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ENO Double Hammock – Review

Are you looking for a way to kick back and hang out?


This year I was lucky to get my hands on the new Double Nest ENOHammock for our backyard and camping adventures.


Our backyard has one tree dead center in the yard. I really wanted to be able to use it in our back because the kids will play all afternoon in the yard and I thought I could relax in the shade while keeping a close eye on them. It wasn’t until my husband came up with the brillent idea to hook one end on the tree and the other on the fence. We gave it a shot…turns out the fence wasn’t strong enough to manage that kind of weight. He then looked around us, after a bit he had a light bulb over his head. I could tell his next idea was going to be a winner. One end on the tree and the other on the deck.

It Works!


Now, I am really ready for lazy summer days! It has been so nice and everyone in the whole family is enjoying the hammock. We got the double, but it truly fits more than two of us. The weight that it holds says 400 pounds, so we are good for awhile.


Camping with the ENO is Fun!

The ENO hammock packs up into a small bag and is super easy to take along on all our trips. In fact, we have had it with us on almost all of our trips though we haven’t been able to always use it because of the crazy rain we have had… every time we go camping! This past weekend we had more days with sun than those without sun. My favorite campfire spot was in the ENO hammock with a kid or two! We also have the twilights that hang above our hammock. They are a nice touch to the campsite when evening is upon us. The extra nice part about the lights are they run off batteries. I always have a few in the camper just in case a DS goes out on one of the kids.


If you were to ask me if I think you should get an ENO hammock to add to your yard or camping gear I would tell you it is a great piece to invest in for the summer. You can purchase the ENO Double Hammock from Amazon,or check out all ENO Hammocks here.


Friday 5th of July 2013

That looks like a great hammock! I've never heard of it, but I'm going to have to check it out for our family camping.