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The Best Travel Trailers for New Owners

If you’re new to travel-trailer camping and can’t figure out where to start looking for your first travel trailer…you’ve come to the right place!

There are many great options…but how to choose? Let’s start with the characteristics you should look for

A truck pulling a travel trailer

What To Look For in Your First Travel Trailer

Suitable Weight

If you’re shopping for your first travel trailer, one thing to consider is its weight.

If you’re not planning to buy a new vehicle to tow your new travel trailer, you want to check the towing limits on your current vehicle.

Your options for your new travel trailer will shift depending on that weight limit.

Sleeping Space

Depending on the size of your family, you may need to choose a travel trailer for beginners that includes a bunkhouse.

Sleeping space can be limited in travel trailers, and it can get uncomfortable when you have to squeeze everyone onto a couple of sleeper sofas!

Intended Use

If you’re planning to try your hand at boondocking with your first travel trailer, you want to look for features specifically designed for that type of camping. Not all travel trailers are created equal when it comes to boondocking capability.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities, don’t panic! Here’s a list of our favorite travel trailers for beginners:

Best Lightweight Options

Winnebago Micro Minnie

If your travel trailer’s weight is a concern, the Micro Minnie is one of the best travel trailer brands for new owners!

With the biggest model (the 2108DS) weighing in at roughly 4,200 pounds, the Micro Minnie can be towed even by smaller SUVs.

The smallest model (the 1700BH) is about 3,300 pounds.

Jayco Jay Feather Micro

Another lightweight option for new travel trailer owners hoping to tow their first travel trailer with their current vehicle is the Jayco Jay Feather Micro!

Jayco is one of the most popular travel trailer brands for a reason: they’re fantastic for new travel trailer owners. The quality tires and lighter weight make towing a breeze.

On top of that, the fully outfitted kitchen, the spacious queen bed and bunk beds, and ample storage space ensure even the biggest homebodies can ease happily into the RV life!

3. Keystone Bullet

Keystone Bullet models are the perfect balance between travel trailers that can accommodate families and travel trailers that are easier to tow.

While the Keystone Bullet is considered “ultra-lightweight,” it still has room for separate bunks, a queen bed, and all the additional comforts that will make new RV campers feel right at home.

4. Little Guy Micro Max

If you’re a new trailer camper traveling solo or with a partner, the Little Guy Micro Max is perfect for you!

The biggest thing that makes the Little Guy one of the best travel trailers for new owners is that it’s garageable. No need to shell out for expensive storage stays!

And, at less than 2,000 pounds, it can most likely be towed by your current vehicle–even if you drive a sedan!

A truck pulling a travel trailer

Best With Bunkhouses

1. Heartland Trail Runner

If you’re a new travel trailer owner more concerned about space than towing weight, you’ll want to look at the Heartland Trail Runner!

The Trail Runner includes a separate bunkroom and a separate “master” bedroom, giving you plenty of sleeping space and recreation space.

2. Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf

The Grey Wolf is one of the best travel trailers for new owners, especially families needing plenty of sleeping space.

It’s not only on the smaller side of trailers, making it easier to tow; it also has the ability to sleep eight people!

Between the queen bed on one end of the trailer, the queen and additional twin bunk on the other, and the sofa and convertible dinette in the center, there’s no shortage of sleeping space!

3. Winnebago Minnie Winnie

As mentioned, Winnebago RV and travel trailer models are some of the most reliable out there. They’re also great for beginners because Winnebago provides plenty of user guides for travel trailers, particularly their own!

The Minnie Winnie isn’t so “mini.” It includes a separate bunkroom with double oversized twin bunks, a fully separated master bedroom (with an actual door, not a curtain!), and a full kitchen set-up.

If you’re a new travel trailer owner with very young children, it even comes with an external pack-and-play for you to use when you’re doing outdoor activities!

4. Forest River Salem 273QBXL

The Forest River Salem has some amazing features that make it one of the best travel trailers for new owners with big families to fit inside.

The bunkroom not only includes two twin bunks–it also includes a sofa, which can either be used for extra lounging space or as another sleeping option.

Secondly, the master bedroom includes a king bed, not a queen. You don’t see that too often in travel trailers!

Thirdly, the sofa in the main living area can also be converted into a bed.

The exterior kitchen, walk-in shower, and full kitchen with counter space also promise to make the transition into travel trailer life a breeze.

A travel trailer parked in the woods at night

Best for Boondocking

1. Airstream Basecamp

Being a new travel trailer owner is one thing…being a new travel trailer owner and deciding to try your hand at boondocking is another.

Luckily, some models are built to make boondocking easy…even on the newest travel trailer campers!

The Airstream Basecamp is the go-to model for boondocking.

The compact design makes it much easier to navigate through rough terrain and around tight turns, which are more likely obstacles when you’re camping in places that require boondocking.

It also includes a kitchenette, a good-sized water tank for a travel trailer of its size, and convertible benches that can turn the whole Basecamp into a bed!

2. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

While the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro isn’t as compact as the Basecamp, it makes up for it with other features meant to support boondocking adventures.

The Geo Pro includes both off-road tires, allowing it to tackle any route with ease, and a solar package that comes standard–perfect for camping off the grid!

3. Boreas XT

If you’re a new travel trailer owner committed to embracing the rough-and-tumble boondocking life, you want the Boreas XT.

This unique travel trailer is built for off-road adventures–and it looks the part!

It’s designed for ultimate maneuverability through difficult spaces and outfitted with solar equipment. It also can hold 30 gallons of water in its tank– a huge plus for a travel trailer this small!

A man enjoying a cup of coffee beside a fire and his parked travel trailer

Congrats on Becoming a First-Time Travel Trailer Owner!

The first step is always the hardest, but trust us–you won’t regret choosing one of these travel trailers for new owners! Travel trailer camping is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as an outdoors enthusiast…even if you’re new to the practice!

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