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The 12 Best Hammock Rain Flies To Keep Yourself Dry

Have you ever found yourself camping in the rain, wishing you had a solution to keep yourself dry? Would you enjoy falling asleep swaying to the sounds of the rain?

I’ve got the perfect solution to try on your next camping adventure! I’ve searched high and low to put together a great list of the best hammock rain flies to add to your hammock.

I encourage you to use this detailed guide to learn more details and tips on selecting the best hammock rain fly. Now you’re sure to stay dry regardless of the camping weather conditions!

The 12 Best Hammock Rain Flies To Keep Yourself Dry 1

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
ENO ProFly Hammock Rain Fly

Kammok Kuhli Pro Shelter

Budget Option
Wise Owl Outfitters Rain Fly Tarp

The 12 Best Hammock Rain Flies

1. ENO ProFly Hammock Rain Fly – BEST OVERALL

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Rain Tarp, Ultralight Hammock Accessory, Charcoal

The ENO ProFly Rain Fly is a perfect lightweight material, weighing only twenty-two ounces, making it light enough to store away for any hiking trip. In addition, the ENO ProFly features high-quality 210D ripstop nylon engineering to ensure you’ll stay safe and dry the whole night long!

The ENO ProFly has six different anchor parts, which help make sure this tarp stays. In addition, the rectangular shape of this rainfly will provide you with full-coverage protection.

2. Kammok Kuhli Pro Shelter – PREMIUM

The 12 Best Hammock Rain Flies To Keep Yourself Dry 2

I highly recommend the Kammok Kuhli Pro Shelter tarp. The Kammok Kuhli Pro is extremely tough, waterproof, well-designed, and suitable to use all year round!

You’ll find that the incredible Kammok Kuhli Pro is made from tarp-like rain-resistant fabric created using an Amphibiskin 15D diamond ripstop nylon type material. In addition, you experience maximum protection due to its PU-DWR and X-Silicone-coating and taped seams.

3. Wise Owl Outfitters Rain Fly Tarp – BEST BUDGET

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Tarp, Hammock Tent - Rain Tarp for Camping Hammock - Camping Gear Must Haves w/ Easy Set Up Including Tent Stakes and Carry Bag - Standard Grey

Don’t ever get caught in the rain again without the proper gear! Wise Owl has developed the Wisefly, which offers many different uses. For example, use your Wisefly as a tarp for extra shade while hiking, on a boat, during sporting events, and more.

The Wise Owl Rain Fly has an extensive design that’s highly waterproof, durable, and large enough to give you ultimate coverage. It’s constructed using durable ripstop nylon that can withstand all elements. Also included, you’ll receive aluminum stakes and high-tension cords for the most straightforward setup!

4. Hennessy Hammock Hex Rainfly

Hennessy Hammock - Hex Symetrical Rainfly - Rain Tarp (Coyote Brown)

The Hennessy Hex is a great choice and comes in a hexagonal shape measuring just shy of twelve by ten feet and works well for both hammock and tent camping! Due to this model’s larger size, you can use your rainfly to cover you all the way to the ground for the ultimate moisture protection.

The Hennessy Hammock Hex Rainfly is well-built using a PU-coated polyester ripstop and doubles to give you protection against the wind and rain. Because of the six anchor points included, you can either tie your rainfly to a tree or stake it into the ground.

5. ENO DryFly Hammock Rain Fly

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters DryFly Rain Tarp, Ultralight Hammock Accessory

ENO DryFly is the best compact hammock rain fly, providing fantastic ultimate weather coverage. It also features an eight-point anchor system with an easy no-knot setup.

You’ll find the Dryfly storm-resistant and with strong wind durability due to its heavy-duty ripstop nylon fabric with waterproof coating. This rainfly also includes six premium DAC Aluminum ground stakes to ensure it’s stable!

6. ENO HouseFly Hammock Rain Fly – PREMIUM

The 12 Best Hammock Rain Flies To Keep Yourself Dry 3

Next, ENO HouseFly will give you complete coverage protection for all seasons due to its overlapping doors and is one of the most trusted brands on the market!

Don’t be fooled by the ENO HouseFly’s small size; this ENO product gives you the best protection from all the elements due to its silnylon material. In addition, you’ll love its compact and lightweight size for easy storage and traveling.

7. ProVenture Hammock Tarp – BUDGET OPTION

Pro Venture [12ft Hex] Waterproof Hammock Rain Fly - Portable Large Camping Tarp - Premium Lightweight Ripstop Nylon Cover - Fast Set Up + Accessories - A Camping Gear Essential! 12 x 9 ft HEX Shape

The Pro Venture Hammock Tarp is also carefully made using polyurethane-treated diamond nylon and a 210D ripstop material, making it one of the best waterproof tarps available! And on top of that, it even comes with a two-year warranty. You’ll love its strength and durability, which will withstand the harshest weather conditions!

8. Gold Armour Rainfly Tarp – OVERSIZED

Gold Armour Rainfly Tarp Hammock, Premium 14.7ft/12ft/10ft/8ft Rain Fly Cover, Waterproof Ultralight Camping Shelter Canopy, Survival Equipment Gear Camping Tent Accessories (Black 10ft x 10ft)

Gold Armour is the best extra-large hammock tarp when you have to stick to a budget. The Gold Armour Rainfly Tarp is a little over fourteen by twelve feet in size, offering considerable coverage while still staying affordable. You’ll love the high quality and durability found in this variety!

Gold Armour will keep you safe and dry with unparalleled weather protection and water-shedding abilities. This tarp is best in value as you get the weatherproofing needed, and extra large-sized benefits. Gold Armour is also incredibly lightweight and versatile. Backpackers love this hammock tarp since it handles all their outdoor adventure needs!

9. Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp

Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp Waterproof Shelter

If you want the best, top-of-the-line choice, then go with the Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp. This pricey option is exceptionally lightweight and comes with a five-star rating!

Looking closer at the material used to develop a Sea to Summit, it features ultra-silnylon nano 15 denier fabric, deemed one of the lightest coated fabrics available! You’ll love the powerful weatherproof features and the small, compact size; it’s easy to throw in your backpack!

10. Hammock Gear Dyneema Fiber Standard Tarp with Doors

Dyneema Fiber Standard is a four-season tarp designed to be as light as possible without subtracting durability and also comes with many additional features like doors and ties. Not only that, but it also features two ridgeline tie-outs, eight perimeter tie-outs, and four-panel pullouts.

The Dyneema Tarp is made of a high-performance base non-woven fabric and is free of seam sealing. In addition, its featured doors, which help regulate temperatures, are perfect for camping during winter and inclement weather making it one of the best hammock rain flies.

11. Warbonnet Outdoors Superfly

The brand Warbonnet holds a strong reputation as one of the best cottage companies in the industry, thanks to their detailed handcrafted products. That’s why we know you’ll love the quality of the Warbonnet Outdoors Superfly.

The Superfly features permanent doors; you can fold the doors under during warm weather to let in light and fresh air, and then tie out the doors in cold and rainy conditions. In addition, the Superfly comes in various tarp sizes while remaining a lightweight hammock tarp. The two materials offered are solid and durable nylon-made rain flies and polyester rain flies, which are stretch-resistant and less absorbent.

12. Serac Ultralight Hammock Rain Fly

Last but not least on our list of the best hammock rain flies, check out the Serac Ultralight, which was voted the perfect waterproof tarp for camping, backpacking, and traveling light! You are sure to stay dry during the heavy rains and storms under this rain fly due to its durable materials.

You’ll find plenty of coverage due to the efficient design with six anchor points. In addition, the ripstop nylon material will give you protection from rain and lower temperatures. It’s also a way to get quality but not have to pay the cost of an ENO brand rain fly!

A Deeper Look: Hammocks with A Rain Fly

Best Hammock Rain Flies

What Is A Rainfly?

First, let’s talk about the true definition of a rainfly. A rainfly refers to an outer tarp layer strung up by ropes. This free-standing shelter is a tent without all four walls. You’ll find flies mainly used for keeping the moisture, such as condensation and rain, away during outdoor activities. Rain flies are usually very flexible and come in various shapes and sizes while remaining ultra-light and portable.

A rainfly will keep rain and moisture at bay, while mosquito nets keep you free of bugs and other annoying pests! Sometimes you’ll find hammocks with a rain fly and mosquito net included! What a deal!

Types of Rainfly Materials

The best hammock rain flies start with quality materials, easy setup, durability, and overall quality. First, we need to look at the different materials used to make a rain fly.


Silnylon is a synthetic fabric used to create lightweight outdoor gear. You’ll find silnylon made by incorporating thin woven nylon fabrics with liquid silicone on both sides. This procedure gives nylon additional strength and weight and substantially upgraded tear strength, making it highly waterproof!


Silpoly is a rain fly material similar to silnylon but instead uses polyester. You’ll see thin woven polyester incorporated on both sides with liquid silicone. This polyester is not only more pricey but gains additional waterproofing capabilities while keeping the material lightweight. The tarp-like material has less stretch than silnylon, but silpoly will pack down smaller and fit well in smaller spaces.


Ripstop fabric can be polyester or nylon-based but is often found as nylon-based. Ripstop is a way to reinforce the fabric to become more resistant to tearing and ripping. Usually, more potent and thicker yarns are combined in regular intervals during weaving, creating a crosshatch pattern.

This method will increase the fabric’s overall strength. You’ll find the designed weaves using tinier ultralight fibers. Usually, high-quality camping equipment will use ripstop to help reduce wear and tear on materials in direct contact with the wind or ground.


Next, spinnaker is a tarp material used for sails and constructed of lightweight fabric, usually nylon. It’s angled to streamline particular wind ranges because of the shapes of its panels and seams. Spinnaker gives off a kite or parachute vibe due to its construction, material type, and appearance.

Dyneema Composite Cuben Fiber

Dyneema Composite Fabric, also known as CTF3 or Cuban Fiber, is a high-performance composite material, never woven, but still provides excellent strength and lightweight features. Dyneema Composite Fabric is made from thin sheets of ultra-high weight polyethylene laminated between two polyester layers. Dyneema Composite gives fabric high strength and durability while maintaining extreme ultralight weight.

Polyurethane Tarpaulins

Finally, polyethylene tarpaulins are large sheets of water-resistant, cost-effective, strong, and flexible materials to provide extra moisture resistance. When made, canvas or polyester is coated with polyurethane or made of plastics such as polyethylene to give off more potent waterproofing capabilities.

Choosing the Best Hammock Rain Flies

Choosing the Best Hammock Rain Flies

When comparing different types of rain flies, please focus on the primary qualities such as materials used, the ease of setting it up, and portability features. The sizes and weights of rain flies are also essential qualities to consider, and the waterproofing capabilities and overall coverage of your hammock.

Make sure you select a durable and permeable rain fly so it can keep you warm and dry in all weather and climate conditions. Sometimes even the shape of rain fly can make a difference in how effective the product will be!


You’ll find rain flies and tarps in a variety of different shapes. However, the forms most commonly found in a rain fly are diamonds, rectangles, squares, and hexagons. When choosing which of the best hammock rain flies is truly best for you, pay attention to the amount of coverage you want to receive and think about which shape would best fit that scenario.

How Long Will My Hammock Tarp Last?

How much are you willing to invest and how well you’ve done your research will play a significant factor in the life of your hammock tarp or rain fly. Also, pay attention to the overall quality and durability and choose a rain fly that can handle the natural elements while keeping you dry and protected.

How Do I Set Up A Hammock Rain Fly?

Each rain fly will come with its own directions, so refer to those first. In general, rain flies are pretty straightforward to set up. Make sure you can set up your rain fly with ease. Choosing tarps with ridgelines for the most effortless setup is recommended. There will be multiple points to anchor your tarp securely.

Wrapping Up The Best Hammock Rain Flies

Wrapping Up The Best Hammock Rain Flies

Now that you’ve gone through this guide to the best hammock rain flies, you now possess the exact knowledge needed to track down the best hammock rain fly for you! In addition, you’ll now be able to determine your needs as far as cost, quality, and specific features.

Please take advantage of my featured list of the best hammock rain flies available and highly recommended by consumers. All that’s left to do is pick a favorite, plan a trip, set it up, lay back, and relax, knowing you’ll now stay safe and dry!

If you have a rain fly you love and didn’t see on this list, I’d love to know below! Additionally, leave me any other questions in the comments, and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

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