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On The Water Fun With Sliver Creek Paddle Board

One of the goals for our camping blog, Beyond The Tent, was to introduce products which people don’t think about when planning a camping trip. We want them to be useful and enjoyable items that can join you on your travels. One item has stood out in my mind this summer which is a paddle board. Paddle boarding has picked up on the MN radar and I wasn’t sure if it would be easy to do or too much work for the younger children. I was able to put it to the test with the help of Sliver Creek Paddle out of Minneapolis.


We are using the Malibu Classic stand up paddle board. This board is designed to help beginners, like us, stay above water! I can tell you it takes a lot of work to actually fall into the water when using the Malibu Classic paddle board. We have had all the kids on the board at a handful of lakes while camping. Each one of them have loved being on board.

Take A Look –

It’s A Great Workout!

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How Stable Is A Paddle Board?

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In the photo above I am paddling on my knees. Paddle boarding is a good work out, especially for a person who doesn’t work out on a regular basis. Sitting in the middle of the paddle board on your knees can give your body a bit of a rest from standing and I have found it helps me to have more control over rough waters. When I am standing on the board I use upper body strength as well as my leg muscles.

The Malibu Classic paddle board is very stable and is a great product for those who are just starting to learn how to paddle board. It is a wide board that makes you feel safer on the water than a skinny board and it has a fin underneath the board to help keep it stable in the water, too. It comes with a great starter package that includes the board, the fin, a carry bag, and an adjustable aluminum paddle – everything you need to get started. The cost is about $900.00 from Sliver Creek Paddle.

Why I Like Our Board

The part I enjoy the most about having our Sliver Creek Paddle board out with us is being able to ride along the shoreline during the evening when the sun is just setting over the trees. It is very relaxing and I try to sneak off from the group to get some time alone. However, it’s also wonderful to take the kids out on the lake, too. I am checking out lakes near our house so I can get more time on the Malibu Classic, which is crazy because I am normally not a water, especially lake water, type of person! The perfect line for me in regards to paddling boarding is – Never say never –

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