cultivate a theme. This can pair off with any plants and foliage or lighting decisions you make. You might want to go with a particular cultural style, or a theme based on an aesthetic you hold dear.

This style can then be manifested in numerous ways. It can help you cultivate some hot tub surround ideas for items like statues and figurines, rugs, chairs and tables, and even drinkware, plates and bowls, and more.

Inspiring Your Inflatable Hot Tub Surround Ideas

An inflatable spa with a wicker-style surrounding bench.

Excited to try out some of these inflatable hot tub surround ideas in your backyard? Using the tips from this article, you can create a background oasis for amazing staycations!

There’s lots more to enjoy in your backyard, too. Check out our page for a Backyard Camping Adventure you can enjoy with kiddos!