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The Best Camping Tables for 2024

Whether you’re a hardcore camper, a weekend warrior, a full-time RVer, or an overnight hiker, you require lots of tools and supplies. Unfortunately, a camping table is one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated of these many items.

Camping tables are convenient and can get used for several different things, including food prep, cleaning fish, eating, games, and more.

If you think that a table is something you should include on your next camping trip, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide a list of the top camping tables on the market and what it takes to be the best camping table.

best camping table

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Co-op Camp Prep Table

Budget Option
Lifetime Adjustable Height Folding Table

Best Ultralight
Stoic Feather-Lite Camping Table

Best Food Prep Table for Feeding a Large Group
GCI Master Cook Station

The Best Camping Tables

Best Overall

Co-op Camp Prep Table

The Best Camping Tables for 2024 1

If you’re serious about wanting the best camping table on the market, the Co-op Camp Prep Table from REI takes the cake. This table features adjustable legs that you can range from 22″ to 31″ in height, and the length and width of the table offer plenty of space for food prep.

One of the best features of all is that each of the legs is individually adjustable, making the Co-op Camp Prep Table ideal for even or uneven surfaces. Simply adjust each leg until the table’s level, and you’re good to go. This is also one of the strongest and most durable camping tables available, as it can comfortably support up to 100 pounds.

The tabletop is made of slated, rust-resistant, and heat-resistant aluminum, ensuring it will stand up to all weather conditions. While the table is slightly bulky when put together, it folds in half, and the legs slide shut. It also comes with a handy-dandy carrying bag for easy and safe transportation and storage.


  • 4′ x 2′ of table surface area is plenty for a wide variety of tasks
  • Extremely durable and stable
  • Adjustable legs can be individually altered
  • The carrying bag is a nice touch


  • Slightly pricy
  • It weighs 19 pounds which is fairly heavy for a portable table

Budget Option

Lifetime Folding Table

Lifetime Height Adjustable Craft Camping and Utility Folding Table, 4 Foot, 4'/48 x 24, White Granite

If you want a quality and durable best camping table but don’t feel like spending $150 on it, the Lifetime Folding Table is a good alternative. Lifetime is a company that’s made a massive name for itself by developing some of the world’s best plastic products. Their folding camping table is no exception and could easily take the top spot on our best camping table list.

The Lifetime table has the same surface area as the REI table, at 4′ x 2′. It also weighs a similar amount at right around 19 pounds. Although the legs are adjustable between 24″ and 36″ on the Lifetime Folding Table, they don’t adjust as easily or in the same increments as the REI Co-op. While the surface area is vast, it, unfortunately, lacks heat resistance.

Despite a few downfalls, this Lifetime table makes up for them with durability, stability, and value. It’s half the price of the REI Co-op and has a higher weight capacity of up to 200 pounds. All in all, this table isn’t the flashiest in the world, but it provides excellent service at a great price, and you’re bound to have a better camping experience with it than without it.


  • Adjustable legs
  • A weight capacity of up to 200 pounds
  • Vast surface area for food prep or gameplay
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Slightly bulky and heavy
  • Doesn’t include a carrying bag
  • The tabletop isn’t heat-resistant

Best Ultralight

Stoic Feather-Lite Camping Table

Stoic Feather Lite Table Black/Blue, One Size

While the table we just looked at is excellent for portability, it’s not as durable or strong as the Stoic Feather-Lite Camping Table. Weighing in under two pounds and with a surface consisting of solid and durable polyester fabric, this table is ideal for any type of solo camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting. It folds down into the size of a book or tablet and can easily fit into any pocket on your hiking backpack.

While the tabletop is made of polyester fabric, the legs are strong, rust-resistant, and durable aluminum. This makes the table surprisingly sturdy and stout for its tiny size. The only real downside is that the polyester fabric is a little tricky to clean if you don’t have previous experience with it. However, with a few tutorials and reading the instructions, you can overcome this obstacle and get the most out of your Stoic Camping Table.


  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Surprisingly durable and sturdy
  • Rust-resistant legs and surface area
  • Easy to set up and break down when you reach your destination


  • Not big enough for more than one or two people at most

Best for Serious Food Prep

GCI Master Cook Station

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station Portable Camp Kitchen Outdoor Folding Table

If size and space aren’t an issue and you’re simply looking for the best camping table to use as a food prep station, the GCI Master Cook Station is perfect. As the name indicates, the GCI is made and designed specifically for the job of food prep. It has a vast surface area that measures fifty-six inches long, twenty-two inches wide, and a height of thirty-two inches.

This table features table ends that fold down for easy storage and three different sets of legs for added stability. It includes bonus features such as extra shelving, a paper towel holder, an overhead hanger, and even a spot to keep your cups. Just be careful what you put on the table, as the weight capacity is limited to less than fifty pounds.

If the features listed above aren’t enough, there’s even a small kitchen sink made of soft, waterproof fabric where you can wash your dishes. Don’t worry, because this best camping table setup includes a drain on the bottom for easy disposal.


  • Vast surface area
  • Lots of bonus features, including extra shelving and a small sink
  • It’s the perfect height for standing and doing food prep
  • Folds down into a surprisingly small package


  • Not as strong or heavy-duty as it could be
  • Slightly heavy at just over twenty-two pounds

Lightweight & Portable

Nemo Moonlander

Nemo Moonlander Table

If you don’t need a big camping table but still want the best camping table on a small scale, you should check out the Nemo Moonlander from REI. The Nemo Moonlander is small in size but as strong and durable as many of its larger best camping table counterparts. It’s made of a combination of nylon, aluminum, and steel, which makes for a rust-resistant and stout little table.

The surface area is nineteen inches by fifteen inches in size, and the standard table height is sixteen inches. However, if that isn’t high enough, there are four additional legs attached to the bottom side of the table that you can add to the existing legs and increase the height. One of the best parts of all is that it all comes in a neat little carrying case that’s lightweight and easy to transport.

The Nemo Moonlander is comparable to an ant in that it only weighs five pounds, but it can support over 100. This is a table that will last you a lifetime, and that requires minimal care and maintenance. The setup is fairly easy, and the takedown is even easier thanks to the excellent design and materials that went into creating this table.


  • Very strong and sturdy despite its small size
  • Four additional legs that snap onto the existing legs for extra height
  • The tabletop is heat resistant
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Very easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Despite its small size and surface area, the table is fairly pricy
  • Not practical for more than one or two people

Tenrios Portable Camping Table

Portable Camping Table, Collapsible Beach Table Folding Side Table Aluminum Top with Carry Bag for Outdoor Cooking, Hiking, Travel, Picnic, RV Fold Black

If you’re in the market for the best camping table that’s budget-friendly, small, and easy to carry, the Tenrios Portable Camping Table is worth a try. This little guy only costs around $25 on Amazon, and it’s absolutely adorable. It weighs under two pounds and is one of the most lightweight and portable tables on this list, making it perfect for hiking or camping.

What makes this table even more appealing if you’re tight on space is that it packs down into the size of a pop or water bottle. You can store it in your backpack, sleeping bag, or even in your pocket! Despite how compact it is, the tabletop consists of aluminum alloy, which means it’s rust-resistant and doesn’t retain heat.

Additionally, the Tenrios Portable Camping Table is easy to clean and low maintenance. While you won’t be able to fit your whole family around the 15.5″ x 13.5″ x 12.5″ surface area and tabletop height, it’s perfect for one or two people. The table is surprisingly sturdy and can hold up to fifty-five pounds of weight, and it features slip-resistant rubber legs for added stability.


  • Extremely small and lightweight
  • Very affordable
  • Surprisingly strong and durable
  • Slip-resistant legs are excellent
  • It folds into the size of a water bottle
  • The perfect table for picnics, hiking, or small camping trips


  • Not big enough for a group of more than one or two people

How to Choose the Best Camping Table

best camping table

If you want the best camping table but didn’t like the options on this list, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you make the right decision.


One of the first things that most people look at when choosing a table is the price. Whether you’re planning to take your table camping, hiking, fishing, or anything else, it likely won’t be the only thing you need to purchase. You should create a budget for all the things you need to purchase and only spend on a table what your budget will allow.


The last thing people want to do when they get to their destination is spend a half-an-hour setting up a camping table. In order to be considered the best camping table, it has to be easy to set up with minimal instructions. That’s why each of the tables we chose for this list has an easy setup and teardown and as few moving parts as possible.


The height that you need your table at depends on what you plan to use it for. Food prep tables should be around 32″ in height, whereas sitting tables can be between 20″ and 30″ depending on how tall you are. Mini-tables and hiking tables with a goal of being lightweight and portable, however, are closer to 15″ to 20″ tall. It’s vital that you know what you plan to use your table for when determining the height you need.

If you want to circumnavigate this obstacle altogether, you should purchase a table with adjustable legs for alternating heights.

Intended Use

While the intended use plays a big role in the height of your best camping table, it should also affect the size of the table. For example, if you want a table to take on hiking trips with you, you want to stay away from bulky tables or food prep stations. At the same time, however, if you want a table that your whole family can gather around, you don’t want a tiny hiking table.

Weight and Size

Weight and size matter the most if you’re backpacking or tight on storage space. You’re likely going to be carrying a bunch of other supplies and items with you, and the last thing you want is to be weighed down by a table. If weight and size aren’t a factor, however, you should look for the best camping table to serve your intended use.


Durability and stability are two of the biggest factors that determine the overall cost of the table. The best camping table should use the best materials in their design, which will help them last longer, stand stronger, and serve you better.


Like I just said, the material that’s used to build your best camping table will determine how strong, durable, and stable it is. Tables that use aluminum or steel for their base are stronger than tables that use wood or plastic. You should also find tables that use lightweight, rust-resistant, and water-resistant materials that don’t retain heat. This will make for easier cleanup, more comfortable use, and durability.


Bonus features like cupholders, paper towel holders, and a solar charging station aren’t necessary, but they’re a nice bonus.

Different Types of Camping Tables

best camping table

Dining Tables

Dining tables are typically larger and stronger than other types of camping tables. They’re tables that you and your family can sit down at and eat a meal or play a game of cards. Dining tables are usually more expensive than other camping tables because of their size and durability. If you want the best camping table for a group of people, however, a dining camping table is the way to go.

Side Tables

A side table is sort of like a coffee table or an end table that you have in your home. While they might not be the best camping table for an entire family, they’re ideal for a single person. They’re much smaller and more lightweight than dining tables and typically have a much lower height. While none of the small tables we listed in this article are classified as side tables, they can all be used as one.

Cook Stations

Cook stations, like the GCI Master Prep Station listed above, are tables that get used specifically for preparing food. They’re also used during the cleanup process and often have bonus features like sinks or towel holders. The downside of this type of camping table is that you can’t use it for much outside of food prep and cleanup.

Collapsible or Folding Tables

One of the main things you should look for in the best camping table is that it’s easily foldable. Any type of table that gets used for camping or hiking has to be able to fold down into a manageable size. Each of the tables listed in this article is collapsible or folding.

How to Care for Your Camping Table

best camping table

Taking care of your camping table isn’t hard or complicated, but it is necessary. You should make sure to clean the surface area after every use and adhere to the instructions that accompany your specific table. Wood tabletops may need to be sealed and stained periodically, whereas vinyl tops usually get spot cleaned.

If your table has metal or steel legs, make sure to keep them out of the elements for prolonged periods of time. Moisture could create rust on steel, which will quickly lead to a damaged and unusable table.

Wrapping Up the Best Camping Table

As you can see, choosing the best camping table for your needs isn’t as easy as it might sound. There’s a lot to consider and think about before purchasing a camping table or any other type of camping gear. However, by choosing one of the camping tables on this list and adhering to the buying guide above, you’re sure to purchase a quality product that will improve your camping experience.