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Luxury RV Rental: How to Experience the Good Life on the Road

This is the year for prioritizing time in nature, experiencing new places, and soaking in a calmer life away from the city. And, with the booming increase of luxury RV rentals, you can easily do all these things without sacrificing the luxuries of home!

Luxury RVs essentially take the things that make life comfortable, pack them up, and put them on wheels so you can enjoy your favorite home amenities anywhere! And it honestly doesn’t get much better than that.

So if you’re looking to experience the good life on the road, this article is absolutely for you! We’re going to discuss three leaders in the RV rental world – Outdoorsy, RV Share, and Escape Camper Vans – and everything you need to know about luxury RV rentals!

Luxury RV Rental

Decide on the Best Luxury RV Rental Type For You

A great experience starts with picking the best luxury RV rental for your trip! To help you out, we’ve listed out the most common types of luxury RVs and what to expect with each.

Drivable RVs

  • Class A Motorhome: the most spacious of all RV types and can accommodate families. Amenities are similar to what you would find in a home (full kitchen, restroom, showers, bedroom, etc.).
  • Class B Motorhome: usually referred to as a camper van. Camper vans are small, but normally have miniature versions of necessary amenities. Great for solo or couple traveling.
  • Class C Motorhome: more compact than the class A motorhome, but more spacious than a class B. Class Cs are recognizable by their over-cab that can be used for extra storage or sleeping space.

Towable RVs

  • Travel Trailer: a towable RV that comes in a variety of layouts, and with a variable assortment of amenities. Some travel trailers end have expandable ends for roomier sleeping.
  • Fifth Wheel Trailer: similar to the travel trailer, the fifth wheel trailer can have a variety of different floor plans. The distinguishing feature of a fifth wheel trailer is an over-cab space. Fifth wheel trailers must be towed by a pickup truck.

Account for All Costs While Planning for Your Luxury RV Rental

Budgeting for your luxury RV rental is paramount to ensure you don’t overspend. Obviously, when renting an RV there will be the cost of the rental itself and then any gas you use along the way. But try to account for these additional fees that sometimes aren’t too obvious from the get-go:

  • Deposits
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Cost per mile driven

Find a Luxury RV Rental Near You

Hopefully, you’re starting to form a clearer picture of which luxury RV rental is best for you and what fees to expect when booking.

So, finally, time for the most exciting part… finding and booking your rental!

Depending on where you live, there may be local RV rental businesses near you that can help. But if there aren’t any (and honestly, even if there are), there are some amazing websites out there for finding luxury RV rentals. And we’re about to run you through the best of them!

Luxury RV Rental

Using Outdoorsy for Your Luxury RV Rental

Outdoorsy is one of our absolute favorite websites for finding luxury RV rentals. This website connects local RV owners with people looking to rent. Renting through Outdoorsy comes with all-hours roadside assistance, $1 million in insurance protections, and 24/7 customer support.

The website is simple to use. Just enter your dates, book your RV, pick it up or have it delivered, and then hit the road!

Using RV Share for Your Luxury RV Rental

RV Share is similar to Outdoorsy and is also one of our top websites to use for luxury RV rentals. Choose whether you want to drive or tow your luxury RV, enter your dates, and browse through the beautiful motorhomes available for rent!

Using Escape Camper Vans for Your Luxury RV Rental

Escape Camper Vans isn’t nearly as widespread as RV Share or Outdoorsy, but they provide absolutely amazing service in the States where they operate. And, unlike the two other websites we mentioned, they specialize in cool and luxury camper vans! So if you’re looking for something smaller, trendy, and fully equipped, consider renting one of their premium camper vans.

Ask All About Your Luxury RV Hookups

Alrighty, so you’ve got your luxury RV rental booked and ready to go. Amazing!

Luxury RV Rental

Now is the time to ask questions.

Your RV might have a few (or many) hookups. Depending on your rental, your RV hookups could include water, electricity, and sewage. Whether you’re renting from a company or an RV owner, make sure to ask all about these hookups. In fact, ask the company or owner to show you how to use each hookup. And don’t hesitate to ask to see it twice if needed!

If you ever find yourself in a bind, employees at parks and campgrounds usually also have great knowledge of different RV hookups and are always happy to help. So when you get to your campsite, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need to!

Understand Everything About Your Luxury RV Rental Insurance

Having great insurance coverage will put your mind at ease on your RV excursion. The last thing you would ever want is to find yourself in a situation where coverage has slipped through the cracks.

Do not rely on your auto insurance or credit card insurance for your luxury RV rentals without verifying, with absolute certainty, whether the rental is covered by the policy. Many classes of RVs are not covered by regular insurance policies or may be considered modified vehicles, which also excludes them from the vast majority of policies.

Explore the insurance options and protections available where ever you decide to rent from. OutdoorsyRV Share, and Escape Camper Vans all have their own insurance policies and options (in some cases it is included, in others it is not).

And, just like with the RV hookups, if you have any questions about your insurance policy, be sure to ask all about it!

Prepare for a Different Kind of Driving

In all likelihood, motorhomes, trailers, and camper vans are bigger than the vehicles you’re used to driving. So now that you’ve got you’re luxury RV rental, time to make sure you hit the road safely!

Here are some tips for safe driving:

  • Get familiar with the size of your RV.
  • Practice driving in a safe area.
  • Drive slower than you would in your regular vehicle.
  • Account for additional stopping time.
  • Take wide turns.
  • Use a spotter to back up.
  • Before hitting the road, always do a full walk-around of your RV and inspect for any hazards or damages.
  • If you’re driving a trailer, take time before your trip to check the trailer hitch, tires, lights, and to ensure the load is secure.

If Your RV Rental Company Offers Dump Services, Take It

Okay, so you’re on the road in your gorgeous RV. You’ve got your insurance. You’ve got the driving down to an art form.

Life is glamorous… until you have to empty your RV’s holding tank.

Luxury RV Rental

Dealing with sewage waste is without question the least luxurious thing about luxury RVing. But don’t worry, that’s where dumping services come in.

Many luxury RV rental companies and RV campgrounds offer dumping services for a fee—meaning they’ll dump the waste from the holding tank for you. I would highly recommend using these services when they are available!

As a general rule, holding tanks should be dumped at least every three to five days or when they are nearing full. Minimize waste, and cut down on the number of times you’ll need to empty your tank, by using public restrooms when available.

Find the Best Luxury RV Campgrounds

Elevate your camping experience by picking the best campgrounds for your luxury RV!

While you’re on the road, one of the key things to look out for will be campgrounds that can accommodate the size of your RV and all of its hookups. Apps like Campendium—which will help you find everything from rustic campsites to swanky RV parks—are an asset to have downloaded to your phone while you’re on the road.

To get you started on finding amazing places to stay in your luxury RV, check out some of our great articles covering the best places for RV camping. Planning where you’ll be staying in advance will have you smooth sailing on your road trip!

Plan Amazing Meals

One of my favorite things about RVing is that you have a full kitchen with you at all times!

Luxury RV Rental

Stock up your kitchen before leaving with everything you’ll need to make amazing meals. To keep your kitchen efficient—since it is probably smaller than your kitchen at home—try to purchase ingredients that can be used in multiple dishes to minimize excess packaging and potential food waste. For example, instead of buying multiple niche cooking oils, try to find one oil that suits most recipes!

And don’t forget to indulge and eat out at delicious restaurants while you’re out RVing! Stumbling into a hidden gem by accident is one of the best parts of a road trip.

Ask Lots of Questions About Your Luxury RV Rental

While you’re on the road, if you ever find yourself in a tight spot, don’t forget that people are usually so willing to lend a helping hand! Since this is your first RV experience, ask lots of questions and learn from the experiences of other RVers. Campsite workers—and other campers—have a plethora of knowledge and are keen to lend a hand or have a chat!

Time to Get Behind the Wheel…Of Your New Luxury RV Rental!

With everything we’ve covered in this article, you should be totally ready to get your wheels rolling! Time to grab your luxury RV keys, fire up the ignition, and get your epic trip started!

If you enjoyed learning all about luxury RV rentals and looking for more information on the best booking options, don’t miss this article comparing Outdoorsy vs. RV Share and local dealers!