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The Top 5 Truck Campers for Off-Road Expeditions

Truck camping is an amazing way to experience the great outdoors. And out of all the ways that you can set up your vehicle, a camper is definitely your best option.

Their variety and comfort make even the toughest terrains manageable. And with this list of the top 5 truck campers for off-road expeditions, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you!

Read on for descriptions of the top truck campers in the most popular categories. From the best budget option to the one that feels the most like home, this article has everything you need to know to make your choice.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall
AT Overland Aterra XL

Budget Option
Ovrlnd Pop-up

Best Summer Camper
Rossmönster Lagom

Most Durable
Four Wheel Campers Hawk

Most Homely
nüCamp 820 Cirrus

Best Overall

AT Overland Aterra XL

The AT Overland Aterra XL is currently the most innovative truck camper on the market. With the world’s first-ever honeycomb, composite shell it is incredibly durable. And it has a dry weight of only 1,100 pounds!

A skylight and five windows that come equipped with privacy curtains and bug netting, make the interior feel as open as possible. And there are drawers that you can pull out to become stairs, so you don’t have to climb over the counter to get to your king bed.

Other noteworthy features include a dinette that can turn into another sleeping area, an on-demand hot water heater, a 20lb propane tank, 30 gallons of fresh water capacity, a waterless toilet, multiple shower connections, a 150 Ah lithium battery, 400W of solar power, and much more!

The only downside is that this camper requires a flatbed, which means most people would have to convert their truck before buying it.


  • Durable honeycomb, composite shell
  • Two interior sleeping spaces
  • Lots of storage
  • Spacious
  • Well-insulated


  • Requires flatbed
  • Pricy

Best Budget

Ovrlnd Pop-Up

The Overlnd Pop-Up is a much more affordable truck camper, yet it still offers quality craftsmanship! Its standard features include a queen bed, four windows with bug-netting included, a maximum weight of 400 pounds, a completely waterproof canvas pop-up, and durable aluminum construction.

But the coolest part of this product is the fact that it is completely customizable. Not only are they built for each individual vehicle, but there are also 24 add-ons that you can order to make this camper your own.

You can add extra height, another break light, solar panel ports, a propane mount, a roof rack, more windows, fans, vents, an awning mount, an interior counter, and different types of doors. All to create a camper that fits your needs perfectly.


  • Endlessly customizable
  • Extremely light
  • Spacious


  • Very simple interior

Best Summer Camper

Rossmönster Lagom

With its large windows and pop-up design, the Rossmönster Lagom is the perfect truck camper for your summer expeditions!

Once set up nothing will beat the view that this camper gives you. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping under the stars, while also completely protected from the wind and rain by the hardshell walls and roof. And its built-in fan will help keep the heat out.

The minimalistic design of this camper also provides a lot of storage. Since your entire truck bed will be available for normal use. But that comes at the sacrifice of some of the amenities normally found in a truck camper. Without a water hook-up or kitchen, it may feel similar to backcountry camping at times.

This camper also has a very rare design, so it can only be attached to a Toyota Tacoma, a Jeep Gladiator, and a Ford F150.


  • Big windows
  • Can use your truck bed as intended
  • Hardshell walls


  • Only available for three truck models

Most Durable

Four Wheel Campers Hawk

Four Wheel Campers’ Hawk model is easily the best camper for your long expeditions. Everything about it has been designed to last and keep you safe.

Its Blue Sea Systems marine-grade electrical 120V circuits and automatic charging relay are incredibly rare finds in a truck camper. Add the neatly laid-out plumbing system and you have a camper that you don’t need to worry about taking off the beaten path.

Made for full-size, half-ton, and short-bed trucks, this camper has a pop-up height of 6’6” and multiple layout options to fit your needs. The interior is also known for its innovative storage design. It can be confusing, but it definitely makes the most of the space.


  • Various internal and external layout options
  • Robust plumbing
  • Reliable electrical


  • Confusing interior storage system

Most Modern

nüCamp 820 Cirrus

If you’re looking for something that brings the look and feel of a modern home into the great outdoors, the nüCamp 820 Cirrus truck camper is what you want.

This spacious camper sleeps four people and is packed with all the technology you could ever want. A flat-screen TV, an HDTV dish, remote control lights, a wet bath, a convection microwave, a backup camera, and an AM/FM Bluetooth radio bring all the comforts of home to your trip.

And that’s not even including the Alde heat system, the Nautilus water management system, and the Froli sleep system. This camper’s limited exterior storage is only a small price to pay for all its benefits.


  • The closest thing to a full home setup
  • Sleeps four
  • State-of-the-art technology


  • Limited exterior storage

Off-Road Truck Camper Buyer’s Guide

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Hard-Sided vs Pop-Up

When choosing between a hard-sided and a pop-up truck camper, the biggest consideration is the insulation capacity. If winter expeditions are your preference, a fully walled-in camper will definitely keep you warmer than a pop-up.

But for those who want to go on intense summer expeditions in rough terrain, having a more compact and lightweight pop-up camper will make life easier. Depending on what you’re willing to spend, you can also get a pop-camper that doesn’t sacrifice any of the comforts usually afforded by hard-sided campers.

Know Your Payload

Every truck has a maximum cargo weight that it can carry, on top of its empty weight. This is called their payload capacity or their curb weight. And this weight includes you and any passengers.

That means you don’t want to buy a camper that immediately puts you at your capacity. You need to leave a lot of room for your luggage, water storage, and everything else you’ll be bringing on your trip.

Know Your Box Size

Your truck’s box size is the length and width of its bed. Typically, a truck bed comes in three sizes. Long beds are eight feet long, standard beds are 6 feet and 5 inches, and small beds are 5 feet and 8 inches.

The truck camper you choose must fit properly in your truck bed or it will mess with your truck’s center of gravity.

Layout Options

The interior layout of a truck camper will usually include a kitchen, a seating area, and the main sleeping area over the roof of the truck. Some of the higher-end ones will also include a bathroom. The layout option you’ll usually have to worry about the most is the placement of the seating area.

Dinettes are booths, with an adjustable table. In cheaper models, dinettes are replaced with couches. Both these options usually fold out into a second sleeping area.

In a truck with a back door, these seating areas can be placed either in front of the main bed or along the side wall. Placing it in front will force you to climb over the seats and adjust the table to get to your bed. Whereas the side-wall placement tends to make the camper feel more spacious.

Now, campers with a side-door entry will almost always have a seating area along the back wall. Out of all your options, this is the most open-concept layout.

Truck Camper Frequently Asked Questions

truck camping accessories

What is the life expectancy of a camper?

The average camper will last around 20 years or 200,000 miles. But that can change depending on the class of your model and how well you take care of it.

How big of a truck do I need to carry a camper?

A one-ton truck is almost universally recommended for hauling truck campers. They have the largest payload ratings and they are equipped with the suspension and brakes needed for heavy loads.

How important is the center of gravity on your truck?

To prevent damage to both your truck and the camper, it is very important that you know your center of gravity. When setting up your camper, make sure most of your weight rests on or in front of your truck’s rear axle.

Wrapping up top Truck Campers for Off-Road Expeditions

Whether you’re looking for something that will last or just something that will bring you the most comfort, this list of the best truck campers has the perfect fit for you.

And now that you have your setup, check out our Campground Guide to find your next destination!