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One Wind Double Hammock Review

Recently, I had the chance to try out the One Wind Double Hammock.

More specifically, I tested their 11’ XL Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net. I spent an afternoon setting the hammock up, relaxing in it, and getting familiar with its different components, including the built-in mosquito net.

Here is my full breakdown of what to expect from the One Wind XL Double Hammock – plus who I think it’s best suited for.

Quick Overview

The One Wind Double Hammock is your basic run-of-the-mill camping hammock with a few unique features that help it stand out from the pack.

It comes with almost everything you need for camping, including a stuff sack, ridgeline, overhead organizer, bug net, suspension straps, and the hammock itself.

One notable omission is a rainfly. Although not explicitly necessary, a tarp of some sort is certainly important for camping and backpacking. You can buy a few different models of One Wind hammock tarps and rainflies separately.

The lack of a tarp or rainfly is the one factor that prevents this hammock from being camping-ready right out of the box.

As a double hammock, it has room enough for two adults. However, I’ve never personally found it comfortable sleeping in a hammock with another person (every little movement wakes the other up and you tend to roll together), although relaxing in one during the day with someone else can be nice.

The additional space, however, is super nice when using it alone. Not only does the extra fabric give you more room to stretch out, you can also wrap up in the extra fabric for the ultimate in coziness.  

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Pros and Cons of the One Wind Double Hammock

Ryan in the Onewind Double Hammock

There’s a lot to love about the One Wind Double Hammock. But, like most camping gear, there are also a few potential negatives to keep in mind.


Here’s what I like most about the One Wind Double Hammock:

  • Spacious – At 68 inches wide, this is a double hammock designed for two people to use at once. It’s awesomely comfortable and spacious when using it solo.
  • Bottom Entry Bug Net – This is one of the best hammock bug nets I’ve used in terms of ease of entry.
  • Easy to Set Up – After a short learning curve, this hammock is super easy to set up in well under 5 minutes.
  • Long, Easy-to-Use Straps – The straps are long and easy to use, so you can hang your hammock just about anywhere with trees.
  • Lots of Features – A bunch of special features, like a gear stash bag and lantern hook, top off an all-around quality product.

Best of all, this double hammock is super affordable, especially considering that it comes out of the box with straps and a bug net.


Here are a few areas where I think the One Wind Double Hammock can use some improvement:

  • Heavy & Bulky – This isn’t the best option for backpacking. It’s a better choice for car camping due to its weight and bulkiness (though I wouldn’t call it overly big!)
  • Doesn’t Include Rainfly – Since this hammock is made for camping and even comes with a bug net, I’d love for it to also come with a rainfly or tarp (One Wind does sell rainflies separately).
  • Small Stuff Sack – It’s quite hard to fit everything inside the stuff sack, especially the hammock straps, although it’s possible with a bit of work.

Although these disadvantages are certainly worth considering, they certainly aren’t a reason to avoid this double hammock altogether if it otherwise appeals to you.

My Experience with the One Wind Double Hammock

Onewind Against The Tree

I first tested out the One Wind Double Hammock at my local park. Here are a few of my initial thoughts and first impressions.

Setting It Up

What immediately stood out was just how easy it was to hang the hammock with the included suspension straps.

Suspension Straps

It was likewise easy to adjust the hang height/angle by pulling the straps through the metal latches/hooks as well as to adjust the ridgeline tension with the rope loops.

A little more complicated was figuring out how to set up the mosquito net, enter the hammock through the mosquito net opening, and then cinch the mosquito net opening closed to keep bugs out.

One Wind Double Hammock Review 1
The underside of the mosquito net cinched up.

After a few minutes of fiddling around, however, proper usage became clear and I realized that using this hammock is quite intuitive.

Initial unpacking and setup (aided by the provided instructions) took over 15 minutes, but subsequent setups have taken between 3 and 5 minutes at most.

What I Noticed Right Away

The body of the One Wind Double Hammock is quite heavy.

Part of this can be attributed to its size (it is a two-person hammock, after all), but I think it’s also due to the hammock’s affordable price tag.

The added weight (not only of the hammock, but the straps and bug net as well) mean it isn’t the best option for backpacking, but doesn’t really matter much for camping near a car.

The benefit of the extra weight is that the hammock does seem quite durable. The fabric itself is robust and the stitching is on point, so I imagine this hammock can stand up to a lot of outdoor wear and tear.

Even the bug net seems super durable and well made. Of course, you should treat the hammock with care while setting it up, but I don’t think you need to worry about rips or tears during normal use.

Other Things I Noticed

The 12-foot hammock straps utilize a whoopie sling system.

The straps are very strong but they are a little confusing to use at first due to the metal buckle/latch that functions quite a bit differently than most hammock suspension systems.

Gear Pouch
Gear pouch inside of the mosquito netting.

Other highlights include the ridgeline organizer to stash small essential items (like your wallet, phone, and keys) close at hand plus a built-in lantern hook.

Overall First Impression

Isaiah In the Hammock
My son enjoying the hammock.

I’ve been incredibly happy with the One Wind Double Hammock so far. So much in fact that I am planning on getting their underquilt, top quilt, and their hammock screen house to have their full camping setup.

Although I’m not sure about the company’s history or background (it seems like a made-for-Amazon brand), the hammock itself has proven worthy in my eyes.

There are far better camping hammocks available – especially if you’re looking for a lightweight hammock for backpacking – but the One Wind hammock is certainly a great value considering its very affordable price.

Features of the One Wind Double Hammock

Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at how the One Wind Double Hammock performs in the field.

Ease of Use

Like most hammocks, this one is a bit difficult to set up the first time.

Luckily, it does come with detailed instructions and is really quite intuitive. After about 15 minutes, I had it all set up and figured out. Subsequent setups take less than 5 minutes at the most (now that I’ve set it up a good 10 times, it takes about 2 minutes).

OneWind Hammock Bug Net

The detachable bug net is perhaps the most intuitive and smartest part of the design. BYou simply slide it down the ridgeline and over the hammock before tightening down the ends.

The bug net has a spacious entryway that you step into to get into the hammock. You then cinch down this opening to keep bugs out.  

Just make sure that you really cinch the bug net opening down tight. Failure to do so renders the bug net mostly useless. If you’re anything like me, you definitely want to keep the mosquitos and other creepy crawlies out at night!


The One Wind Double Hammock clocks in at right around 2.6 pounds.

This includes not only the hammock itself, but also the straps, ridgeline, bug net, and stuff sack – basically, everything the package comes with stored in the stuff sack.

This certainly isn’t all that heavy for a camping hammock – but it’s definitely not particularly lightweight either.

Also, important to note is that the One Wind Double Hammock doesn’t come with a rainfly or tarp of any sort. You can (and should) buy a rainfly separately. Just know that’s going to add even more weight to the total packed weight.

For backpackers, especially those with an ultralight bent, there are far lighter options available if you’re willing to spend more.

For hammock camping beginners that plan to stick near the car, the extra weight isn’t a big deal at all.

Packed Size

The stuff sack for this hammock is pretty nifty.

It features a double-ended design and actually stays on the hammock straps when the hammock is fully set up so you don’t lose it.

That said, the stuff sack is barely big enough to fit the hammock and all the accessories. It’s a bit of a challenge to fit everything inside (although it’s certainly possible).

My main gripe here is that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to fit the hammock and all of its accessories inside the stuff sack if you add a rainfly into the mix.

As far as packed size goes, the stuff sack packs down to about 5.9 inches by 11 inches, which isn’t horrible at all.


I’ve only had this double hammock for a few weeks now.

Upon close inspection, I can’t see a single thing that makes me concerned about durability issues. There are no stitching issues and all the materials used seem rugged.

I plan to update this review in the future after the hammock is more well used.


Comfort is the area where the One Wind Double Hammock really shines.

The hexagonal ripstop fabric is super comfortable to lay back in. It’s also surprisingly breathable, especially considering it’s a bit heavier than other camping hammocks.

But the hammock’s size is what really makes it so comfortable.

As a double hammock, it has more than enough room for two people to use at once. Personally, I’ve never found sharing a hammock (especially during the night) very comfortable, but the extra size makes this hammock super cozy when used alone.

The large size makes it easy to achieve a diagonal lay which leads to a much better night’s sleep than a banana-shaped lay. You can even pull up the excess fabric to form a sort of cocoon – very comfortable!

The included hammock straps are darn good quality and plenty long. They make it easy to hang this hammock, even if the trees aren’t perfectly distanced.

Why Choose a Double Hammock?

A double hammock is great if you prefer more comfort over less weight.

If you’re not a backpacker or otherwise demand an ultralight hammock, then a double hammock is a great choice to maximize comfort.

Although I don’t recommend sleeping in a hammock with someone else (two hammocks hung close together is a better bet), this one does have more enough room to share.

Alternatives to the One Wind Double Hammock

There are a lot of quality alternatives to the One Wind Double Hammock.

Probably the most popular is the ENO DoubleNest. In fact, this is one of the most popular camping hammocks available now.

I think the ENO is superior to the One Wind in terms of durability and overall quality, but the One Wind is certainly a more affordable option (especially since the DoubleNest doesn’t come with straps, a bug net, or any other accessories).

If you’re specifically looking for a hammock for backpacking, the Hennessy Explorer Deluxe is a great bet. Unlike the One Wind, it comes with a rainfly out of the box.

Another hammock that I’ve recently tested is the Owly Packs Hammock Tent Hybrid. It’s super unique design lets you use it as a hammock tent between two trees or as a traditional tent on the ground when trees aren’t available.

Check out our list of the best camping hammocks for even more recommendations.

Is the One Wind Double Hammock Right for You?

The One Wind Double Hammock is a great choice for campers on a budget.

It’s the perfect hammock for chilling in with another person. It’s also super comfortable to sleep in alone at night.

The hammock has a lot of special features like a gear stash bag and lantern clip. These don’t necessarily increase performance but are a nice touch.

I love that this One Wind hammock comes with a bug net. The bottom entry is a cool design that makes getting into and out of the hammock a breeze.

Finally, the quality cinch-buckle straps are a unique take on hammock suspension. They’re easy to use and super strong.

I recommend the One Wind Double Hammock for those that stick close to the car while camping (rather than backpacking) and want a hammock that’s super comfortable to sleep in overnight.

Final Verdict

The One Wind Double Hammock takes a bit of time to figure out how to set up, but after a small learning curve, you’ll be able to set it up in less than five minutes.

Once set up, the hammock is comfortable to relax or sleep in (although it’s not the most comfortable hammock I’ve ever slept in). All of the features, including the bug net, are fairly intuitive to use.

As mentioned above, I’d like it if One Wind came with a rainfly or tarp right out of the box, since it’s marketed as an all-in-one camping hammock. That said, a variety of different tarps and rainflies are sold separately.   

I’m excited to use the XL Double Hammock on future camping and backpacking trips. I’ll update this review accordingly, especially related to long-term durability and weatherproofing.

And, don’t forget to check out our list of the best hammock camping tips for even more hammock camping advice!