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The Top 10 Alabama RV Parks You Must Visit

These days, more and more people are downsizing, finding ways to make their jobs and schooling mobile, and packing up their RVs to travel the country.

However, while reaching their destinations is easy, choosing those destinations can be a bit more difficult.

If Alabama is the next stop on your RV adventure list, let us help! Here are our top ten must-visit Alabama RV parks!

A travel trailer at an RV park. Alabama RV parks.

Best for Families

1. Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater


When we say Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater is massive, we mean it.

In fact, the RV park is only a portion of this sprawling entertainment destination!

This Alabama RV park features sites that offer full hookup, including sewer and electric, and picnic tables if you want to get out of the RV for a meal or two.

The sites can comfortably host RVs up to fifty feet in length. That means even if your RV hits the upper limit of RV sizes, these sites are more than capable of housing it!

The RV park also offers Wi-Fi, so no need to worry about ending up disconnected from the outside world!

If you choose to stay at this Alabama RV park, you won’t find too many extra amenities in the park itself. However, the reason we chose it as one of our top picks for families is because of the opportunities that surround it!

Sand Mountain RV Park is part of a much larger operation. Trust us, you and your kids won’t possibly be bored during your stay!

Sand Mountain offers a gaga ball court, tennis courts, multiple playgrounds, an outdoor water park, and so much more.

2. River Ridge Retreat


If you’re seeking something more rustic (and a lot quieter!) than Sand Mountain, then you’ll want to check out River Ridge Retreat!

This peaceful lakeside getaway is the perfect place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle. These sites offer full hookup, fire rings, and are sized to house any size RV.

There are also concrete patios attached to every site, as well as picnic tables and charcoal grills!

If you have furry family members to consider, don’t worry–this Alabama RV park welcomes pets.

You can book your site solidly on land, if preferred. However, you can also choose to book sites that are situated right beside the lake, providing the best view of the water!

You’ll want your RV shower here–though it’s a beautiful, quiet place to reconnect with nature, that rustic flair includes a noticeable lack of bathhouses.

It might be a good idea to establish a shower schedule prior to your stay!

3. Deer Run RV Park


Deer Run is an Alabama RV park that strikes the perfect happy medium between the woodsy charm of River Ridge and the theme-park-like excitement of Sand Mountain.

Deer Run RV Park offers full hookup, including sewer, as well as concrete or gravel pads, picnic tables, and Wi-Fi access.

And don’t worry–Deer Run also provides bathrooms and bathhouses! So if you have a pop-up camper with no shower, or your RV runs out of water too quickly for everyone to fit in a shower, you can make the trek there.

You can also access washing machines and dryers if an unexpected mishap occurs with your clothes. (And let’s be honest–when you’re camping and taking part in activities like swimming and hiking, you never know what might happen!)

There are a few different activities you can take part in with your family.

Deer Run offers access to a catch-and-release lake where you can fish. You can also play a few rounds of horseshoes, swim in the pool or the lake, and hang out in the rec hall to escape the heat.

Best for Couples

4. Bama Slam Saloon and RV Park

New Brockton

Get ready for some good old-fashioned southern fun in this Alabama RV Park!

Bama Slam is a fantastic choice for couples looking for a good time. In fact, if you’re an engaged couple looking for a cowboy-themed wedding venue, you can host your wedding at the Bama Slam Saloon!

You can park your RV in Bama Slam RV Park, where you’ll find both primitive and full hookup sites available. Bama Slam also has fully outfitted bathhouses with both bathrooms and showers.

As for activities, you can explore some of the nearby hiking trails, get your tan going while lounging on the beach, or grab a drink and some delicious food at the saloon.

Between the lake beaches, the swimming hole, and the “mud pit,” there’s no shortage of ways to stay cool at Bama Slam.

You can even go fishing in the lakes on the property!

5. Ditto Landing Campground


Ditto Landing is another perfect Alabama RV park for couples to stay in.

The park itself is stunning. When you park your RV here, you’ll be just shy of the Tennessee River, a glorious blue body of water that lights up all kinds of colors at sunset.

Thanks to your proximity to the river, you’ll be able to fish for local bass, take a kayak or canoe out on the water, and even dock your boat if you have one!

There are plenty of edible treats to be had here as well as visual ones. You can grab some ice cream and other snacks at the general store, as well as some refreshing drinks.

Ditto Landing also provides WiFi, bathrooms, and showers!

The sites themselves offer electricity and water hookup, but no sewer. You also won’t find a fire ring or grill available.

Best for Pet Owners

6. Birmingham South RV Park


So, you’ve taken your life on the road…but what if that includes your dogs?

Don’t worry! There are actually many RV parks that welcome dogs…in fact, a few even go the extra mile and provide a dog park on their grounds.

Birmingham South RV Park is one of them!

This Alabama RV park offers plenty to do for both their human and canine visitors.

The dog park is fully fenced-in, allowing your dogs to run freely and frolic with you and other dogs. The only rule is that you don’t leave your dog’s messes behind. Bring along some extra plastic bags in case!

The RV sites offer full hookup, a picnic table, and free Wi-Fi. However, you won’t find a fire ring, grill, or patio.

The park doesn’t only have a park for your dogs. There’s also a playground for your kids to entertain themselves on!

There’s also a basketball court, a swimming pool, and a horseshoe pit for you to enjoy.

And if the days start getting a bit too hot, you can grab an ice cream cone at the general store on the property!

7. Camp Sherrye on the Coosa


Though the name may be a bit confusing, once you get a look at this Alabama RV Park, there won’t be any question as to why it made the list of best Alabama RV destinations!

At first glance, Camp Sherrye causes a bit of an optical illusion from above–it looks as though it’s situated oddly, forcing you to park your RV on some pretty steep inclines. However, that’s not the case, we promise! It just looks that way because of the way the sites are arranged.

It’s an undoubtedly beautiful location…maybe even the most beautiful on the list!

You’ll be parked right beside the Coosa River. Between the gorgeous trees, the deep blue water, and the stunning sunsets, you’ll be absolutely breathtaking.

Bridge over Coosa River near Wetumpka, AL.
Bridge over Coosa River near Wetumpka.

This Alabama RV park also includes a dog park on its grounds, so feel free to bring your pups along for the ride.

Unfortunately, there are no fire rings or grills at the RV sites. So if you want s’mores, you’ll have to make them over the stove inside your RV.

The sites do include full hookup, however, as well as a concrete pad. There are even “premium” sites that include patios!

You can also choose sites that are located directly alongside the river.

8. Bama RV Station


Not to be confused with Bama Slam, the Bama RV Station is a super exciting place for dog lovers to stay. They offer not one, not two, but three fenced-in dog parks for your pooch to explore to their heart’s content!

This also means that if you have a shy or anxious dog, you’re more likely to be able to find an emptier park to let them roam in.

They’re also one of the safest RV parks in Alabama; they have a basement specifically set aside in case of bad weather. Alabama can experience both tornadoes and hurricanes, both of which can sweep an RV away. The option to take shelter definitely will put your mind at ease if you’re camping during storm season!

You can choose between non-sewer sites and full-hookup sites. There is Wi-Fi access at every site, but no fire ring, no concrete pad or patio, no grill, and no picnic table.

Best Unique Alabama RV Parks

9. Hoover Met Complex


If you’re looking for a truly unique experience–or want to play some sports while camping–Hoover Met Complex is the Alabama RV park for you!

The Hoover Met Complex offers plenty of opportunities to play various sports, even if you aren’t traveling with a team. They have open play sessions for basketball, volleyball, baseball, and even more!

There is also a splashpad available, though it is seasonal. Be sure to check their website to see if the splash pad will be open during your visit.

As you explore the Hoover Met Complex, you’ll discover delicious food, obstacle courses and rock-climbing walls, and even a pickleball court!

At the RV park itself, you’ll be able to book sites with full hookup, Wi-Fi access, and garbage pickup once a week.

This park does not have bathrooms, showers, or laundry rooms, so come prepared!

10. Great Escapes Chesnut Bay RV Resort


Last but not least, Great Escapes Chesnut Bay is another unique Alabama RV park to visit as you explore the Yellowhammer State.

This RV park is located right beside a full-blown waterpark. Not a splash pad, not a few sprinklers, not one water slide–a full waterpark!

Though it will cost a bit extra for admission, while staying at Great Escapes, you can take the whole family over to Pirate’s Bay Waterpark. You’ll be able to plunge down multiple slides, relax in one of the cabanas, grab lunch at one of the concessions stands, and take your smaller kids to the Kids Water Zone!

Inside the RV park portion of Great Escapes, you’ll find full hookup sites that are pet-friendly and, unfortunately, fire-ring free. However, these sites do include picnic tables and charcoal grills!

You can also access WiFi within the park.

Stay in Alabama’s Best RV Parks!

An RV camping site at sunset.

Ready to head out on your Alabama RV adventure? Gather your things and head on out–the best Alabama RV parks are waiting for you!

For more RV camping destinations, visit our RV camping section now!