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The Best Portable Freezer for Camping in 2023: Our top 5 Picks

When camping, it’s essential to have access to fresh and safely stored food. A portable freezer is a convenient and practical solution for preserving perishable items while enjoying the great outdoors. Not only can it store cool food items, but it can also help to keep your beverages chilled during your camping trip.

In this article, we will dive deeper into understanding the various features, technologies, and factors to consider when choosing the best portable freezer for your camping needs.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know to choose the best portable freezer truly enhance your outdoor adventures.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall
E EUHOMY Car Refrigerator – Portable Freezer for Camping

Best Premium
AstroAI Portable Freezer for Camping

Best Budget
VEVOR 12 Volt Portable Mini Freezer – 10 Qt

Best Overall

E EUHOMY Car Refrigerator – Portable Freezer for Camping

EUHOMY Car Refrigerator, 55Liter(59qt) RV Refrigerator with 12/24V DC & 110-240V AC, Portable refrigerator freezer fridge cooler For Car, RV, Camping, Travel, Fishing, Outdoor or Home Use(Gray).

The E EUHOMY Car Refrigerator is a versatile and powerful option with its dual storage areas and 59-quart capacity. Equipped with two zones, it helps reduce odor while providing enough space for your essentials like seafood, snacks, meat, and beverages.

The smart battery protection feature includes three levels (low, medium, and high) to ensure that the device will not overload or short-circuit your car’s power supply. It is also equipped with a handle design that helps you conveniently carry and move the portable fridge, reducing the strain on your back.

The E EUHOMY Car Refrigerator has an LCD touch panel for easy control and supports a Bluetooth connection for remote management using a mobile app. However, keep in mind that it operates at 40 decibels, which might be a bit noisy for some people.


  • Dual storage areas for reduced odor
  • Smart battery protection for reliable use
  • Handle design for easy mobility


  • Only offers 3 battery protection levels
  • Requires Bluetooth for remote control
  • Noisy at 40 decibels when running

Best Premium

AstroAI Portable Freezer for Camping

AstroAI 12 Volt Car Refrigerator, Portable Freezer 12V Fridge 58 Quart (55L) Electric Cooler -4℉~68℉ with 12/24V DC & 110V AC for Car, RV, Truck, Van, Boat for Camping, Travel, Fishing Outdoor

The AstroAI 12 Volt Car Refrigerator makes outdoor adventures more convenient, offering ample space to store beverages, food, and other essentials. Its large 35L capacity easily accommodates various items.

With fast cooling capabilities and a powerful compressor, you can have your items chilled or even frozen in as little as 30 minutes.

Thoughtful features like built-in battery protection help to extend the life of your vehicle’s battery while using the portable freezer. The freezer also has a LED display panel to assist in setting and checking the temperature, even in low-light settings. An included UL-listed car cigarette lighter extension cord enhances safety by providing protection against overloads and short circuits.


  • Large 35L capacity accommodates various items
  • Fast cooling with powerful compressor
  • Built-in battery protection for worry-free use


  • Some difficulty cleaning due to design
  • Additional seals or gaskets may be needed

Best Budget

VEVOR 12 Volt Portable Mini Freezer – 10 Qt

VEVOR 12 Volt Refrigerator 10 Qt, Portable Mini Freezer (-4℉~68℉) W/APP Control Car Compressor Fridge Cooler 12V/24V DC and 110-220V AC For Camping, Road Trip, Travel, Outdoor and Home

The VEVOR 12 Volt Portable Mini Freezer offers impressive cooling speed, dropping temperatures from 20℃ to 0℃ in just 15 minutes. It can last for up to 10 hours after the power supply has been cut, ensuring you can enjoy fresh and delicious food throughout your camping trip.

Its precise control system, including a digital panel and a mobile app, allows you to easily monitor and regulate the freezer’s temperature. Features include a USB socket for charging other devices.

This camper-friendly freezer also includes three battery protection functions (low, medium, and high), preventing overloads or short circuits during your trip. Its 9L capacity may not be suitable for larger groups, and ensure you have a powerful battery supply for optimum performance.

With a 45 dB low noise level, the VEVOR mini freezer won’t disturb your sleep during the night, and it is designed to resist shocks and shakes while driving, remaining stable even when inclined up to 45°.


  • Fast cooling speed
  • Precise temperature control with digital panel and app
  • Built-in battery protection for safe usage


  • Requires powerful battery supply
  • Capacity might be insufficient for larger groups
  • Noisy when operating at full capacity

Alpicool CF55 Portable Freezer

Alpicool CF55 Portable Freezer,12 Volt Refrigerator, 58 Quart (55 Liter) Fast Cooling 12V Car Fridge Freezer -4℉~68℉, Car Cooler, 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC for Outdoor, Camping, RV, Truck, Boat

Consider the Alpicool CF55 Portable Freezer for your camping needs due to its versatile temperature control and convenient mobility features. The dual zones are ideal for keeping food items chilled or frozen during camping trips.

A unique feature of this portable freezer is its car battery protection system, which includes three different levels (Low, Med, and High) to ensure your vehicle’s battery does not run down. This added peace of mind means you can focus on having fun during your outdoor adventures without worrying about any unpleasant surprises.

Additionally, the Alpicool CF55 is designed with convenience in mind, featuring wheels and a drawbar for easy transportation.


  • Dual-zones
  • Car battery protection system
  • Wheels and drawbar for easy transport


  • Varying cooling efficiency
  • The dual-zone is a temperature-controlled freezer and a ventilated refrigerator section

BougeRV 23 Quart Portable Freezer for Camping

BougeRV 12 Volt Refrigerator 12V Car Fridge 23 Quart Portable Freezer Compressor Cooler 12/24V DC 110~240 Volt AC for Truck Van RV Camper SUV Boat Travel Camping Road Trips Tailgating -7℉~50℉

The BougeRV 23 Quart Portable Freezer stands out for its fast cooling capabilities, being able to cool down to 32℉ in just 20 minutes. This ensures that your food stays fresh throughout your camping trip without needing ice, making it a convenient and space-saving option.

With an operating power below 45W and intelligent cycle work, the BougeRV freezer consumes less than 1 kwh/day. This means you can easily run it on 12/24V DC power from various vehicles, such as SUVs, trucks, RVs, campers, and boats, making it a versatile choice for your travels.

The freezer’s exterior might feel less durable, and you should handle it with care to avoid damage. Additionally, some users report temperature accuracy concerns, which can be mitigated with a little extra attention to the settings.


  • Fast cooling down to 32℉
  • 45W low power consumption
  • 45dB low noise


  • Bulky design
  • Temperature accuracy concerns
  • Not the most durable exterior

Portable Freezer for Camping Buying Guide

When shopping for a portable freezer for camping, it’s essential to consider various factors to pick the best one for your needs. In this buying guide, we will discuss the essential features to look for and some additional considerations.

portable freezer

Capacity and Size

Think about your capacity needs and the available space in your camping setup. Portable freezers come in various sizes, ranging from small, compact units to larger ones. Consider your food storage needs and ensure the freezer you choose can accommodate these requirements without taking up too much space in your vehicle or campsite.

Power Source and Energy Efficiency

Consider the power source and energy efficiency of the portable freezer. Most portable freezers run on 12V or 24V DC power, which can be easily sourced from your vehicle’s battery, solar panels, or a portable power bank. Look for an energy-efficient model to minimize power consumption and prolong your battery life while camping.

Temperature Range

Choose a portable freezer with an adequate temperature range to suit your needs. For instance, if you plan to store frozen goods, ensure the unit maintains the necessary freezing temperatures. Additionally, some models offer dual-zone functionality, allowing you to set different temperatures for separate compartments, providing more versatility for your camping trip.

Durability and Reliability

Opt for a durable and reliable portable freezer built with high-quality materials and components. Features such as reinforced hinges, secure latches, and sturdy handles can make a difference in the freezer’s longevity. A reliable freezer should also have a strong compressor and an efficient cooling system to maintain optimal temperatures in various environments.

Noise Level

Noise is often an overlooked factor when choosing a portable freezer for camping. Choose a quiet-running freezer to avoid disrupting your peaceful camping experience, especially during the night. Many modern portable freezers are designed with this in mind, so make sure to check the noise specifications before making a decision.

Additional Features

Finally, consider any additional features that may enhance your camping experience. Some portable freezers offer useful extras like digital displays, USB charging ports, or removable compartments. While these may not be essential, they can bring added convenience and flexibility during your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mini portable freezer

How do portable freezers work?

Portable freezers use compressors to cool their contents. The compressor increases the pressure of a refrigerant gas, which rises in temperature as it is compressed. As the refrigerant circulates through the system, it releases heat, cools, and turns back into a liquid. This process absorbs heat from inside the freezer, lowering the temperature and keeping your food and beverages cold.

Can I set different temperatures for different compartments in my portable freezer?

Some portable freezers offer separate temperature settings for different compartments. This feature allows users to keep items at different temperatures or switch between refrigerator and freezer settings as needed.

How quickly do portable freezers reach their desired temperature?

Portable freezers can vary in cooling speed, so it’s essential to check the specific model you’re interested in for accurate cooling times.

Stay Cool on the go With a Portable Freezer

Selecting the perfect portable cooler for your camping adventures is essential to keep your food and drinks chilled and fresh, ensuring a delightful and hassle-free experience in the great outdoors.

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