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9 Best Places To Go RV Camping In Michigan

Michigan has a lot to offer the RV camper. The Great Lakes surround the state, and you get access to Lake Michigan to the west, Huron to the northeast, and Eerie to the southeast. These lakes provide world-class water recreation and fishing and are the site of some of Michigan’s most incredible RV camping.

We will look at luxury RV resorts and more serene and secluded woodland RV campgrounds. Michigan does both types well! RV camping in Michigan can be as much about summer nights in your on-site pergola as they can be about just sitting around a simple fire ring looking up at the stars.

Before we get started, take some time and look over our RV camping tips. This section below will assure you have everything you need for your trip and take steps to ensure you will enjoy RV camping in Michigan.

RV Camping Tips in Michigan

9 Best Places To Go RV Camping In Michigan

Bring the Bug Spray!

Some of these camping spots can be downright brutal regarding ticks and mosquitoes. You will not want to venture off on a long hike without some bug spray. Without it, you could be slapping mosquitoes all day and picking ticks off you all night.

Respect the Bears

The bear population is real in Michigan and needs to be respected. You have to hang your food, you have to clean up after yourself, and you should be very cautious when you are hiking in areas that are unfamiliar to you.

Check for Ticks

Ticks carry diseases, and even high-quality bug spray is not enough to keep all of them off you. At the end of a big hike or a long day in the woods, you should take a shower and check yourself for ticks.

Keep these biting little creatures from boring down into your skin.

Reserve Early

RVing is constantly growing in popularity. To deal with this, you are going to want to reserve early. No matter when you choose to go RVing, you should reserve your space early, where it’s possible. Some campsites do not take reservations.

When you make an early reservation, there are fewer surprises.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

The seasonal weather extremes in Michigan can be severe and serious rain can affect the trails you need to travel on foot or even the roads you must traverse with your RV. Keep an eye on the weather, so your RV camping in Michigan doesn’t become a nightmare.

Luxury RV Camping in Michigan

Lake view campsite in autumn

These luxe resorts offer more amenities than you can count on one hand. They are exceptional locations that aim to blow the RV camper out of the water with their settings and offerings.

The Luxe sites carry a heavier price tag than the wilderness RV camping resorts, but it all depends on how you want to spend your time RV camping in Michigan.

1. South Haven Sunny Brook RV Resort

This location is a true RV Resort that offers 266 sites and many Amenities. Everything from a 5 1/2 acre pond to various games like volleyball, racquetball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, and a beach! There are two heated swimming pools, and the resort even offers planned events.

To make a reservation, you must fill out a reservation form. You can rent daily, weekly, monthly, or annual sites.

South Haven Sunny Brook RV resort is a must-visit if you are RV camping in Michigan.

2. Traverse Bay RV Resort

Another top-tier RV resort in an incredible location, Traverse Bay, looks like a sprawling RV suburb more than a campsite. However, these opportunities exist if you go RV camping in Michigan, and they can be a great time.

You can book well ahead of time and do it for the night, the month, or even longer! With clubhouses, shuttles, planned events, a pool, and natural beauty, just some of the many amenities, this place will keep you busy! If you desire it.

The sites are idyllic, each having a little grass and a few trees. When I first saw this resort, I couldn’t help but think of it as a simple RV suburb!

3. Hearthside Grove Motorcoach Resort

Hearthside Grove is another one of those unimaginable resort parks. They are just mind-blowing. From a massive clubhouse to cooking lessons with local chefs, it is wild what they have going on at Hearthside Grove. This motorcoach resort is a luxury RV resort.

Rates are seasonal here, and you get four different types of lots to choose from. These lots, of course, have added amenities as the price increases. You get a 5000 sqft lot and full hookups at the low end, and it also comes with a concrete pad and metal table with chairs. You get an entire outdoor kitchen, pergola, and water feature on the high end.

Winter rates are very affordable if you want to drink cocoa around the fire pit on your site.

4. East Pointe RV Resort

Established on the banks of the Grand River this RV resort is another with an exhaustive list of amenities. It features stores, pools, fitness centers, various sports courts, and water sports, to name a few.

Each RV campsite is well outfitted with a fire ring, picnic table, electricity, potable water hookups, WiFi, and a long table. You will have everything you need right at your campsite. This site is close to the beaches of Lake Michigan.

Generally speaking, you can camp for a week here at East Pointe RV Resort for around $500. That is a pretty good price considering all you get for the money.

Wilderness RV Camping in Michigan

rv camping MI

All the luxury can wear on you a bit. Some people want to hop in the RV and get away. This section is for you! Find yourself some peace, quiet, and serious seclusion.

5. Crockery Creek RV Park

Crocker Creek is a seasonal-only campground. This park sits on 68 acres and is a decided break from the resort-style RV camping in Michigan that we have shown you up until now. Located in rural Muskegon County this destination features 121 hookups for RVs.

The on-site heated pool, lake, game room, and general store are available for your use. You can access a banquet hall, too! There is plenty of fun at Crockery Creek RV Park, and it is a less fussy and more rural location than the luxe RV camps.

6. Gitche Gumee RV Park and Campground

Gitche Gumee is a unique opportunity for RV camping in Michigan, as your site will be on the banks of lake superior. This area offers an upper peninsula adventure with no comparison, and you will get more of a taste of the wild at Gitch Gumee.

The sites are rustic and even allow tent campers amongst the trees. There are ATV trails if you want to hit the woods by day, and then you can retire to the sandy beaches of Lake Superior. They also have a clubhouse, lodge, and the Old Fudge Store if you want to chow down on something sweet!

Gitche Gumee has it all and is in such a serene location. You will park your RV amongst the trees and be surrounded by opportunity. You can even watch the sunset on the lake when the day is done!

7. Eden Springs Park

When you have a park with a fun working train station built around it, you know you have found some unique RV camping in Michigan. There are a few things that are unique about Eden Springs.

This 42-site park offers tent camping and rented cabins for all interested. Regarding booking your standard 30 amp site, the rate is $40 per night, and it is $45 per night if you choose the 50 amp sites.

The history buff will love Eden spring, and for $3 per game, you can even watch old-time, bare-hand baseball games! You will see some things at Eden Spring that you have likely never seen before.

8. Haas Lake Park RV Campground

Haas Lake Park is a massive place for RV camping in Michigan. We are talking about a nearly 500-site campground with four different lakes to swim and fish in! When it’s busy, you are going to see people.

Haas Lake is in the rural setting of Southeastern Michigan, New Hudson. However, this RV park and campground can get full in the busy season! With affordable rates of around $50 per night and plenty to do, there is no wonder people enjoy their time at Haas Lake RV Campground.

The summers are filled with themed events like Pirate’s Weekend, and there are even special offers if you keep an eye out!

9. Hideaway RV Park

Hideaway RV park is for campers looking for absolute seclusion. Having an RV bias helps, too! No tent camping locations are available here, and the sites are all-inclusive and give you everything you need.

With competitive rates of around $50 per night, you can afford the seclusion and serenity of Hideaway RV Park. You will also access their paddleboats, walking trails, swimming, and fishing lakes.

If you want to be out in nature RV camping in Michigan, you cannot go wrong with the Hideaway RV park.

Final Words on RV Camping in Michigan

There is no shortage of opportunities for RV camping in Michigan. The beauty is you have so many choices to decide if you want to spend your time in a luxury RV resort, out amongst the trees, or by a lake.

My suggestion is to take the opportunity to do both! Pull up to the luxe campgrounds, hook up for a few days, and then head off into the woods for a little quieter comfort.

Most of the sites we profiled here are affordable, so you have plenty of options. Look for the lake opportunities and try to do your RV camping in Michigan before the busiest times of the year.

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