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Mock ONE Folding Portable Hammock Review

One of our favorite new products of 2019, The Mock ONE portable folding hammock by The Republic of Durable Goods has absolutely won us over.

With their motto “No Trees, No Problemâ€, the Republic of Durable Goods has created a hammock that is comfortable, light (compared to other hammock/stand combos), and incredibly easy and quick to set up.

Our Opinion of the Mock One Folding Portable Hammock

Mock One Portable Folding Hammock

With hammocking picking up in popularity over the last 6 years, it has never been able to overcome one large obstacle, the need for trees.

Two former product engineers (Target, REI, and others) recently teamed up to fix this problem and created what they call The World’s Greatest Hammock. While that may be a bit of over-confidence, we actually love this hammock.

At first glance, the hammock comes across as a bit heavy. But if you’ve researched hammock and stand combos as well as folding portable hammocks (there’s not many), you’ll soon find that 30 lbs. is your starting point for weight.

The Mock ONE comes in at an acceptable 15 lbs, which cuts all other portable hammocks in half (if not more).

While 15 lbs. may be too much for some types of camping such as backpacking, canoe camping, and other types, its absolutely acceptable for car camping and everyday use.

We’ve found that the Mock ONE gets more use from our family than the other hammocks we own such as our ENO, Hennessy, and Hummingbird. We currently use our Mock ONE in the backyard daily, pack it into our Jayco Hybrid Camper, and take it car camping whenever possible.

It has simply become the most versatile hammock in our arsenal.

Yes, other hammocks are much lighter, my Hummingbird Hammock weighs 7 oz, but I typically only use my Hummingbird when backpacking or canoe camping.


Kelly Using the Mock One Hammock

The Mock ONE portable folding hammock has two spread bars located at each end of the hammock. This keeps the hammock open, comfortable, and doesn’t close you up like a taco into the hammock.

The distance between the front and the foot of the hammock creates the perfect curve in the hammock for a comfortable hang that doesn’t bend your body too much and yet doesn’t leave you laying flat like you would on a cot.

In a small stroke of genius, the designers decided to add a built-in pillow on each end of the hammock significantly adds to the comfort level as well. While seemingly minor, this small addition adds almost no weight to the overall total, while adding a bit of luxurious comfort.

The Mock ONE is designed to comfortably fit a person up to 6′ 5″ tall. I am 6′ 1″ and found the hammock to fit me perfectly. Everyone else in my family is shorter and had no issues comfortably fitting into the hammock.


As mentioned above, the Mock ONE weighs in at 15 lbs. After many lightweight camping trips, this comes across as rather heavy at first glance.

But if you’re looking for a portable, folding, hammock with a stand, then 15 lbs isn’t just light, it’s the lightest hammock and stand in the world.

With a long shoulder strap on the case, carrying the 15 lbs of the Mock ONE isn’t a problem for reasonable distances. The Mock ONE Samara, their complete camping hammock, comes in a bit heavier due to the addition of an under quilt, top quilt, mosquito netting, and rainfly tarp.

While I am no designer or product engineer, I have to wonder what changing the frame from steel to aluminum would do for the weight and strength. Steel is roughly 2.5 times heavier than aluminum, but aluminum is not as strong. However, my REI Flexlite Air Chair has aluminum legs and can support me, so who knows.

Maybe it would make the hammock far too expensive!


I’ve had my Mock ONE hammock for about 8 weeks now, used over the summer months here in Minnesota.

So far, the elastic in the poles (for quick connect) is holding up perfectly, no seam tears or any kind.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the fabric has faded a bit on our hammock that we keep in the backyard. This hammock does get hit with direct sun all day though.

Packed Size

When packed, the Mock ONE measures 35″ x 9″ x 12″. This makes loading it into a car or camper a simple task that doesn’t take up too much room. Other folding hammocks we’ve looked at pack down to a similar or slightly bigger size.


Mock ONE Folding Portable Hammock Review 1

A brilliant foot design makes the mock one not only incredibly stable but drastically increases the support on different surfaces, making hammock possible nearly anywhere.

The feet don’t end on a single point like many folding hammocks and chairs. Instead, the Republic of Durable Goods decided to place extended feet on the bottom of the Mock ONE. This creates extra surface area allowing you to use the hammock in the sand, mud, dirt, or nearly any surface without sinking in.

Because the Mock ONE has spreader bars on both ends of the hammock, you don’t get much sway in the hammock when you climb in and out. I actually liked this and didn’t miss the sway of a hammock. It also made it easier to use for my kids, who I have seen fall out of non-spreader bar hammocks on occasion.

Ease of Use

Easy to set up the Mock ONE

The designers of the Mock ONE really focused on lightweight and ease of use. The hammock can be taken from the carrying case and set up in less than 60 seconds.

When you’re done hammocking, packing back up takes another 60 seconds.

Since it needs no trees, is lightweight, portable, and extremely easy to set up, the Mock ONE might be the most portable hammock we’ve used.


There are a few extras that fit seamlessly in the Mock ONE that takes it over the top for me.

Removable Sun Shade – Adjust the sunshade over your head at any angle.

Side Pockets – Sewn-in pockets on the sides of the hammock are convenient to hold your phone, keys, wallet or anything else to make hammocking more comfortable.

Basket & Drink Pockets – Located under the hammock is a mesh storage basket and drink holders. Perfect for any gear, books, electronics, or whatever your heart desires.

Mock ONE Samsara – I haven’t had the chance to camp in the Samsara yet, but the Samsara is RoDG’s fully decked out camping hammock. This hammock does cost twice as much as the original Mock ONE though.

Mock ONE Folding Hammock Specs

Packed Weight15 lbs.
Supported Weight250 lbs.
Assembled Dimensions30″ tall, 66″ long
Packed Dimensions35″ x 9″ x 12″
Body Height Supported6′ 5″
Frame ConstructionSteel

Who Is The Mock ONE Perfect For?

Ryan in the Mock ONE on the beach

The Mock ONE is interesting in that it doesn’t fit into any specific groups, but rather is a versatile hammock that nearly anyone can use.

The fact that you don’t need any trees or support poles means it is a perfect backyard hammock that anyone can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in.

Since it is lightweight, foldable, and supported with extended feet, it’s perfect to bring along to an afternoon on the beach rather than a folding chair.

It makes a great addition to a camper, RV, or car camping adventure.

There are not many places or situations it wouldn’t be good for.

At the end of the day, I’d say the Mock ONE is perfect for anyone who likes hammocking and relaxing, is looking for something they can take with them, and is willing to spend a bit extra on a quality product (the Mock ONE costs $175.00, but you can save 15% with code: BTTMOCK15).

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t expecting to be so pleasantly surprised when I first got the Mock ONE, but this hammock has become a piece of gear that I use on an almost daily basis.

The biggest reason for my enjoyment of it is that it gear that extends far beyond camping and into everyday life. Any time you can have a piece of gear that gets used this much, that’s a win in my book.

We’ve got a special discount code for Beyond The Tent readers where you can save 15%, the biggest discount you can get on the Mock ONE.

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