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Twin Cities LIVE Visits Beyond The Tent


It’s been a long time dream of mine to be featured on my favorite show Twin Cities LIVE. I was thrilled when Kelli Hanson contacted me and said she wanted to do a taped segment on location at a campground. I was ready to go in front of the camera with my happy kids and some of my hottest camping gear of the season.

Happy Camper


In case you saw the show or if you unfortunately missed it, we have compiled a list of the items showcased on Twin Cities LIVE to make it easy on you.

Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy

A sleeping bag you can wear as a jacket! Talk about fashion in the back woods, right? Actually, this is a hot topic in the camping world. Rated one of the top gear products at a well known camping show this year. You can grab a Mobile Mummy for your next trip by clicking right Here.

 Scrubba Wash Bag

How often do you find yourself with a dirty kid? If you are anything like me they are a mess before you can say BOO! I like camping a lot, however I don’t like the dirt and I really don’t like having a ton of dirty clothes after camping. The Scrubba Wash Bag gives me the ability to wash our items without having to share a campground laundry room with all the other campers.

Cabela’s Tent Bunk Bed

The Bunk O Bed is such a great space saver for the tent campers. You can fit two bunks in a normal sized 4 person tent nicely. Plus, the kids love bunking up each night. It makes camping more fun and better on the back! Also, an adult can sleep on these, too no issues. 

Ciao Portable High Chair

I love this product! You can bring it camping or to the local park. It folds up just like a camping chair, but it has a plastic tray and belt attached to the chair for baby. No more days of screwing in the portable seats to those dirty picnic tables. I think all Moms will like this one! You can purchase a black, pink or even camo style Ciao Baby Portable High Chair at Cabela’s.

Yeti Cooler

Yetti Cooler camping review mn beyondthetent twin cities live gear 2014.jpg
For the people who want to keep things cool we have the famous Yeti cooler. Why we love this product is simple. It keeps your stuff cold for up to 7 (yes seven) days and you can use dry ice without an issue!!! We haven’t had a cooler last more than 24 hours without needing more ice. Plus, it’s bear proof. In case you camp near bears (which I do not), but my husband does in the BWCA. Yeti coolers are for anyone who wants to tailgate, camp, BBQ outdoors, go on fishing trips and whatever else you can think of that would require a cooler.

Aqua Bullfrog

water toy float for kids cabin lake review camping
I grabbed one of these bad boys thinking it would be amazing on a camping trip. I also think with 10,000 lakes a lot of you MN readers have cabins or at least spend some time on a lake during the summer. The Aqua Bullfrog is 6’ x 20’, 1-3/4″ thick, only 38 pounds, supporting up to 1,600 pounds of weight. Your whole family, pets and lawn chairs can sit on the pad soaking up the sun rays all afternoon! Get your pad right HERE from Float Squad!

Sliver Creek Paddle Board

sliver creek paddle board review camping gear best awesome cool 2014
Paddle boarding is all the rage for water sports right now. We lined up a board, from Sliver Creek Paddle, that is made for beginners and is super fun for summer days on the water. Our goal is to get people thinking outside of the box when planning their camping trips. Paddle boarding is an excellent way to get families outside bonding together. We bring it camping with us pretty much every time!

Calling All Campers

where to camp with kids mn places campgrounds review top gear 2014

Those were just a few of the many items we take out camping with us. If you spotted an item during the segment you would like more information on send me an email at I will make sure to reply with useful info. We love camping with our kids and we are so excited to share our reviews of campgrounds, camping gear and things to do outdoors with our readers. Beyond The Tent was born with the idea to engage followers with helpful, useful ideas and reviews, plus a mixture of personal camping experiences from our family trips. I hope you stick around because the more people who comment and follow the better it will be!

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Happy Camping – Kelly

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