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15 of the Best Dog Hammocks for Your Pooch to Snooze In

A hammock is widely known as a favorite human luxury when it comes to camping, but what about the furry members of your family? If you want to ensure your pets can experience hammocking right alongside you, you’ve come to the right place!

If you want to provide better snoozing opportunities for your dog than the cold, hard floor or damp grass, check out this list of the 15 best dog hammocks and spoil your pooch today.

The Best Dog Hammock

The Best Home/Luxury Dog Hammocks

Bolster Pet Cot

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed with Removable Bolsters - Chocolate/Black Mesh, Large 30 X 42 X 7 Inches

The Bolster Pet Cot provides extra comfort for your dog with bolstering pillows on three of the four sides. Your dog can lay his head on the bolsters or curl up against them for extra security. If your dog tends to dream-run and sleep-wiggle, the bolsters are excellent for helping to prevent instances of falling out of the hammock.

This bolster hammock is available in one color – chocolate brown – and three sizes: small, medium, and large. The hammock and bolsters are removable from the frame for cleaning and traveling and are machine-washable.

Dreamcatcher Dog Sofa

Enchanted Home Pet Dreamcatcher Dog Sofa, 33.5 by 21 by 12.5-Inch, Caramel, Medium (26-50 lbs), (CO1990-13-CARM)

While this one is technically a dog sofa rather than a hammock, I couldn’t resist including it in this list of the best dog hammocks, because if you’re looking for a luxury option, you should consider the Dreamcatcher Dog Sofa. Just look at how fancy and adorable this little piece of furniture is with that suede fabric, designer shape, and the little buttons at the bottom.

This luxury dog lounging option measures twenty-one inches long by fifteen inches wide by twelve-and-a-half inches tall and holds dogs up to thirty pounds comfortably. The cushion cover is easily removable for machine washing, and there’s a little storage pocket for treats and toys – how cute!

Furhaven Elevated Pet Bed

Furhaven Large Mid-Century Modern Style Elevated Dog Bed Frame - Walnut, Large

The Furhaven Elevated Pet Bed is elevated off the ground and is basically the best dog hammock with a sturdy frame. Available in small, medium, large, and jumbo, this dog hammock is ideal for dogs of any size who prefer a stable elevated bed to the movement of an actual hammock. One of the most expensive options on this list of the best dog hammocks, this one is also best for home as it isn’t easily collapsable.

The frame is crafted from wood with a walnut finish, grey wash finish, or bamboo finish with bamboo cushion supports in the middle. The cushion doesn’t come with this frame, so you’ll need to pick out your favorite and purchase that separately. Make sure you pick the same size frame and cushion so they will fit together properly.

The Best Dog Hammocks: Car-Friendly

Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover Hammock

Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat - Durable, Nonslip, Waterproof 600D Cotton 3-in-1 Hammock - Protector Against Dirt, Shedding and Scratching for Small or Mid-Size Sedans, SUVs and Trucks

The PettingPal Dog Car Seat Cover is the best dog hammock choice to protect your vehicle’s back seats from muddy paws, toenail damage, and excessive dog fur. The main reason this one made it on the list of the best dog hammocks is that its handy side flaps protect your cup holders from all those things, too; a great feature that many other dog car hammocks sadly lack.

Most importantly, it even keeps your precious pooch a little safer while you commute or travel together. Simply fasten one of the four buckled loops around each of the four headrests in your car, and the dog hammock is installed. Its mesh window in front makes smaller dogs easier to see for shorter drivers as well. This non-slip, waterproof dog car hammock is wonderful for short trips to the vet or long drives out to vacation spots alike. And what could be better than finding an easy way to protect both your back seat and your dog?

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover Hammock

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers for Back Seat of Cars/Trucks/SUV, Waterproof Dog Car Hammock with Mesh Window, Side Flaps and Dog Seat Belt, Durable Anti-Scratch Nonslip Machine Washable Pet Car Seat Cover

While most dog car seat cover hammocks are only available in black, the iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers Hammock comes in brown to better match some car interior colors or just to mix things up. This non-slip, waterproof car dog hammock is easy to install in just a couple of minutes.

With the two-way mesh viewing window, your dog will still be able to see you even when lying down and relaxing in the back seat. The quick-release clips enable fast removal for when you need to transport people or items other than your dog, and the whole hammock is machine-washable. Just make sure to air dry so that the dryer doesn’t cause some parts to shrink.

The Best Dog Hammocks: Camping

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Portable Raised Pet Cot with Washable & Breathable Mesh, No-Slip Rubber Feet for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Large, Brown

Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large, the Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed is one of the best dog hammocks for camping. It elevates your pet nine inches off the ground to keep them clean, dry, and cool on a camping trip. You won’t have to worry about your precious dog sleeping in wet grass or mud if you have this hammock with you.

With a maximum weight limit of 150 pounds for the extra-large size, it can comfortably hold one large dog or multiple smaller dogs if your pack is the cuddle-pile type.

Most sizes are available in either beige, black, silver, brown, green, or orange. The hammock comes off of the frame for machine-washing, and the whole thing is relatively easy to disassemble for travel. This is one of the best dog hammocks available for summer camping since the mesh fabric and the raised feature allow airflow under your pet to keep them cool and comfortable all the time.

Outdoor Raised Mesh Pet Cot with Canopy

Best Choice Products 30in Elevated Cooling Dog Bed, Outdoor Raised Mesh Pet Cot w/Removable Canopy Shade Tent, Carrying Bag, Breathable Fabric - Gray

How about a hammock with a convenient canopy to keep your dog relaxed and in the shade during your camping trip? If you’re looking for a comfortable hammock for your dog that will help it stay cool in warm weather, the Outdoor Raised Mesh Pet Cot is the best dog hammock for your pet. This breathable nylon mesh dog hammock is elevated 8.5 inches off the ground, and the shading canopy is removable for those milder days where some sunlight will feel good to your dog rather than stifling.

The hammock and the canopy are collapsable for easy traveling. The canopy isn’t enough to insulate against heavy rain and wind, but it is made from water-resistant fabric and will keep your dog dry in a light sprinkle. This dog hammock is available in grey or red, and in three different sizes: 30-inch for papillons and chihuahuas, 36-inch for pointers and standard poodles, and 48-inch for German shepherds and huskies.

Maxpama Portable Elevated Dog Bed

YEP HHO Large Elevated Folding Pet Bed Cot Travel Portable Breathable Cooling Textilene Mesh Sleeping Dog Bed 47/54 Inches Long (47 Inch (Pack of 1), Green)

While most dog hammocks are made in a wide rectangular shape, the Maxpama Portable Elevated Dog Bed is made to be a bit longer and skinnier. This shape is ideal for keeping your pet in your tent with you because it will fit in line with your sleeping bag comfortably and won’t take up unnecessary room like the wider ones might inside a tent.

Available in grey, green, blue, brown, and red, it’s great for indoor or outdoor use. Leave it outside during the day so your dog can watch you and your family play when he gets tired, and then easily transport it (it only weighs seven pounds) into the tent at night so you can all rest together safely and comfortably.

The machine-washable hammock comes off of the metal frame easily for storage or washing. A convenient carrying bag comes with the hammock, and the frame folds easily into it when you’re ready to pack up. This dog bed hammock also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that your dog will be satisfied and happy, or return it for a refund.

The Best Dog Hammocks: Giant Breeds

SUPERJARE XLarge Outdoor Dog Hammock

SUPERJARE XLarge Elevated Dog Bed with Canopy, Outdoor Dog Bed for Large Dogs, Cooling Raised Dog Cot, Portable Pet Cot, Durable 1680D Oxford Fabric, Extra Carrying Bag, for Camping, Beach - Black

It can be challenging to keep your outdoor or semi-outdoor dog cool in the summer heat. Especially if you have a giant breed dog like a Newfoundland dog or a Saint Bernard. Fortunately, there’s the SUPERJARE XLarge Outdoor Dog Bed that’s elevated to cool your dog underneath and comes with a canopy to shade him or her from the sun.

This giant breed dog hammock is 36 inches by 48 inches by 9.1 inches and holds up to 120 pounds without breaking a sweat. While the canopy isn’t truly waterproof in a torrential downpour, it will protect your pooch from a light drizzle.

Fit Choice Elevated Dog House

Zooba 2 in 1 Elevated Large Dog House, Weatherproof 600D PVC Dog House with Strong Beam Support Up to 135 lbs, Breathable Textilene 2x1 Dog Bed with Extra Carrying Bag

If you need something that can hold up even more weight than the SUPERJARE, the Fit Choice Elevated Dog House might be the best dog hammock for you. With a weight limit of 178 pounds, this extra-large elevated dog house is basically a hammock with a little extra shade and a lot more weight-bearing capabilities. While still not fully waterproof, it does offer more rain protection than the previous dog hammocks.

While this one is a bit less travel-friendly than the best dog hammocks for camping that I listed above, it is still technically portable. If this is the best weight-bearing dog hammock option you can find for your extra-large furry friend, then it’s worth disassembling and packing up to keep him or her comfortable on a camping trip.

Suddus Elevated Dog Bed Hammock

suddus Elevated Dog Bed Large Dog Cot Bed XL Raised Dog Bed Outdoor

While most of these elevated dog bed hammocks on this list of the best dog hammocks only have color around the outside with black mesh in the middle, the Suddus Elevated Dog Bed Hammock is the same color on the mesh as on the outside fabric. Available in burgundy, navy blue, and grey, you’ll get more color in this one than most of the other options.

This dog hammock comes in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, with a maximum size of forty-eight by thirty-six by nine inches. This extra-large size comes with two additional steel supports in the middle and can hold up to 140 pounds comfortably. With breathable mesh and a nine-inch elevation, even a thick-haired Newfoundland would feel cool and comfy on this light and airy dog hammock.

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed - Chewproof - All Aluminum - Indoor/Outdoor - Ripstop Ballistic Fabric - Ships Assembled - Fits Inside Medium Crates 35" x 22" x 3.5", Sandstone

For those older or arthritic dogs, check out the K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed, with a shorter seven-inch elevation to make the step up a little more comfortable for dogs experiencing joint discomfort. Arthritis is common in large breed dogs because their bones have so much more weight to hold up, and the older they get, the more likely they are to be affected. If your dog seems to be experiencing joint discomfort, have your vet check it out as soon as possible so you can find out ways to help your dog be more comfortable through medicine or small alterations in your home.

One of the alterations that a vet may recommend is an easier-to-reach resting place. A dog bed right on the floor might be the best option, but for large breeds prone to overheating, an elevated bed with airflow underneath may still be the best option. If that’s the case, this hammock is a full two inches closer to the ground than most of the other large breed hammocks we’ve included in this list of the best dog hammocks.

The Best Dog Hammocks: Mini Breeds

Bundaloo Elevated Dog Bed

Bundaloo Small Elevated Dog & Cat Bed - Round Foldable Folding Pet Cot, with Removable & Washable Cover - for Small Puppies - 30lbs Maximum Weight Capacity - 21" Wx15 H

This super cute, easily foldable, and transportable elevated dog bed is great for small pets, especially in the winter with its warm, fluffy sherpa-like fabric. Designed specifically for small dogs, the Bundaloo Elevated Dog Bed has a 30-pound weight limit, and as a result, it doesn’t take up much space in use or in transport. If you want to bring it with you on a trip to provide some homey comfort for your dog, it compacts into a flat, fairly thin circle that you can easily fit in your trunk.

The thick sherpa-like layer over the cushion will keep your pet warm while the cushion itself keeps them nice and comfy. Just add on a cute blanket and tuck it in around the edges, and your dog will be snug as a bug in a rug, whether at home or on a trip.

JUNSPOW Pet Hammock

JUNSPOW Cat Bed Dog/Pet Hammock Bed Free-Standing Sleeping Bed Pet Supplies Whole Wash Stable Structure Detachable Excellent Breathability Easy Assembly Indoors Outdoors

This is an excellent option similar to the one above, but more breezy for those smaller pets who live in warmer regions or already have plenty of furry insulation and are prone to overheating. The JUNSPOW Pet Hammock is made of a breathable mesh material that promotes coolness and airy comfort.

Available in grey or pink, this hammock is shown in pictures mostly as a cat bed, but it is for small dogs as well. Its sixteen by eighteen by nine-inch dimensions make it perfect for Yorkies, chihuahuas, schnauzers, and the like. Its cool and breezy material and collapsable design landed it a spot on this list of best dog hammocks.

Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed

Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed, Indoor - Outdoor Pet Camping Raised Cot for Small or Medium Dogs & Cat with Folding Metal Frame and Off Ground Cooling Hammock

Instead of folding down into a flattish circle like the previous two dog hammocks, this one draws up into a cylinder shape like a collapsable lawn chair. Depending on what kind of space you have available for storage or transport, this feature alone may make the Paws & Pals Elevated Dog Bed the best choice for you and your pet. It even comes with a little tote bag to carry the frame and the hammock conveniently. Additionally, its weight limit of ninety pounds also makes it a great choice for medium-sized dogs or a small dog pile if your pack likes to snuggle up together.

This dog hammock falls in between the other two when it comes to fussy warmth versus breathability. It still has a thick cushion like the Bundaloo, but its flat design and its thinner soft lining help it to release heat and allow more airflow. This would be a good choice of dog hammock for milder seasons where the main desire of your pet is a comfy cushion rather than warming up or cooling off.

Types of Dog Hammocks

There are three types of dog hammocks, the first being the obvious outdoor types of hammocks for camping that are easily collapsable and transportable.

But what about your dog’s safety during the trip to the campsite? A dog car hammock will keep your dog safer in the back seat and will protect your seat cushions from nail scratches, excessive fur shedding, and drool or other spills.

And last but not least, there are also hammocks for inside the home that may match your furniture or at least elevate your dog off the floor for increased comfort and better airflow.

Wrapping Up the Best Dog Hammocks

The Best Dog Hammock

You may need more than one type of hammock for your dog. There are dog car hammocks for safety and for protecting your car seats, fancy hammocks for indoors at home, and indoor-outdoor collapsable hammocks for the yard and for camping and travel. Odds are, your dog may need one of each. He or she will appreciate the comfort of an elevated dog bed and the security of a dog car hammock, so why not spoil your pooch with some new best dog hammocks of all kinds?

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