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Meet the Team

Beyond The Tent is more than just a series of posts; it’s a journey through the tapestry of the great outdoors, woven with the threads of our personal experiences and the collective wisdom of our community.

Since its inception in 2013, Beyond The Tent has expanded its horizons, inviting a diverse group of writers and outdoor experts who share a common love for the wilderness.

Our team is a mosaic of adventurers, each with unique tales and insights to guide you through your own outdoor escapades. From the high-altitude challenges of Colorado’s peaks to the tranquil waters of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, our authors bring a wealth of knowledge, tips, and tales that resonate with both novices and seasoned explorers. Through vivid storytelling and hands-on advice, we strive to be your trusted companions on every excursion.

Join us in this adventure; let’s discover what lies beyond the tent, together.

Meet the Team 1

Ryan & Kelly Cunningham

Co-founders of Beyond The Tent and partners in life, Ryan and Kelly Cunningham are the quintessential outdoor duo, weaving their love for nature into a rich tapestry of camping wisdom and family adventure. Ryan brings to the table a lifetime of wilderness explorations and a penchant for storytelling. Kelly, the heartbeat of the blog and a mother to their seven children, matches his zeal with her own profound expertise in family camping and an intimate knowledge of Minnesota’s state parks and the beloved Boundary Waters. Together, they have created a community where both beginners and seasoned trekkers can share in the collective experience of discovering the joy and wonder of life beyond the tent.

Meet the Team 2

Cassidy Eubanks

Cassidy is a proud Michigander, an avid reader, and a writer for Beyond the Tent. Her bachelor’s in Creative Writing has fueled her love of storytelling in all its forms…including campfire stories!

With many years of both tent camping and RV camping under her belt, the ability to roll her ankle multiple times without actually spraining it while hiking, and a foolproof method for making the perfect s’more, Cassidy loves sharing different tips, tricks, and tools on Beyond the Tent to make your camping trip as simple and stress-free as possible.

Meet the Team 3

Jake Walnut

Since 2015, Jake has been the technical heart behind our in-depth content. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, he’s the one you’ll find crafting extensive gear reviews and detailed camping guides. With a decade of outdoor writing under his belt, Jake brings the beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains and his beloved Cascade and Olympic ranges right to your screen.

Meet the Team 4

Liv Headley

After years of camping in the Canadian wilderness and finishing her Bachelor of Communication Studies, Liv has brought her passions together writing for Beyond the Tent.

Armed with stories under open skies, at from the tops of mountains, when it comes to picking the right camping spots, packing the best gear, and cooking the most delicious food, Liv’s got the expertise to make planning your trip easy!

Meet the Team 5

Melissa Goins

Melissa Goins is a lifelong resident of Indiana and currently resides on a 15-acre homestead with her family where she has lived full-time stationary in a 2000 Travel Supreme fifth wheel for the past two years.

Melissa has learned a lot about living full-time in an RV over the past two years and loves sharing tips and tricks with others. From staying cool in the summer to preparing for winter, to cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 12 in an RV, there’s so much to learn, enjoy, and share!

She has always loved traveling and in 2000 she and her husband purchased a fully self-contained semi truck and hit the road with their two kids, visiting all 48 contiguous United States and learning about our amazing country along the way.

Meet the Team 6

Renee Dugan

A Midwest girl born and raised, Renee has always enjoyed the deep, life-giving inspiration that connection with nature brings.

In addition to channeling the awe of outdoor life into her prolific novel-writing career, she currently enjoys sharing it with her son and spreading knowledge of safe, fun outdoor life with Beyond the Tent readers and anyone she can help face-to-face.

Meet the Team 7

Jim Thompson

Jim grew up tent camping with his family, and was introduced to backpacking with the Boy Scouts. He attended a military college, where he was introduced to rappelling, an outdoor activity which he has not pursued!

Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Georgia, and spent 35 years as a newspaper writer and editor before become a writer for Beyond the Tent.

Meet the Team 8

Nicole Kinkade

Nicole grew up in campgrounds in the Midwest with her family in their RV and has many fond memories around the campfire. She and her husband took many tent camping trips at the beginning of their relationship, and she looks forward to sharing the outdoors with her young son as he gets older.

With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Media Communication, she is a passionate writer who loves discovering new camping techniques and sharing them with the world.

Meet the Team 9

Brittany Tedford

With a bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English and a master’s in the same discipline, Brittany is passionate about learning how to live off the land for camping trips, which is why she loves writing for Beyond The Tent. From the best camping gear to camping survival tips and tricks, to finding the perfect campground, there is so much information to share with others!

Brittany currently lives in a small town in Northern Mississippi with her two children Anna and Eli, and her two cats Salem and Leo.

Meet the Team 10

Stephanie Lamberth

Stephanie has enjoyed and learned a ton on the camping trips she’s taken and has a unique perspective as the child of full-time RVers. With firsthand exposure to the RV lifestyle, Stephanie has insight into the comforts and challenges it can bring.

Stephanie can help bridge the gap between rookie samper and seasoned outdoorsman to help you make the most of your own camping adventures!

She currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and three children.

Meet the Team 11

Leah Wingenroth

Leah is a writer, editor, and content manager with a master’s degree in English. Naturally, she is passionate about all things writing and learning.

She is proud to call North Carolina (specifically, the Outer Banks) home and loves exploring the state’s stunning coastline, sprawling Blue Ridge, and everything in between.

Meet the Team 12

Jalin Coblentz

Jalin Coblentz was born and raised in the hills of northeast Ohio, where he grew up camping with friends and family. Jalin started tent camping at an early age and has done a number of weekend trips into the woods with nothing but food, water, his sleeping bag, and a tent.

Currently, Jalin is a full-time RVer who travels from campground to campground with his wife and their standard-size Goldendoodle Harper.

Meet the Team 13

Ashley Morales

Ashley has been camping and nurturing a love for nature since childhood. Sharing her knowledge is just one of the many ways that she likes to encourage others to enjoy the outdoors. Waterfronts are always her favorite places to camp or relax, no matter the time of year!

With a bachelor’s degree in history and several years of professional writing experience, Ashley Morales believes there’s a story in everything. It’s her passion to tell each one that she can.

Meet the Team 14

Aaron Leeper

Aaron is an avid camper, hiker, and outdoorsmen. Having spent over two decades honing the skills, Aaron has done it all from bushwhacking to guided climbs and everything in-between. With a bachelors from Skidmore College in New York, Aaron has long focused on writing as a passion and loves to write about his favorite outdoor hobbies

Meet the Team 15

Sadie Teh

Sadie grew up camping and hiking with her family and enjoys passing those traditions down to her own kids. Her favorite hikes almost always include a waterfall and she loves the smell of the outdoors after a rain.

Sadie lives near Nashville Tennessee and likes to spend her free time exploring the many caves and waterfalls in and around her beautiful state.