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Welcome to Beyond The Tent – Your Gateway to the Great Outdoors!

Hello, fellow campers, adventurers, and nature lovers! I’m Ryan Cunningham, the creator and primary writer for Beyond The Tent. My journey into the wilderness began on the rustic trails of a farm in southern Minnesota, where my childhood was filled with explorations and camping by a picturesque river. That river didn’t just run through the land; it streamed through my life, shaping my love for the outdoors.

Ryan cooking in the Boundary Waters

Founded in 2013, Beyond The Tent is not just a blog; it’s a chronicle of my family’s adventures across the United States, from the majestic Colorado mountains to the serene national parks and the pristine Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Northern Minnesota. With each journey, whether in state parks or private encampments, and through the homely comfort of our camping trailers, we’ve amassed a trove of stories, experiences, and invaluable camping wisdom.

Entering into the BWCA on Clearwater Lake
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What began as a personal memoir of my adventures has blossomed into a community for camping aficionados. Beyond The Tent has evolved into a hub for expert camping advice, innovative ideas, delicious recipes, meticulous gear reviews, and comprehensive product buying guides. It’s for the beginner setting up their first tent under the stars and the seasoned trekker seeking the next peak.

Catch a glimpse of our adventures and tips on our YouTube channel at, join our Facebook family for the latest updates at, or see snapshots of our outdoor exploits on Instagram at

Here at Beyond The Tent, we have a great team – but we are more than a team; we’re a family that extends to our readers. We invite you to join our community, share your stories, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Embrace the call of the wild — let’s venture beyond the tent together.

Ryan Cunningham – Founder, Beyond The Tent

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Tina Hornsby

Monday 10th of February 2020

I really enjoyed your video on the $35. Coleman sleeping bag. We also used your information this past summer when our family went to the Olympic Peninsula. My daughter and I are making plans to do the OCT this summer and we have been looking at the gear we will need. One of the items is the small portable stove you are offering in your contest. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your posts and all you do. Tina Hornsby