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Where to Rent Camping Gear: A Comprehensive Guide

If you want to enjoy nature without breaking the bank, there are numerous places where camping gear can be rented for a fraction of the cost of buying new gear. This is especially helpful if you aren’t looking to make outdoor adventures a frequent part of your life.

With rental options becoming increasingly popular and accessible, it’s easier to explore nature with the required tools without making a heavy upfront investment. Read on to learn more about where to rent camping gear!

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Why Rent Camping Gear?

Renting camping gear can be a smart decision if you have limited storage space or enjoy outdoor activities less frequently. It offers the flexibility of acquiring gear only when needed, allowing you to avoid the downsides of dedicating valuable space to rarely-used equipment.

Another benefit of renting gear is the access to expert advice, typically provided by the rental company staff. These experts can guide you toward the most suitable equipment based on your specific requirements and planned activities, such as family outings or extreme adventure trips.

Renting camping gear is also a cost-effective solution, as it can be more affordable than purchasing and maintaining a complete set of equipment. Additionally, it allows you to test various gear configurations without making a long-term investment, providing the opportunity to assess the suitability of certain items for your preferences and habits.

Various Types of Camping Gear for Rent

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Tents and Sleeping Equipment

Renting tents and sleeping equipment is a popular option for campers and backpackers. High-quality tents from reputable brands like The North FaceBig Agnes, and Marmot are available for rent in various sizes and designs.

Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and liners can also be rented to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. These items are generally available at camping gear rental stores, such as REI Co-opMountain High Outfitters, and Outdoors Geek.

Some available sleeping equipment includes:

  • Sleeping Bags: Available in various temperature ratings and sizes
  • Sleeping Pads: Essential for cushioning and insulation, available in foam or inflatable options
  • Headlamps: Providing hands-free illumination during nighttime activities
  • Camping Chairs: Compact and portable chairs, such as those from Helinox, for comfortable seating around the campfire
  • Bear Canisters: Secure containers to store food and minimize encounters with wildlife

Outdoor Activity Gear

If you’re interested in participating in outdoor activities during your camping or hiking trips, renting equipment such as kayaks, bikes, climbing gear, and backpacking gear is also possible.

Stores like REI Co-op and Mountain High Outfitters offer rental services for various gear, catering to lightweight backpacking, trail cycling, and rock climbing.

Outdoor activity gear for rent includes:

  • Kayaks: Different types and sizes available, suited for diverse water conditions
  • Bikes: Mountain bikes, road bikes, or hybrid bikes suitable for different terrains and riding preferences
  • Climbing Gear: A complete range of climbing equipment like harnesses, carabiners, and ropes

Cookware and Other Essentials

Preparing meals and staying organized while camping is made easier with the many cookware and essential items available for rent. It also allows you to try out different high-quality sets before investing in one of your own.

Camping and hiking gear rental stores typically offer a variety of cookware, such as camping stoves from MSRfire starters, and collapsible dishware. Additionally, essential items like YETI coolers for food storage, first aid kits, and portable power banks can be rented as needed.

A few cookware and essential items available for rent are:

  • Camping Stoves: Compact and lightweight camping stoves, suitable for various fuel types
  • Fire Starters: A range of options, from traditional matches to waterproof lighters and magnesium fire starters
  • Collapsible Dishware: Space-saving plates, bowls, and cups designed for outdoor use
  • First Aid Kits: Comprehensive kits containing essential medical supplies for common injuries

Where to Rent Camping Gear

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Location-Based Rentals

For those looking to rent camping equipment in specific regions, there are several options available.

In the South: Mountain High Outfitters serves three major states – Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Their offerings include tents, backpacks, and other essential camping gear rentals.

In California: Outdoor enthusiasts can rely on REI Co-op for their camping equipment needs. With various locations across the state, REI offers a wide selection of rental gear, including tents, bikes, and paddleboards.

In Montana: For those visiting national parks, local outdoor stores near major park gateways can provide a convenient way to rent camping gear.

Online Rental Platforms

If location-specific rental options are not available or travelers have limited storage space, renting online is a great alternative. Here are a few reputable online rental platforms:

  • Outdoors Geek: This online platform offers a range of camping and backpacking gear for rent. Outdoors Geek ships rental equipment to the entire US and stocks top brands at competitive prices. Customers can rent individual items or complete packages, depending on their needs.
  • Xscape Pod: Catering specifically to the Portland, OR, and Denver, CO regions, Xscape Pod provides pre-packed camping and adventure gear rental. It takes the hassle out of the selection process and saves valuable storage space. Xscape Pod focuses on high-quality outdoor equipment and customer convenience.
  • Arrive Outdoors: This online platform allows customers to rent camping gear and have it delivered to their door or to destinations like hotels or national parks. Arrive Outdoors serves all 48 contiguous states, making it a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions About Renting Camping Gear

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Is renting camping gear for a trip advisable?

Renting camping gear can be a wise choice for those who do not own equipment or do not want to invest in purchasing new gear. It can save you money, especially if you are an occasional camper or participate in a specific activity requiring unique equipment.

Renting also allows you to try out top-quality gear without a significant financial investment. REI Co-op is a reliable option for renting camping gear and services like Arrive Outdoors and Mountain High Outfitters.

Do camping gear rental stores offer transportation services?

Some camping gear rental stores may offer transportation or delivery services, although options may vary depending on the specific company and location.

For example, Arrive Outdoors is a California-based company that offers camping, hiking, and winter gear for rent, and you can choose to have your rentals delivered to your home, hotel, or a FedEx location.

It is always a good idea to check the details and policies of the rental provider to ensure that they can accommodate your transportation needs for your camping trip.

Wrapping up Where to Rent Camping Gear

Even if you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast, you might need gear from time to time. Renting camping gear allows you the freedom to get the products you need without the financial commitment(or upkeep!). And if you’re just starting out, renting frees up your budget and storage space.

When you’re ready to buy equipment of your own, check out our gear reviews and guides.