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The 5 Best Kids Hammocks for Your Little Ones

Looking for a sleeping option for your younger campers that will help regulate their energy levels, keep them off the damp, hard ground, and make the camping experience even more unique and exciting for them and fun for everyone involved?

A kids hammock will do all that and more! Rapidly growing in popularity for campers of all kinds, this is an attractive option for the whole family. You know it’s important to choose the best kids hammock that fits your and your kiddo’s needs, and our guide to picking the best kids hammock is here to help you do just that. Read on to learn more about the appeal of hammock camping for kids, and which are the best hammocks for kids out there!

Why Hammock Camping Is a Great Option With Kids

Best Kids Hammock

Most parents can agree: regardless of your kiddo’s temperament, whether chill or active, to some extent they frequently want to be on the move! Getting them to hunker down in the confines of a sleeping bag on the ground, or to stay still on an air mattress or tent pad, can lead to wiggling, discomfort, and complaints, which leads to a bad time all around.

That’s what makes hammock camping a fantastic option for families with kids. Hammocks provide just enough motion to help regulate those maturing nervous systems, which can aid in getting little ones of all ages off to sleep even in the unfamiliar and often incredibly stimulating environment of a new campground or backcountry camping location.

But, as one could expect, a suspended, swaying cocoon for active little bodies can come with its own set of challenges. Choosing a durable, stable hammock is a must; you want this investment to last for a good long while, and you want something that’s going to meet every need for safety, good sleep, and resilience in whatever location you lay down your tent stakes or build your shelter.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best hammocks for kids you can find on the market today!

Best Hammocks for Kids on the Market

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Wise Owl Outfitters Owlet Kids Hammock – Best Kids Hammock According to Reviewers

Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock

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as of July 12, 2024 7:47 pm

About this Hammock: A top pick across the board for best kids hammock, Wise Owl Outfitters’ Owlet Kids Hammock boasts several hundred 5 star reviews on Amazon and will crop up on almost any list you look at for the best hammocks for kids! The Wise Owl Outfitters brand is well known for its excellently made and affordable items, and this particular hammock comes in three distinct color combinations: pink and lavender, kelly green and cobalt blue, and cloud blue and tangerine.

Price: $22.95

Parts and Assembly: The Owlet Kids Hammock is comprised of 120T parachute nylon material, which is a soft, comfortable substance that can stand up to a lot of heavy use without ever ripping or tearing. This makes it a fantastic option for even the most rough-and-tumble kiddos who might give it a good beating when climbing in and out! It also has a 500-pound weight capacity, so even if multiple kids decide to dogpile onto this hammock, it will hold its own!

The Owlet Kids Hammock also comes with heavy-duty D-shape carabiners attached at both ends and two 9 foot ropes to string the hammock up. With the tying of a good, sturdy knot, this hammock is easy to string up between a pair of trees in just a few minutes.

Pros: This hammock is a great option for campers on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice safety and quality where their kiddo’s sleeping arrangements are concerned. The Owlet Hammock is also quite durable thanks to its sturdy materials and great craftsmanship, making it a long-lasting option; in addition, it’s easy to pack along even in a tight fit, as it’s very lightweight (about 13 ounces) and compresses down from its 6-foot length and 3.5-foot width into a ball about the size of an orange.

The Wise Owl company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products and provides notable customer support should any problems arise with the hammock.

Cons: Due to their thin design, the Owlet Kids Hammock’s ropes can be rough on trees and have been known to slice into the bark, which can pose danger to the trees in the long run. Wider straps can be purchased separately for easier hanging and less risk to the trees, but while these straps are not terribly expensive, it is an additional cost to consider. Also, this hammock is only intended for children up to 12 years old.

Kammok Roo Jr. – Best Kids Hammock For Backpacking


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as of July 12, 2024 7:47 pm

About this Hammock: Created by Kammok, which is one of the best-loved and most respected hammock manufacturers of the modern day, the Kammok Roo Jr. is a great option for kiddos of all ages! It comes highly reviewed on Amazon and is available in three solid color options: sky blue, ember orange, and violet purple.

Price: $49.00 (Note: This does not include the cost of hanging straps or rope, which must be purchased separately).

Parts and Assembly: Considerably lighter than many of its contemporaries, the Kammok Roo Jr. makes a fantastic option for backpacking campers. Weighing in at a scant 8.7 ounces but with a holding capacity of up to 400 pounds, and with a length of 7 feet and a width of 4.2 feet packing down to just 3.25 by 4.75 inches, this hammock is a perfect option for young backpackers to carry for themselves, and is guaranteed to serve them for a long time!

The Kammok Roo Jr. is crafted of the Kammok brand’s GravitasX 40D diamond nylon ripstop fabric. As the name suggests, this is a tear-resistant, as well as water-repellant, material that’s ideal for camping in any weather and is easy to clean if you encounter some messy or muddy camping conditions!

The Kammok Roo Jr. can be strapped or strung easily to most trees; however, straps for this particular hammock are sold separately.

Pros: The Kammok Roo Jr. is a great option for campers who need a lightweight, durable hammock that is slightly longer (and can therefore continue to accommodate kiddos as they grow up) without sacrificing any sturdiness in the product itself. The Kammok Roo Jr. also offers 8 gear straps around the edges of the hammock, which makes for great storage of backpacks, water bottles, flashlights, or anything else your little one might want close at hand.

Last but not least, Kammok offers a lifetime warranty on the Kammok Roo Jr., so if anything should happen to render it nonfunctioning over time, or if it proves defective, it can be replaced easily.

Cons: This is a slightly pricier option, which may make it a less than ideal pick for campers on a budget or those buying hammocks for multiple kiddos at the same time. The Kammok Roo Jr. also does not come with straps included, so you will incur the additional expense of buying a pair yourself. Kammok does offer a few options themselves, including some 10 and 15-foot straps that are gentle on trees.

Browint Kids Hammock – Best Kids Hammock for the Aesthetic

Browint Nylon Hammock

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About this Hammock: Browint is another lesser-known brand, this one selling through Amazon only and with few reviews (though largely positive), but their claim to fame for kids hammocks is one that most parents can likely appreciate: they have a fun variety of patterns! This may matter more to some than others, but for parents with kiddos who are particular about the look of their stuff, Browint has offered several patterns over time, including sports, nautical, nature, Caribbean, fruit, and Princess Garden. In terms of appearance, these are definitely one of the best hammocks for kids you can find!

Price: $33.99

Parts and Assembly: Browint Kids Hammocks are made of 210T parachute nylon with triple stitching reinforcement and include 2 straps that are each 6′ 7″ long. The hammock weighs in at just a little over 19 ounces and is rated to hold up to 500 pounds. It’s also one of the largest hammocks on the list, at over 9 feet long and over 4 ½ feet wide.

Assembly is fairly standard and straightforward, with the noted bonus that the hammock’s straps each have 6 loops on the end, which allows you to comfortably adjust to your desired height.

Pros: The Browint Kids Hammock is a perfect option for families with kiddos who are particular with patterns and designs. Due to its size, it’s also a hammock your kiddo can get plenty of use out of, as it’s roughly the size of a standard adult hammock and they can continue to make use of it until they outgrow the fun design, rather than aging or sizing out of it over time. Browint also offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

Cons: This is another lesser-known company and the kids’ hammock has yet to accumulate as many reviews, so unfortunately there is some risk involved with selecting this option as it may have quirks or defects not previously noted by consumers.

More Options for Best Kids Hammock

Hennessy Hammock Cub – Best Kids Hammock For Wet & Buggy Camping

About this Hammock: The Hennessy Hammock Cub is the priciest option on our list, but for good reason! Hennessy Hammock brand is famous for crafting the absolute best, sturdiest survivalist-type gear on the market, as well as the comfiest camping hammock that allows you to stretch out diagonally for maximum relaxation and optimal rest. They’ve certainly earned their spot as one of the best hammocks for kids, and you’re absolutely getting what you pay for-as the reviews reflect! Hennessey Hammock Cubs come in standard hunter green with black trim.

Price: $79.95

Parts and Assembly: At 9 feet long and nearly 5 feet wide, and packing down to 9 inches by 7 inches by 4 inches, the Hennessy Hammock Cub does take up some space! It’s rated to hold up to 120 pounds and is recommended for kids up to 5 ½ feet tall. The hammock is crafted of 70d nylon taffeta fabric, with a rainfly made of 70d polyurethane coated polyester ripstop and mosquito mesh that’s 30d polyester no-see-um netting.

Assembly is fairly straightforward, as the hammock comes with suspending support ropes and webbing straps. If you’re concerned about the ropes’ impact on trees, Hennessey also offers Tree Hugger straps, which are wider and gentler on tree bark.

Pros: Besides its comfortable asymmetrical shape and structural ridgeline, both designed to offer maximum comfort and support particularly for the back and knees, the Hennessy Hammock Cub also comes with attached mesh nets for optimal protection against insects, and detachable rainflies to help keep little campers dry. This hammock both stretches well and yet still retains its original shape, making it an ideal seasonal hammock that won’t warp when tucked away for long periods of time. Hennessey also offers a great one-year warranty on any defects found in their products.

Cons: In addition to being the most expensive pick on this list by a small margin, the Hennessey Hammock Cub is also the heaviest, thanks to the inclusion of the mesh net and rainfly. Altogether, it weighs in at a little over 2 pounds. The hammock straps are also on the short side at 3 ½ feet, which doesn’t provide many options in choosing where to hang it based on the spacing between trees or tent poles.

Shop for Hennessy Hammock Cubs Here!

Darod Kids Hammock – Best Kids Hammock on a Budget

About this Hammock: A less familiar brand on the market, Darod has nevertheless made a name for themselves due to a generally high rating on Amazon (over 80 reviews with an average of 4 ½ stars) and because they’re an incredibly budget-friendly option! The Darod Kids Hammock comes in a single color option of light blue with gray trim.

Price: $19.97

Parts and Assembly: The Darod Kids Hammock is made of 210T nylon and is a midweight hammock weighing in at 22 ounces and rated for up to 400 pounds; it’s 6 feet long and almost 4 feet wide, and comes from the box ready to use, with straps included that have 16 loops total, 8 on each.

This hammock has been noted for easy and quick setup.

Pros: This is a great budget-friendly option, as well as a fantastic pick for parents and kiddos who are new to hammock camping, as this hammock comes straight from the box with straps included, ready to use. Darod also offers a 5-year customer satisfaction warranty on the kids’ hammock.

Cons: Darod is a lesser-known company that seems to exist only through selling on Amazon; so despite the 5-year satisfaction warranty, unfortunately there is some risk with going this route, as any defects or breakdown over time may simply leave you out the cost of the hammock.

Shop For Darod Kids Hammocks Here!

Final Thoughts on the Best Hammocks for Kids

Best hammocks for kids

We hope this guide has helped you feel prepared to choose the best kids hammock for your camping style and your kiddo’s individual needs! Do you have a hammock favorite from this list? One that you’re eager to try out for the first time? Or maybe even one that’s not listed among our picks for the best kids hammock? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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