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The Best RV Travel Apps You Need for Stress-Free Camping

Whether you’re a part-time RVer, a full-time RVer, or just prefer to have four walls and a bed on your yearly glamping trip, RV travel apps make it easier to have a stress-free time. You don’t have to be a pro to make use of what technology has to offer us. In fact, it makes the entire experience downright easy.

But with so many apps on the market vying for your attention, which ones are truly the best choices for your limited smartphone space?

Keep reading to learn what our favorite RV travel apps are for a stress-free trip and what they can do for you!

rv travel apps

RV Specific Apps

Let’s start with the applications built specifically for RV trips. After all, your needs are different depending on what kind of four-wheeled vehicle you’re using!

Togo RV

Advertised as an all-in-one RV companion, the Togo RV application is loved because of the many features included within a single application. Talk about a relaxing trip! Here are some of the things you can do with this amazing RV Travel App:

  • Navigation: It’s no secret that driving with an RV is much different than driving with a car. There are so many things you have to watch out for. That’s why the Togo GPS navigation is superb! It’s customizable for your RV, taking into account its weight and size. Don’t stress about the inclination of roads or overhead clearances: Togo gives you step-by-step directions with live traffic information, keeping all of that in mind!
  • Itinerary: Touted as the #1 road trip planning tool, Togo also includes an itinerary-building feature by searching all the best stops along the way to your destination. You can even collaborate with friends and make an itinerary together!
  • Campgrounds and Parking: The Togo application also gives you access to a broad database of RV-friendly campsites and overnight parking locations, including reviews and filters for campgrounds that make the search process less stressful.
  • Discounts: With the Togo application, you can access amazing discounts on RV-related products, like tires, camping gear, and even resorts.

While the free Togo RV version gives you access to some helpful features like a service center and mobile RV repair locator, RV maintenance tracking and reminders, and videos about a first year of RV ownership, the Togo RV’s Roadpass Pro includes everything listed above for $49.99 a year after a seven-day free trial.

With all the helpful information and access to discounts, members think this RV travel app is well worth the cost!


The Roadtrippers application is lauded as a better co-pilot than the friend you’re bringing along for the ride! Jokes aside, customers love this RV travel app for its versatility and efficiency. Here are some of the functions you will find in Roadtrippers:

  • Navigation: With GPS navigation, road-tripping these days is a lot easier than back when we had to use paper maps. Live traffic updates, everyone? But your go-to navigation apps are usually built for cars, not RVs, so we still recommend downloading Roadtrippers to ensure you’re following a safe route for your RV! The RV travel app considers your vehicle’s size and weight, making for a stress-free ride.
  • Itinerary: Building an itinerary is fun but can also be stressful, especially when trying to please multiple people with different likes and dislikes. But this RV Travel App takes the stress away by providing a collaborative itinerary builder that can include up to 150 stops for a single trip! Plus, did you know that some areas are restricted if you have propane on board? Roadtrippers keeps that in mind, so you don’t have to!
  • Trip guides: Would you prefer someone else to build an itinerary so you can enjoy the trip? Roadtripper can do that as well! Choose from a great selection of pre-made trip guides for easier preparation.

As you can probably tell, the Roadtrippers application has several similar features to Togo RV’s Roadpass Pro account. (In fact, it’s part of the Togo RV family). That means that if you have a Togo RV’s Roadpass Pro account, you already get access to Roadtrippers Plus. Hurray!

If you don’t have a Togo RV’s Roadpass Pro account and are only interested in the Roadtrippers Plus account, you can purchase it for $35.99 a year.


Campendium, an RV travel app started by some full-time Airestreamers who thought it was high time to get a single coherent RVing resource together. Essentially, it is a database of resources helpful to RVers. This includes:

  • RV Parks: Finding an RV park can feel like an overwhelming process, but Campendium makes it easier for you with its user-submitted data and filters that include the type of hookup you need. It’s especially helpful if you’re looking for a cheap or even free place to park overnight!
  • Dump Stations: You don’t have to be an RV pro to understand that waste disposal is a delicate matter when it comes to RVing, especially if you’re looking for ways to practice sustainable RVing. With Campendium, you can find the nearest dumping stations near you to make the process as stress-free as possible.

We especially love Campendium because its most helpful features are completely free! Like Roadtrippers, Campendium is part of the Togo RV family, and if you get the Togo RV’s Roadpass Pro account, you also have access to Campendium’s premium features, including being able to filter searches based on cell coverage and elevation and, of course, no ads!

Other Helpful Apps When on the Road


Have you ever had to slow down while driving on a highway to read the signs? If your road trip includes driving on Interstates, then iExit is definitely the RV Travel App for you. The magic of iExit is that it lists detailed amenities and services available at the Interstate exits you are approaching, including gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Plus, thanks to a partnership with OPIS, iExit can even tell you fuel prices at the nearby gas stations so you can make the best budget-friendly choice.

And the best part is that our favorite features of this RV Travel App are free! This great and efficient RV-friendly app removes all your travel-related stress.


With an RV roof over your head, you might not give the weather as much thought as you would while planning a tent camping trip. But we would argue that having a good understanding of the forecast is also a good idea for RV trips. You don’t want to head towards a storm, and you’ll prefer the sunshine even if you can shelter in your RV.

That’s why we suggest downloading the Accuweather app, even if it’s not strictly an RV travel app. It’s one of the most accurate forecast applications out there and includes information like UV index and what the weather really feels like despite the actual temperature.

Plus, real-time alerts keep you up to date no matter what you’re up to!


Campspot is an application that lets you search and book campsites (including RV sites) on the go. Instead of having to be redirected to another page, you can confirm your reservation directly in the application! Choose from over 180,000 campsites for free. You heard that right – no membership fees!

Find the Best RV Travel Apps For a Stress-Free Trip

We hope this post has helped you decide on the best RV travel apps to make your upcoming RV trip as smooth and stress-free as possible. As you’ve learned, some of the best apps are the ones that include several features but never discount the power and helpfulness of a solid weather app, too.

Planning your next RV trip? Then use our ultimate RV packing guide!