When it comes to camping gear my wish list is easy!

We have been camping for 6 years now and I still can find a bunch of things I would like to have to make our trips a little less “roughing it” style. There is a time and place for camping in a simple style, but let’s face it with kids life is easier when you have all the tools to make life easier. Here are my top 5 things I have been gushing over this Spring.

1. Dutch Oven

One of my friend’s has a Dutch Oven and it looks like a very fun cooking addition. As we sit with our hot dogs burning over the camp fire flames she sits across from us with her family enjoying a well prepared meal of nachos. My family has been known for getting pizza delivered to our camp site (more than once). I also would love it if I could have a colorful Dutch Oven – purple or green would be awesome!

dutch oven

2. Child’s Hiking Carrier

I want to do some serious hiking this summer. With a one year old little guy I am eyeing all child carrier backpacks that are made for an adventurous family. I believe they hold their value very well and that is a great reason to invest in one that might have more bells and whistles than seeking out the cheapest. My favorite one right now is the Osprey Packs Poco – Plus Child Carrier which retails for $259.95.

child carrier backpack

3. Waterproof Binoculars

I think this item needs to move over from the Wish List to the Must Have List. How am I suppose to watch out for bears if I can’t even see if it is a bear or not?! I also think it would be wise to have a pair of Waterproof Binoculars because I already have a feeling one of the little kids will want to use them in the canoe. I researched the ones online at Amazon and the pair I thought I would lean closest too were the Bushnell H2O Waterproof Prism Binoculars. The reviews were good giving them 3 1/2 stars out of 5. The price is middle road at $55.00 and I wouldn’t need anything over the top. Otherwise I would have a hard time letting the children use them while camping.



4. Keen Sandals for the whole family

A few years back Ryan and Keegan went to the Boundary Waters. I am hoping to take a trip up there this year. Ryan took a pair of Keens with him on their trip. When they came back home he told me about how nice it was to go from port to boat without the worries of water or sand getting into your shoes. Plus, the sole of Keens are made for camping trips like the Boundary Waters. I bought myself a pair 2 years ago and I prefer wearing them over my summer flip flops. My Wish List definitely has Keen Sandals for the whole family on it!




5. Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bags I am referring to cost more money than my bed, granted I did get my bed off Craigslist! I also have never slept in one of these feather filled bags, but every time I go to REI I have to walk by the back wall filled with sleeping bags just so I can touch them. I think it would be amazing to own one for each member of the family. It is a Wish List and being on the heavy side of the price tag I am only wishing I could get my hands on a Big Agnes King Solomon +15 Sleeping Bag.



There you have it my top 5 things I would love to add to our camping collection. What is it you are hoping or planning to add to your camping gear this year?


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