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The Best Camping Coffee Percolator: Our Top 5 Picks

When you are camping or roughing it for days on end, nothing beats a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning before you get to the day’s activities. The right camping coffee percolator can ensure the perfect cup of coffee is at your fingertips no matter where you are.

When shopping for a camping coffee percolator, you want to think about a number of factors, such as weight, portability, features, and durability. We are going to break down the options here to help you choose the right camping coffee percolator for your next big trip.

camping coffee percolator

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Coletti Camping Coffee Pot

Best for Groups
GSI Outdoor 14 Cup Percolator

Best Self Brewing
iMiGoo Portable Coffee Maker

Best Overall

Coletti Camping Coffee Pot

COLETTI Butte Camping Coffee Pot - Campfire Coffee Pot - Stainless Steel Coffee Maker for Outdoors or Stovetop (14 CUP)

Overall, our top pick for the best camping coffee percolator is the Coletti Camping Coffee Pot. This pot is a gorgeous addition to your camping gear, and it pairs its good looks with a great balance of size, weight, and durability.

The Coletti Camping Coffee Pot is capable of making 14 (or 24, if you buy the larger Coletti Camping Coffee Pot) cups of coffee which is amongst the largest pots on our list. This makes it a great choice for those that like to camp and hike with a group, but perhaps bigger than needed for the lone wolfs of the world.

In addition to its large size, this camping coffee percolator can be used either over direct flame or using its wire hanger, it can be hung over open flame. Because it does not have the plastic or silicone present in many other camping coffee percolators, you do not need to fear damaging it with direct heat.

Perhaps best of all, the Coletti Camping Coffee Pot comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Camping gear gets beat up, tossed around, and travels the same trails and woods that you do – which means it is susceptible to breaking.

Any company that would offer a lifetime guarantee stands by its products enough to know that it is made with the best practices available. We highly recommend this Coletti Camping Coffee Pot as one of the best camping coffee percolators on the market.


  • A beautiful coffee pot that is very durable
  • Large brewing capacity available in 14 or 20 cups
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee


  • Expensive compared to many options
  • No cups included
  • Heavier than many other options because it lacks plastic and silicone

Best for Groups

GSI Outdoor Coffee Pot

camping coffee percolator

If you are camping with a group and want a less expensive option for your camping coffee percolator, the GSI Outdoor Coffee Pot is a great option. It offers a large capacity, is durable, and is easy to use. This pot’s full metal construction makes it a good option if you tend to engage in more rugged outdoor activities.

The GSI Outdoor Coffee Pot can brew up to 14 cups at a time, which means you only need to brew one pot to serve your entire party. Its design is geared towards the true outdoorsman that is going to go off the beaten path and subject it to formidable abuse.

The metal construction allows it to absorb some dents and bruises along the way. Cleaning this camping coffee percolator is easy thanks to the metal construction and removable percolator which ensures a clean pot each morning.

If you are camping with a large group, the GSI Outdoor Coffee Pot is a fantastic option!


  • Large and great for groups
  • Metal construction
  • Easy to use


  • No cups included
  • Metal handle can get hot

Best Self Brewing

imiGoo Portable Coffee Maker

iMiGoo Portable Coffee Maker 8 OZ - Single Cup Coffee Percolator - Tea Maker - Electric Kettle - 304 Stainless Steel - AC 110-120V White

If you are staying at a campground with power hookups the imiGoo Portable Coffee Maker can be a great option. This camping coffee percolator is a self-contained unit that requires no external heat to operate.

The imiGoo Portable Coffee Maker plugs in, so it won’t be an option if you are not staying at a campground. However, if you are, it makes brewing your coffee easy. This camping coffee percolator does all the work for you. All you do is add grounds and water and wait between 2 and 15 minutes. There are a number of settings that allow you to change the strength and brewing time of your coffee.

As camping coffee percolators go, this has by far the most features. Allowing you to choose the strength of your coffee, automating the brewing process, and heating the water for you makes for an extremely easy process. It even offers a tea option if you prefer.

Lastly, this coffee camping percolator includes a cup in its construction so that you don’t have to carry any other gear to use it. If you want an automated option that will brew coffee for you at a campground this is a great pick!


  • Self-contained
  • No fire required
  • Includes a cup
  • Comes with a tea and coffee setting which changes strength of drink


  • Cannot be used without a power hook-up
  • Self contained design is more delicate than a standard metal pot

Bass Pro Shop Enamelware 8 Cup

If you are looking for a basic camping coffee percolator then look no further, the Bass Pro Shop Enamelware is a great no-frills option. This pot covers all your basic needs, and is very low cost for the camper on a budget.

The enamel construction means that this camping coffee percolator is durable, but also lightweight. It has double walled enamel so it can take a beating on the trail. It allows for easy cleaning and heating, and its design means it is very straightforward and easy to use.

The larger size at 8 cups means that you can brew enough coffee for a small group without having to make more than one pot. You will have to reheat it in between though, as enamel does not hold heat as well as metal. The removable percolator makes it easy to clean, so brewing multiple pots shouldn’t be an issue.


  • A great inexpensive option
  • Large enough for the whole camp
  • Very durable


  • Poor heat retention compared to metal
  • Very basic, no cups

Stansport Enamel Percolator Mugs

Stansport 8 Cup Enamel Percolator with Four Enamel Mugs, 12-Ounce, Blue

If you need a full set rather than just a coffee pot, the Stansport Enamel Percolator is a great option. This set comes with 4 mugs in addition to the pot, so you have everything you need in one set to serve the whole camp.

As with the other enamel camping coffee percolator, the construction is durable and has a classic look to it that goes great by a fire. The enamel can withstand the abuse of the campground so both your mugs and pot will last a long time.

The mugs that are included are 12 ounces, so they will hold plenty of coffee for your group to enjoy. Because this set comes with the mugs, you also don’t have to worry about purchasing anything else; everything you need is right here.


  • Perfect set to include everything you need to serve the camp
  • Brews 8 cups and includes 4 mugs
  • Enamel is easy to clean


  • Poor heat retention compared to metal
  • Takes up a lot of space in pack

Camping Coffee Percolator Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a camping coffee percolator, there are a few key things to look for. Features, weight, construction, size and durability are all important factors in choosing the right option for your trip.

You will want to think about the amount of people joining you as well as the type of camping you do in deciding on size and durability. If you like to go off trail and move around a lot, you will want to make sure you choose a lightweight option so as to not add much weight to your pack.

camping coffee percolator

Construction and Durability

One of your first considerations will be what material camping coffee percolator to purchase. While this relates to many factors, durability is key. Some lightweight materials, like plastic and silicone, require more care when applying heat, even with internal parts. These components can melt and ruin your coffee maker immediately.

Many of the softer materials, such as enamel and aluminum, will dent much more easily than steel and are therefore best suited to lighter use. If you are the type to forge your own trail when out camping, you should look for metal as it will better withstand the test of time.

Size and Weight

Just as important as durability is the size of your camping coffee percolator. If you tend to camp with a larger group, you will want a larger pot capable of making many cups at once. There is a huge range of sizes available to suit your needs, from single servings to 20 cups.

The other factor of size correlates directly to how much room you have in your pack. Especially if you are back-packing rather than staying at one campground, this becomes incredibly important. Some pots are very large, and will take too much room that you need to dedicate to other gear.

The other factor of size is weight, though these do not directly correlate. Material will impact weight more than the actual size of the pot, which means you can find lightweight larger pots. If you are carrying everything with you, go lighter- but keep in mind this may come at the sacrifice of durability.

Insulation and Heat Retention

If you tend to drink your coffee slowly, or you camp in a cold climate, you will want to think about insulation and heat retention. Certain materials retain heat much better than others, such as metal versus enamel.

Metal pots retain heat, and double walled pots are well insulated and retain it even better. These will be your best option for keeping your coffee hot. Enamel, on the other hand, will not retain heat to the same degree as metal and will require more reheating.


Features may not be the first thing on your mind, but they can be the tie-breaker when deciding between two pots. Look for a pot that will serve your use the best.

One of the most basic is whether or not the camping coffee percolator comes with mugs or cups. If it does, it is one less thing to think about or purchase for your camping trip. Another key feature is a removable percolator which makes cleaning much easier.

While most camping coffee percolators are heated by fire, if you are going to be at a campground you may want to consider a plug-in option. This allows you to make coffee on the go, without managing a fire or the pot.

Camping Coffee Percolator Frequently Asked Questions

camping coffee percolator

What’s the best way to make my coffee when camping?

There are two main ways to make coffee while camping – on a grate over an open fire or hanging from a wire hanger. Both will work, though the direct heat of the grate can cause you to burn the coffee more, so hanging is generally considered a better method.

Why is a percolator best for camping?

A percolator is the best option for camping because it allows you to make a more robust brew. It also allows for better heat retention than a standard hot water pour over, meaning it is better for outdoor use especially in colder climates.

Camping Coffee Percolators

While there are many great choices for camping coffee percolators, our top choice, the Coletti Camping Coffee Pot is the best due to its construction, durability, and size options.

Make sure to find a maker that caters to your needs, because each one has features that make them unique. No matter which you choose, you’re sure to be able to enjoy a nice hot cup of joe on your next trip!

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