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The Best Wisconsin Cabin Camping: An Escape to Nature’s Playground

Welcome to Wisconsin…the land of cheese, beer, and incredible cabin camping! That last one might be lesser known, but trust us…Wisconsin cabin camping is an absolute joy.

Wisconsin is packed full of fantastic forests, luminous lakes, and trek-worthy trails. Here are nine of the best destinations for Wisconsin cabin camping!

wisconsin cabin camping

Best For Families

1. Wedges Creek Hideaway

Wedges Creek Hideaway has everything you could possibly ask for out of your Wisconsin cabin camping experience.

Not only does it offer amazing cabins of varying sizes, but it offers varying amenities, as well.

Some cabins include fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Others provide only a bathroom and shower; some don’t include either.

Some cabins are pet-friendly, but not all. Be sure to double-check before booking if you plan to bring your furry family members along.

These cabins all let in plenty of natural light while maintaining a cozy atmosphere. Even those with more modern touches have preserved their homey feel.

The single-room cabins can house either two or four people maximum. The sole double-room cabin available can house up to six people. All cabins have clean linens provided for you.

At Wedges Creek, you’ll find a sandbox and playground available for your kids to play in. There’s also a GaGa ball pit!

wedges creek hideaway wisconsin cabin camping

The best part of staying at Wedges Creek? The wood-fired pizza. This pizza is conveniently made on-site; all you have to do is walk to the Event Center and put in your order.

During the summer, Wedges Creek also offers live music performances on certain dates. Some require tickets to be purchased, but others are completely free! Tickets aren’t too expensive—the priciest show listed currently only costs $8 per ticket.

2. Little Creek Family Campground

Little Creek Family Campground has some of the best cabin camping Wisconsin has to offer.

The “deluxe” cabin offers not only a full kitchen and bath but also a TV, a porch swing, and a fully furnished living area.

The “rustic” cabin offers what you might call a “college” kitchen—it lists a dorm fridge, a microwave, and a coffee maker as its amenities. There is no bathroom or shower in the cabin, but it’s located near the campground’s bathhouse. The rustic cabin has only one bed.

As you might suspect, the “mid” cabin is right between the two in terms of amenities. It has three beds total (one bed and a set of bunk beds) and a half bath. It includes a similar “college” kitchen. It is also located close to the showers.

little creek family wisconsin cabin camping

What really makes Little Creek Family Campground stand out as one of the best places for Wisconsin cabin camping is its activities. Here, you’re able to take a trip to the campground’s beach and play with kayaks, a slide, paddle boats, and even a “log roll!”

There is also a general store, basketball courts, an opportunity to borrow some bikes, a game room, and even more.

3. Wanna Bee Campground

If you’re looking for a calm, peaceful place for Wisconsin cabin camping, this is where you wanna “bee!” The Wanna Bee Campground is located near Wisconsin Dells. If you’ve always wanted to explore Mirror Lake State Park or dream of waterpark wonders, this is the campground for you.

Wisconsin Dells is known as the “Waterpark Capital of the World” for a reason! You and your family will have no shortage of activities to take part in and places to explore in this city. If waterparks aren’t your thing, no worries—there’s plenty to do in the campground itself.

There’s a heated pool available to you, so even if you visit in the spring or fall, you don’t have to give up water fun! You can also play in the game room or play a round of mini-golf or horseshoes.

Even if you book a cabin without a bathroom, Wanna Bee offers access to restrooms and showers.

Wanna Bee is one of the few campgrounds on this list that does not include linens, pillows, or blankets in its cabins, so pack accordingly.

wanna bee wisconsin cabin camping

There is a wide range of cabins available. They start at the smaller, more rustic “One Room Cabin” and increase in space and modern convenience until you hit the “Queen Bee” Family lodge.

There’s a cabin here to suit any family’s needs!

4. Tilleda Falls Campground

Tilleda Falls has to be one of the most beautiful spots for Wisconsin cabin camping out there.

The scenery of the falls can’t be beaten. This campground is located on the Embarrass River, but Wisconsin can’t be embarrassed about the river itself!

The views make this campground worth staying at alone. Here, you can expect a slew of river-centered activities. These include fishing (particularly for trout!), canoeing, and other unique activities every weekend.

tilleda falls wisconsin cabin camping

The one downside to Tilleda Falls is that there are fewer options for cabin camping here. There are only two cabins available to book, as well as a lake house. You’ll want to make your reservations early!

Tilleda Falls also does not include linens, so keep that in mind when packing.

5. Lakeview RV and Cabins

“Lakeview” is aptly named; if you peek out the window of certain cabins, you’ll see the gorgeous Lake Winnebago spread out before you!

Linens are provided in these cabins. There are many different cabins to choose from with different capacities. Most sleep four, while others sleep six. You can book a “Sunset View” cabin or an “In the Woods” cabin, depending on what view you desire.

lakeview rv cabins wisconsin camping

One cool detail about this Wisconsin cabin camping destination—you’ll find an outdoor theater on the grounds, as well as the Oasis Bar and Grill!

6. Chain O’ Lakes Camping Resort

Chain O’ Lakes Camping Resort offers a simpler Wisconsin cabin camping experience.

You won’t find a plethora of complex activities here, but the classics are all present. You can fish, swim in the pool, and even rent a boat to take on the lake!

chain o lakes wisconsin cabin camping

The deluxe cabins come outfitted with kitchenettes and bathrooms. They sleep up to eight people but don’t mention whether they include linens. The rustic cabins include neither kitchenettes nor bathrooms and only sleep up to six people. However, you will find a microwave and mini fridge inside!

The deluxe cabins also include a TV and DVD player, great for parents of small children who need some extra entertainment on hand!

7. Beantown Campground

Beantown Campground is a more unique destination for cabin camping in Wisconsin; at least, their pool is pretty unique!

When you pull into this campground, one of the first things you’ll notice is its bean-shaped pool. They also offer access to a GaGa Ball pit, a playground, a snack stand, and a general store!

There’s only one cabin available for a stay at Beantown Campground, but if you’re looking for a family-friendly place to stay near Baileys Harbor, this is the place for you.

beantown wisconsin cabin camping

The cabin is outfitted with one full bed, as well as three twin beds. There is a private bathroom, a mini fridge, and a microwave, but no TV or more modern amenities. This cabin does not appear to include linens, so make sure you pack up your own!

Best for Couples

8. Great River Harbor Campground and Marina

Calling all boat enthusiasts! If you’re looking for cabin camping in Wisconsin that also allows you to take your boat out for a spin, check out the Great River Harbor Campground and Marina.

This campground is located right on the Mississippi River, opening up many options for water activities!

While this campground is family-friendly, this is a great place for couples to take a trip of their own. The bar and grill on site is a fun place to hang out together and grab a drink after a long day of boating fun.

(Plus, you can grab a few orders of Wisconsin cheese curds for a delicious snack!)

great river harbor wisconsin cabin camping

This campground also offers live music, a golf cart rental, and an arcade to indulge your childhood nostalgia!

Great River Harbor offers large and small cabins.

9. Presque Isle Campground

This Wisconsin cabin camping destination is considerably more modern across the board. Its cabins come with full kitchens, bar countertops, a private room, a sleeper sofa, and a bathroom.

These cabins do come with linens provided, and they are outfitted with both air conditioning and heating.

Presque Isle may not offer as many activities as its Wisconsin cabin camping predecessors, but the quality and comfort of its cabins cannot be ignored.

presque isle wisconsin cabin camping

If you’re seeking a simpler camping experience complete with fishing, kayaking, paddle boating, and beach fun, Presque Isle is a wonderful choice!

This campground may be better suited to adults rather than families. The cabins only sleep four, and two of those would be on the sleeper sofa. There is only one private bedroom.


What are the best times to go Wisconsin cabin camping?

The best cabin camping Wisconsin has to offer will likely be in the summer. Wisconsin weather pretty much eliminates the possibility of winter camping; most campsites don’t even stay open past November.

Summer will give you the best weather, especially if you plan to swim. However, if you plan to camp in the more forest-forward campgrounds, autumn might give you better views.

What should I bring?

Most of the cabins (though not all!) on this list come with clean linens. However, if you want to be sure no creepy-crawlies have skittered under the sheets between wash day and your arrival, bring your own with you!

Even in shady Wisconsin woods, be sure to pack your sunscreen. But, because it is the Midwest…also bring an umbrella! If you’re staying in a cabin with a full—or even partial—kitchen, save some money by bringing food along with you.

Be sure to pack bug spray. Wisconsin cabin camping will set you in the path of mosquitos, no question. You’ll be better protected than you might be in a tent, but the cabin’s shelter doesn’t extend to your bonfire.

If your chosen destination for cabin camping in Wisconsin is pet-friendly, be sure to bring your pet supplies. You will need a leash, food, water, dishes, flea and tick protection, and toys. (Keep in mind you may want water-friendly toys, as well.)

You also might want to bring some extra towels if you plan to let your pup in the water. Also, consider bringing along a dog bed and crate. Unless you want muddy, wet paws all over your cabin floor or bed, you might want a way to keep your pet contained until they’re dry!

Bring along clothes for all kinds of weather. You don’t want to bring a bunch of shorts and tank tops only to end up shivering through a rainstorm!

wisconsin cabin camping

Enjoy the Best Cabin Camping Wisconsin has to Offer!

You can’t go wrong by choosing any of these Wisconsin cabin camping locations! They all have something different and amazing to offer.

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