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10 Signs That You’re Addicted To Camping!

Campfire CookingYou Make All Your Meals Over A Fire

There’s just something about that smokey taste a real fire adds to your meals, right?!


You Have A Dresser Dedicated To Just Your Camping Clothes

This one seems completely reasonable to me. Why would you want your base layers, your Gor-Tex or your bug repellant clothing in with all your other clothes? If you have a specific dresser just for these items, you can quickly find them and get back to camping asap!

Your Honeymoon Involved A Tent

Honeymoon Camping

If you’re newly married, there is no better way to get to know your spouse then than to spend some time in a two person tent! My honeymoon involved a Wenonah Canoe (check out the link for a behind the scenes tour of Wenonah Canoes), a Big Agnes Tent, Granite Gear portage packs and a lovely trip through the BWCA.

You Can’t Park Your Car In Your Garage Due To Camping Gear

Between my hanging canoe, stand up paddle boards on the walls, racks of tents, camping stoves, camp kitchens and more, my camping storage shed (otherwise known as a garage) is quite full. I keep promising my wife that someday she’ll be able to park in the garage, someday…

You’ve Got A Hammock In Your Home

Indoor Hammock

I personally love hanging my hammocks and taking a nap in them and I definitely would hang one in my home, if I had the room! If you actually do want to hang your hammock inside, ENO sells an indoor hammock hanging kit on Amazon for only $11.95 (link to purchase!).

You Have A Sleeping Bag For Every Possible Temperature

If you have 4 or more sleeping bags, which personally seems absolutely reasonable as I stare into the corner at my 7 sleeping bags, you might be addicted to camping. If you find yourself needing to explain this part of your addiction it’s simple, just ask them if they would use the same blankets if their house was 5 degrees one night and 50 the next!

Every Year Your REI Dividend Is Always Over $100

In our family, a common date night for my wife and I is to visit REI to see if they have any new camping gear. I always tell her I am just “browsing”, yet all of my “browsing” usually ends up with at least a $100 dividend check if not more…

You No Longer Need A Map When Canoeing In The Boundary Waters

Canoeing In The BWCA

OK, let’s be honest here, this is impossible. Maybe you know a few areas pretty well, but I have yet to meet anyone who would dare canoe through the BWCA without quality maps.

Your Calendar Has Every Permit Release Day On It

If your calendar has the dates when permits are first released for Glacier, the BWCA, Voyagers and more, you are probably addicted to camping. But, lets be honest here, skipping work and making sure you get the exact permit you want just seems like something any normal person would do.

You’re Reading This Post Wondering If I Listed Any Of Your Symptoms

I’d love to hear which one’s describe you or let me know which ones I missed (I may add them in a later edit with you being credited).

Ash Jamieson

Thursday 7th of July 2016

I'm convinced camping is a lifesaving addiction


Tuesday 22nd of March 2016

Yeah... Looking at a few of these symptoms makes me pretty sure I have a good case of camping addiction. Especially that REI dividend...


Monday 7th of March 2016

Our honeymoon was backpacking the Appalachian Trail for three month. The first think we bought, before any furniture, was a canoe. After 40 years of marriage, we have never not owned a canoe, both have been Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders for many years, and in our 60s this summer will be climbing Mt. Kenya at 17,057 feet. Have lost track of how many nights on the ground.


Friday 18th of March 2016

40's years together (with canoe!) and climbing Mt. Kenya, that's great SJ!

Mark Slater

Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

My 2 year old has a toy tent set up in his room, and it's a Kelty. You know since, I have a 1/2 dozen tents.


Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

Only 1/2 dozen? :)

Kirk M.

Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

We honeymooned in a tent, by a lake, with a canoe. Cooked over an open fire, left our maps behind and bought the tent new ... with our REI dividend check!


Tuesday 23rd of February 2016