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Best Places to Go Camping in Alaska: A Guide to Scenic Wilderness Escapes

Alaska is a camper’s dream, offering stunning landscapes from coastal fjords to remote forests. Whether you seek adventure or peace in nature, Alaska has it all.

Keep reading to explore the best camping in Alaska and the best spots this wilderness wonderland has to offer! Plan your unforgettable outdoor adventure today!

Best Places to Go Camping in Alaska: A Guide to Scenic Wilderness Escapes 1

Key Takeaways

  • Alaska’s vast wilderness caters to a range of camping experiences, from RV to tent sites.
  • The state’s campgrounds offer a mix of accessibility and remote beauty for all visitor preferences.
  • Preparing for a camping trip in Alaska involves practical considerations to ensure a memorable adventure.

Planning Your Alaska Camping Adventure

When embarking on an Alaskan camping trip, careful consideration of the season, fees, reservations, and wildlife safety are critical to ensuring a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Choosing the Right Season

Summer in Alaska is a prime time for camping, with the season stretching from late June to September. This is when the weather is most favorable, boasting relatively warm temperatures and accessible campsites. While camping in May can be inviting, one should be prepared for cooler conditions and potentially lingering snow. Winter camping is feasible for the well-equipped and adventurous, but the majority opt for summer to make the most of Alaska’s natural beauty during its peak.

Understanding Camping Fees and Reservations

Camping in Alaska varies in cost. Fees can range from free to upwards of $100/night based on the campground and provided amenities. Planning ahead is crucial; some sites require reservations, which can book up quickly during peak summer months. Campsites can come with options such as cabins, often necessitating advance booking.

Preparing for Wildlife and Safety

Safety is paramount when in the wilderness of Alaska. Campers must be versed in bear safety and consider carrying bear spray as a precaution. Bugs, particularly mosquitoes, are prevalent, thus packing bug spray is advisable. Moreover, research before the trip enables campers to familiarize themselves with any specific wildlife concerns pertinent to their chosen camping area.

Top Campgrounds and Parks to Visit

Best Places to Go Camping in Alaska: A Guide to Scenic Wilderness Escapes 2

Alaska boasts a vast array of campgrounds and parks that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. The top locations provide not only breathtaking scenery but also a range of amenities, from picnic tables to opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Denali National Park and Its Campsites

At the heart of Alaska’s wilderness, Denali National Park and Preserve encompasses North America’s tallest peak and over six million acres of varied terrain. The park offers multiple campsites, including the Riley Creek Campground, near the park entrance, equipped with amenities like picnic tables and showers. For a closer experience with nature, visitors may consider dispersed camping within the park for a true wilderness adventure.

Exploring Kenai Peninsula and Surrounding Campsites

The Kenai Peninsula is a haven for campers, offering an experience of both mountains and coastal scenery. Notable sites include the oceanfront Homer Spit Campground in Homer, well-known for its fishing and bird-watching opportunities, and campgrounds around Resurrection Bay in Seward, which afford stunning glacier views and marine wildlife encounters. Campers in the area can enjoy a range of options, from RV hookups to rustic tent sites.

Chugach State Park and National Forest Camping Options

The Chugach State Park and Chugach National Forest present campers with a diverse landscape of glaciers, peaks, and lakes. Near Anchorage, the Eklutna Lake Campground offers not only picturesque settings but amenities like picnic tables and latrines. For those interested in more remote experiences, dispersed camping is available throughout the Chugach areas, allowing for a sense of solitude amidst Alaska’s natural splendor.

Adventure Opportunities Beyond the Campsite

Best Places to Go Camping in Alaska: A Guide to Scenic Wilderness Escapes 3

Alaska’s vast wilderness offers campers a multitude of activities to engage in once they’ve set up their temporary homes in the great outdoors. From trekking through national forests to fishing in glacier-fed waters, the call of adventure echoes beyond the campfire’s glow.

Hiking Trails and Nature Exploration

Alaska is a hiker’s paradise, boasting an extensive network of trails that cater to all skill levels. Mendenhall Lake Campground provides easy access to trails where one can explore the magnificent Mendenhall Glacier. For those seeking a more challenging hike, Chena River State Recreation Site features treks leading to breathtaking views and the chance to spot local wildlife. In the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park, adventurers can discover the Harding Icefield Trail, offering unforgettable vistas of ice and wilderness.

  • Eagle River: Ideal for witnessing wildlife and lush scenery.
  • Bird Creek: Offers both casual and strenuous hikes, suitable for a family day trip or an in-depth nature immersion.

Fishing, Boating, and Other Water Activities

When it comes to water activities, Alaska is unparalleled. Kenai Fjords National Park not only provides excellent hiking opportunities but also allows visitors to venture out into the waters for fishing and boating excursions. Lower Skilak Lake Campground sits on the banks of Skilak Lake, where campers can fish for salmon and trout, or simply enjoy the tranquility of kayaking or canoeing. Those camping at Wonder Lake Campground can enjoy the serenity of the lake and may even catch a view of Denali on a clear day.

  • Chena Lake Recreation Area: A prime spot for boating, swimming, and catching a variety of fish.
  • National Forests: Surrounding national forests offer secluded fishing spots and pristine rivers, perfect for nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts alike.

Through this diverse range of activities, each visitor to Alaska can craft their unique adventure narrative, etching memories that resonate with the wild heartbeat of this northern wonderland.

Practical Tips for Alaska Camping

Best Places to Go Camping in Alaska: A Guide to Scenic Wilderness Escapes 4

When camping in Alaska, one must consider the rugged landscape and variable climate to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Proper gear and knowledge about managing the ever-changing weather conditions are crucial.

Camping Equipment Essentials

For tent camping in Alaska, a sturdy, weather-resistant tent is imperative. Campers should opt for tents designed to withstand potential snow and strong winds. RV campers require similar foresight, with well-maintained RVs to navigate the interior landscapes, especially if opting for more rustic settings outside of designated campgrounds. Essential equipment includes:

  • Tents/RVs: Four-season tents with robust poles and waterproof materials, or an RV for those preferring a home on wheels.
  • Sleep Systems: Insulated, moisture-resistant sleeping bags paired with sleeping pads for added warmth.
  • Cooking Gear: Portable stoves, with extra fuel, or utilizing fire rings where available, taking care to purchase local firewood to prevent the spread of pests.

Whether opting for a basic setup or glamping, the focus should be on durability and protection against the elements.

Managing Temperature and Weather Variables

Alaska’s climate can be described as unpredictable, with temperature swings even during the summer months. To prepare for the variability, apply the following strategies:

  • Layers: Always dress in layers to adjust to quick temperature changes, using moisture-wicking materials closest to the skin and insulating layers on top.
  • Weather Intelligence: Stay informed on the latest weather forecasts and be ready for sudden changes, especially when camping in the open or on public land as opposed to private campgrounds or state park campgrounds.
  • Visibility: Camp in a location with good visibility to enjoy the Northern Lights if they appear, while being aware of weather conditions.

By adhering to these equipment and weather tips, campers can better navigate the majestic terrains of Alaska with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated campgrounds for couples in Alaska?

Couples looking for a romantic and picturesque camping experience might consider waterfront spots that offer privacy and spectacular views. Chugach State Park provides a mix of adventure and intimacy, with campgrounds like Eklutna Lake being especially renowned.

Which campgrounds in Alaska offer the best facilities for RV camping?

RV campers in search of comprehensive amenities should head to campgrounds with full hookups and added comforts. Riley Creek Campground in Denali National Park is one of the favorites, providing good facilities for RVs of various sizes.

How can one find free camping spots in Alaska?

Free campgrounds can occasionally be found on public lands, and resources like the Bureau of Land Management website are invaluable for locating them. Dispersed camping is also allowed in certain areas, though it’s important to follow Leave No Trace principles.

Where can I find a comprehensive map of campgrounds in Alaska?

A detailed map of campgrounds across Alaska, encompassing both state-owned and private sites, is best found through official tourism sites or organizations like Alaska State Parks.

What should I know about tent camping in the Alaskan wilderness?

Tent camping in the Alaskan wilderness demands adequate preparation, including bear-safe food containers and knowledge of the local wildlife. Denali National Park provides specific guidelines and tips for tent campers to ensure safety and conservation.

Best Places to Go Camping in Alaska: A Guide to Scenic Wilderness Escapes 5

Plan Your Camping Trip to Alaska Today!

Alaska offers a range of camping experiences suitable for various budgets and preferences! Campers can embrace Alaska’s natural beauty in multiple locations, be it through a budget-friendly outdoor adventure or a more comfortable cabin stay.

For more help planning your trip, be sure to check out our camping archive!


Tuesday 17th of August 2021

You really should update your information on Homer AK. Clamming has been banned for several years now due to low numbers.

amy steele

Tuesday 15th of June 2021

i am so overwhelmed trying to decide where to camp in alaska We are flying into fairbanks 8-3 then heading to denali 8-5 thru anchorage to kenai/seward/ homer area the rest of the trip then flying out of anchorage on 8/10. We are wanting to camp a day or two in or near denali & down in seward/ homer area for 1 day. We have a car & airbnbs in fairbanks for night 8-3 &4 & in kenai 8-6 thru 10. there will be 2 adults & 3 kids ages 14-18

any help or suggestions or anything at all will be appreciated


Thursday 23rd of July 2020


I'm coming to Alaska to teach this year and am looking to get into the outdoors. Where was the opening photo taken? The person with the yellow backpack overlooking the glacier.

Thanks for the help!!!

Jake Walnut

Tuesday 28th of July 2020

Sorry, Bobby! I'm not 100% sure where this picture was taken!