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Winter Camping

Winter camping is a completely different experience than summer camping. It presents new challenges, and brings new excitement and joy to people willing to give this hobby a try.

The challenge and fun of experiencing the outdoors in a whole new way in winter is one that every camper should try at some point.

Unzipped tent looking out to snow and a bonfire while winter camping
Camp by the lake with campfire in winter at dusk

However, winter camping also presents a new set of dangers if you’re not prepared. Making sure you re warm and have the ability to get out safely if the unexpected happen are extremely important.

On this page, we’ve rounded up all our best winter camping guides all in one place so you can take in everything you want winter camping related.

Winter Camping How Tos

If you’re looking to learn and gather as much information about winter camping as possible, this is where you should start.

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Camping

This post covers everything you need to know to get started winter camping. From things like what clothing to pack, making camp, starting a campfire, staying warm, dealing with bad weather and more.

How To Insulate A Tent For Winter Camping

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a high end 4 season tent, this post will show you how to insulate your tent for cold weather camping.

Winter Backpacking: How to Have a Enjoyable Trek in the Snow

This post covers winter backpacking gear, laying clothing, planning your trip, and dealing with emergencies.

Hammock Camping in Winter (Yes, It Can Be Done!)

Believe it or not, hammock camping is also something you can enjoy in winter.

How To Stay Warm Car Camping

Car camping is camping where you can drive your car straight into your campsite. This is the perfect type of camping to start with if you are new to winter camping.

How to Stay Warm Camping in a Tent

Beyond insulating your tent, there are multiple different ways to keep warm in your tent and stay safe.

Essential Winter Camping Gear

Below, we’ve put together a checklist of some of the most essential winter camping gear to stay safe and warm.

The Best Winter Camping Gear Posts

Check out the posts below for even more of the best winter camping gear.

The Best Winter Camping Gear for Cold Weather

This post covers the basic winter camping gear that you will need to get started winter camping.

The Best Winter Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather Camping

Possibly even more important than a great 4 season tent is a proper winter sleeping bag. Here are our picks for the best cold weather sleeping bags.

The Best Winter Tents for Cold Weather Camping

Finding a good 4 season tent is essential to a successful winter camping trip. Here are our favorite winter camping tents.

The Best RV Heaters for Winter Camping in 2022

If you’re wanting to go RV camping in the winter, here are some of the best options for RV heaters to help keep your RV warm.

The 9 Best Snowshoes for Winter Hiking in 2022

Winter hiking can be beautiful and a great cardio exercise. Here are our picks for the best showshoes for winter hiking.

The Best Winter Hiking Boots For 2022

You can’t go winter hiking without a great pair of winter hiking boots that keep your feet warm and comfortable.

The Best Tent Heaters for Winter Camping in 2022

Keeping your tent warm without putting yourself in danger is essential to winter camping.

The 9 Best Cross-Country Skis for 2022

The Best Places To Go Winter Camping

We have started to put together some of the best places to go winter camping in each state. Make sure to check back often as we keep updating our list to income more destinations in more states.

15 Amazing Places To Go Winter Camping In California

7 Stunning Destinations for Winter Camping in New Jersey

23 Beautiful Destinations for Winter Camping in Michigan

The 21 Best Places To Enjoy Some Wisconsin Winter Camping

14 Beautiful Places for Winter Camping In Illinois

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