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Inflatable Hot Tents: Innovation or Gimmick?

The use of hot tents predates recorded history, and inflatable tents have been rising in popularity since the early 2000s. Recently, a few tent manufacturers have started selling inflatable hot tents. On the surface, this sounds like a brilliant idea, right?

Are inflatable hot tents truly an amazing innovation, or are they simply a gimmick? We’ll examine this question in this post and let you know our thoughts.

Keep reading to learn about the newest tent on the market and whether or not you should invest in one!

inflatable hot tent

Why Buy an Inflatable Hot Tent

An inflatable hot tent combines the technology of an inflatable tent with a hot tent, which is designed to allow the use of a wood-burning stove or other heating source. These tents are, naturally, useful for cold-weather camping, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ski trips, and all your favorite winter activities.

Benefits of Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are quicker and easier to set up than traditional pole tents. These tents use inflatable beams to expand the body of the tent. You simply pump air into the tubes, and the tent comes alive.

You don’t have to worry about carrying around or storing poles with an inflatable tent, which can be a pain. Inflatable tents are also robust and can survive strong winds, rain, and snow.

Inflatable tents are also lighter weight than traditional tents and pack down smaller, making it easier to carry and store them. They are ideal for backpackers and hike-in camping spots.

Benefits of Hot Tents

A hot tent is the most comfortable way to tent camp in the winter because it provides extra safety and allows for winter gear to dry faster. As long as your stove stays well-stocked, you can relax at night in your tent, even on the coldest winter nights.

Benefits of Combining the Two

Typically, a hot tent is quite heavy–they can easily weigh 50 pounds or more for a tent and stove combo. An inflatable hot tent can help reduce some of the load, specifically the poles.

In winter, it is especially important to have a robust tent, so an inflatable hot tent may seem more appealing than a regular hot tent because you need your tent to be able to withstand heavy wind gusts often seen during the colder times of the year.

What to Look For in Inflatable Hot Tents

Since inflatable hot tents are a relatively new invention, your selection is limited. However, there are some key factors you should look out for when selecting an inflatable hot tent–these factors overlap with what you would look for when buying an inflatable or a hot tent separately.


A properly ventilated inflatable hot tent is important in winter. While you want heat to trap inside your tent, too much heat and not enough ventilation causes condensation.

Ventilation ensures air flows through the tent, and it helps condensation from developing outside the tent, causing the tent to become clammy. Air vents are an essential feature in inflatable hot tents.

Chimney Opening

Some inflatable hot tents come with a chimney opening already created, while others require that you cut out your own to suit your needs. Either is a fine option. A chimney opening is essential for your inflatable hot tent to ensure the tent doesn’t fill with smoke.


While you can expect an inflatable hot tent to be somewhat lighter than a pole tent of the same design, inflatable hot tents are not as lightweight as simple inflatable tents. The larger the tent, the heavier the inflatable hot tent.

Entrances and Exits

The best inflatable hot tents come with two exits and entrances, so you can easily leave the tent without disturbing others in the tent. Inflatable hot tents tend to be larger and targeted toward families and groups as opposed to singles or couples.

Pockets and Storage

A great inflatable hot tent comes with plenty of storage space, so campers can store essential gear as needed. Pockets are useful for storing smaller items.

Electrical Hookups

Electrical hookups should be designed to not let rainwater in, and they should be easy to access.


The size and number of windows matter–you should be able to look outside and see the view on a nice day. At the same time, black-out covers should be available for the windows to ensure a good night’s sleep.


Using the traditional “+1” rule also applies to inflatable hot tents. If you are going camping with three people, you need a camp that sleeps at least four.

Caring for Inflatable Hot Tents

Caring for an inflatable hot tent is much like caring for a standard inflatable tent. You’ll need to keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear, wipe the tent down after each use, and put a groundsheet or footprint under your tent.

A groundsheet or footprint helps prevent moisture from seeping into the tent from the earth. Users of inflatable hot tents like to use Tyvek Campcovers.

You’ll also need to store your inflatable hot tent correctly–don’t wrap it too tight, and store it in a location out of direct sunlight, like a garage or basement.

inflatable hot tent

Problems with Inflatable Hot Tents

Air Loss

Like other inflatable tents, inflatable hot tents lose air over time due to fluctuations in air pressure and temperature.

This can lead them to collapse. Inflatable hot tents can also collapse due to leaks or valve malfunctions.

Limited Options

Inflatable hot tent styles are incredibly limited due to their novelty. The first inflatable hot tents started listing in stores in January 2023, so this is truly a new invention.


Inflatable hot tents are significantly more expensive than standard inflatable or hot tents. The most expensive hot tents can run up to two or even three times more in cost.

Little Information

Little is known about inflatable hot tents at the time this article is being written. Few reviews have been written at this time; however, the initial reviews are positive, which is promising.

The Best Inflatable Hot Tents

According to our research, these are the best inflatable hot tents available for purchase right now. These tents are breathable, made from strong fabric, and weatherproof.

RBM OUTDOORS: Panda Air Large Inflatable Camping Tent

RBM OUTDOORS Panda Air Large Inflatable Camping Tent House 4-8 Person - Outdoor Tents for Camping Waterproof Easy Setup - Canvas Hot Tent with Stove Jack - Air Blow Up Tent - 4 Season Glamping Tents

The Panda Air Large Inflatable Camping Tent from RBM OUTDOORS, a Delaware-based tent distributor, was the first inflatable hot tent to hit the market in January 2023. It includes two doors and six windows.

One buyer described it as one of the “easiest to set up tents they’ve ever had” and “like a fancy outdoor hotel.” It also comes with a bug net to keep pesky mosquitoes away. This tent also comes with a panoramic roof for unforgettable stargazing.

This inflatable hot tent sleeps eight and weighs 93 pounds. It’s also easy to repair if a hole is created in the material–all you need to do is use a canvas patch.

This four-season inflatable hot tent is designed for all four seasons, though you should use a rain fly in heavy rain.


RBM OUTDOORS Koala Air Tent Inflatable Camping Tent House 6-8 Person - Outdoor Tents for Camping Waterproof Easy Setup - Canvas Hot Tent with Stove Jack - Air Blow Up Tent - 4 Season Glamping Tents

The Koala Air Tent was released by RBM OUTDOORS in June 2023. This model comes in two sizes: 6-8 people and 8-10 people.

Both sizes come with two doors and divider curtains, which is what sets this tent apart from its predecessor.

However, the Koala does not have a panoramic roof like the Panda. Comparable to the Panda, it is easily repairable with canvas patches and breathable with plenty of windows and a mosquito net.

The Koala is heavier than the Panda–weighing in at over 120 pounds. Yet, buyers say it is much easier to store and transport than a tent with poles, making it ideal for large families.

KIKILIVE Inflatable Glamping Tent with Stove Jack

KIKILIVE Inflatable Glamping Tent with Pump and Stove Jack, Easy Setup 2-6 Person Glamping Tent Inflatable with Mosquito Screen, 4 Season Waterproof and Sun-Proof Family Camping Inflatable Tent

The Inflatable Glamping Tent with Stove Jack by KIKILIVE was released in May 2023. It is significantly cheaper than the RBM options, although it only sleeps 2-6 people. The tent comes in 210-denier Oxford and 420-denier Oxford (the higher number is slightly sturdier).

One thing to note is the 420-denier tent is 48 pounds compared to the 210-denier’s 21 pounds. Regardless, these tents are significantly lighter than the RBM tents. The tents are waterproof, easy to inflate, and include two doors and six windows.

This tent also comes with a rain fly and a front door curtain. Its chimney opening is included to ensure you can easily cut across to provide ventilation for your fireplace.

OMOMD Inflatable Tent with Stove Jack

Inflatable Tent, Family Camping Tent 6 Person Glamping Tent with DIY Stove Jack Easy Setup 4 Season Waterproof Windproof Outdoor Blow Up Tent with Pump

The Inflatable Tent with Stove Jack by OMOMD was released in March 2023, and it sleeps 6 people. It’s made from 300-denier Oxford cloth fabric and is water resistant, windproof, and blocks UV rays, Buyers describe it as easy to set up, like the other inflatable hot tents.

It has two doors, four mesh windows, and a mesh tent top. It also comes with a front door curtain. A chimney opening is installed on the roof, so you can easily cut it open.

The Verdict: Innovation or Gimmick?

Without question, the biggest attraction of inflatable tents–and inflatable hot tents–is their easy setup. Traveling with poles is a pain, and why not eliminate them if possible?

The invention of an inflatable hot tent is certainly innovative, and we would not call it a gimmick. They may be pricey and heavy, but they are less bulky than alternative options. This new way of camping is truly a game-changer for large families.

Are inflatable hot tents going to change the world of camping? That, we think, is too soon to tell. Whether or not they will enter mainstream camping has yet to be seen, but we think they’re worth giving a chance.

Thinking about trying out an inflatable hot tent? Make sure you choose the right hot tent stove for your cold-weather adventures.