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Since roughly 2010, hammocking and hammock camping have seen massive growth in popularity.

I personally only thought of hammocks as a way to lounge in the back yard, I had no idea that hammock camping could be so comfortable, lightweight, and become one of my favorite ways to enjoy camping.

Hammocking over a lake

With new lightweight materials, rain flys, and increased competition, hammocking, and hammock camping have become mainstream and affordable.

With new lightweight stands, trees have even become optional!

On this page, you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about hammocking and hammock camping, from how to get started, how tos, what to buy, and where to go.

What Is Hammocking & Hammock Camping

Hammocking and hammock camping are two different, yet similar activities.

Hammocking simply refers to the act of setting up your hammock wherever you choose and enjoying some nice relaxation time.

Hammock camping takes the activity a step further and allows you to enjoy the entire camping experience in a hammock. Typically, camping hammocks are lightweight and surprisingly sufficient for camping.

Intro To Hammocking

Hammocking in a forest

If you’re new to hammocks, this is the place to start. We’ve got beginner’s guide to hammocking and hammock camping, how to stay dry in the rain, health benefits of hammock sleeping and even how to enjoy hammocking in the winter!

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Hammock Camping

This post covers everything you’ll want to know if you’re completely new to hammock camping. We cover staying safe, choosing the right trees and locations, buying your first hammock, accessories and more.

The Complete Guide to Hammocking

If you’re more into hammocking without the actual camping part, then our complete guide to hammocking is probably the best place for you to start.

Hammock Camping in the Rain: How to Stay Warm and Dry

Rain is inevitable no matter what type of camping you’re doing, you always need to be ready for it. Here’s everything you need to know to stay warm and dry when hammock camping.

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Sleeping In A Hammock

Did you know there are actually health benefits to sleeping in a hammock?

Hammock Camping in Winter (Yes, It Can Be Done!)

I was skeptical at first too, until I tried it. Hammock camping in the winter can be amazing.

Hammock How-Tos

Here you’ll find different hammock how-to resources.

How To Wash A Hammock: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to properly wash your hammock without causing any damage.

How to Hang a Hammock for Camping or Indoors

If you’ve been wanting to enjoy your hammock indoors, then this guide on how to hang your hammock indoors is for you.

How To Tie A Hammock With Or Without Trees

With or without trees, there is always a way to set up your hammock. This post covers the different ways to set up your hammock.

Hammock Buying Guides

In these guides, we break down all the different types of hammocks and our picks for the absolute best hammocks in each category.

Hammock Reviews

Here, you’ll find all the different reviews of hammocks that we’ve done at the Beyond The Tent. Some are video reviews and some are blog posts.

Haven Lay-Flat Hammock

The Haven Lay Flat Hammock is currently one of our favorite hammock camping set ups. Check out why in the video below.

One Wind Double Hammock Review

The One Wind Double Hammock is actually one of my go to camping and lounging hammocks. It’s one of my favorite hammocks I own.

One Wind Chill Out Hammock

Very similar to the One Wind Double Hammock, another of my favs.

Owly Packs Hammock Tent Hybrid Review

This hammock has great potential but comes up short in a few areas. Also, the makers of the hammock did not like my review and tried to get me to change it, this always makes me skeptical of other reviews out there and makes me wonder if they’ve been influenced at all.

Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe Asym Zip Review

Hennessy Hammocks has been making hammocks longer than I knew hammock camping was a thing. They still have some of the best camping hammocks out there.

ENO Double Hammock – Review

Probably the biggest name in hammocks today.

Mock ONE Folding Portable Hammock Review

Additional Hammock Gear

Here are some of our favorite hammock gear and accessories that we recommend.

The Complete Hammock Camping Gear Setup and Checklist

The 10 Best Hammock Pillows You Can Buy

The 12 Best Hammock Rain Flies To Keep Yourself Dry

The 10 Best Portable Hammock Stands

Hammock Camping Tips

Here are some of our tips to help you get even more enjoyment out of your hammock.

The 21 Best Hammock Camping Tips to Make Your Next Trip Unforgettable!

The 4 Best Hammock Shops: Where To Buy a Hammock Online

Hammock Buying Options

Where To Hang Your Hammock

21 Of The Best Hammocking Spots in the US

Here are our picks for the 21 best hammocking spots across the US.

Best State Camping Destinations

We’ve covered some of the best places to go camping in every state across the US. Check out this resource page to find great camping destination near you perfect for setting-up your hammock.

National Park Camping Guides

The US has 84 million acres of amazing national parks, many of which are perfect for an afternoon of hammocking or even some great hammock camping.

More Hammock Content

15 of the Best Dog Hammocks for Your Pooch to Snooze In

Wrapping Up Hammocking and Hammock Camping

Hopefully you’ve found this resource page useful and are planning out your own hammocking adventure.

Make sure to check out our Youtube Channel for more camping content!