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The 5 Best Glamping Tents for Luxury Camping in 2023

The glamping craze is sweeping across America as of late.

The New York Times states this form of luxury camping has now hit the mainstream. Another report projects the glamping market to hit $1 billion in revenue by 2024 in the United States alone.

No matter how you look at it, glamping (a portmanteau of glamorous and camping) is here to stay. And while furnished glamping rentals are available around the world, another option is to invest in a glamping tent of your own.

Whether you plan to go glamping a few times a year or set up a semi-permanent glamping basecamp on your property, the best glamping tents will give you a taste of the outdoors without sacrificing all those creature comforts you know and love.

Here are the best glamping tents plus everything you need to know to choose the right luxury tent for you.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Psyclone Tents Luxury Bell Tent

Coolest Tent – See the Stars!
Wilderness Resource Stargazer Canvas Tent

Budget Option
Outdoor Safari Glamping Tent

Best Glamping Tent Reviews

Here is our roundup of the best glamping tents:

Best Overall

Psyclone Tents Luxury Bell Tent

Psyclone Tents Removable Floor 4 Windows 5m/16.4ft Luxury Bell Tent Outdoor All Weather 8-10 Person Cotton Canvas Yurt Large Tent for Family Camping Glamping Hiking and Festivals

The Psyclone Bell Tent (shown here with the sides rolled up) gets our nod for the top luxury glamping tent for its well-rounded features, pricing, and overall quality.

First off, it has a great size with a 16′ 9″ diameter, which gives you plenty of room for a king-size bed, multiple twins, or nearly any sleeping arrangement you’d like to set up.

One feature that I love about this bell tent is the removable floor. I didn’t know this would be a handy feature until I had my first bell tent with a removable floor. Unzipping the flooring from the sides and really opening up the tent on a warm summer day is absolutely wonderful. Yet, reattaching the walls to the flooring is simple and quick.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Detachable Floor
  • Durable Weatherproof Canvas


  • Does Not Include A Stove Jack

Coolest Tent – See the Stars!

Wilderness Resource Stargazer Canvas Tent

Wilderness Resource - Stargazer Glamping Tent (13 Feet) Glamping Festivals Weddings Resorts Airbnb Luxury Camping

The Wilderness Resources Stargazer is a lightweight and spacious glamping tent that’s sure to turn heads.

It boasts a stylish design that balances elegance and functionality. The tent utilizes a unique shape to maximize interior space. With a 13-foot diameter, you can comfortably fit in a king-size bed. Or, try four twin-size beds, up to eight sleeping bags, or any other sleeping arrangement in that general ballpark.

The coolest feature of this tent is the reason for its name, the Stargazer allows you to do just that and enjoy an evening looking up at the stars. This is a view that no other glamping tent offers in the same way. As long as no rain is in the forecast, the roof makes for a unique and luxurious experience.

This tent has thick and durable vinyl-coated flooring along with mesh windows and doors. All of these features serve to keep critters out while still providing excellent ventilation.

Heavy-duty cotton canvas is used throughout the construction. It`s extremely durable and holds up in all weather conditions.

It can be difficult to set up the Wilderness Resources Stargazer tent for the first time. Because of the unique design, there’s a slight learning curve. But after the initial setup, future setups are relatively easy, although this tent is still better for longer stays rather than pitching it somewhere new each night.

Key Features:

  • Unique Design / Incredible View
  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Durable Construction
  • Mesh Windows/Doors/Roof

Budget Option

Outdoor Safari Glamping Luxury Tent

Outdoor Family Camping Safari Glamping Tent Waterproof Luxury 3/4/5/6M Yurt Bell Tent with Mesh Screen (Off White Oxford Tent, 4M Bell Tent)

The Outdoor Safari Glamping Luxury Tent is a great option for those looking to spend a little less on an amazing glamping experience.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Canvas (900D oxford)
  • Waterproof
  • Comes in 4m, 5m, and 6m sizes
  • Roll up walls for increased airflow

Runner Up

Dream House 4-Season Tent

Dream House Large Spacious Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas 4 Season Camping Tent for 10 Persons

The Dream House 4-Season Tent is another classic canvas wall tent for year-round use.

For glamping, this tent excels thanks to its large size. It can comfortably fit 8 people or more sleeping on cots or sleeping pads. For even more luxury, the tent will easily accommodate two queen size beds with room to spare.

Not only that, but this Dream House tent is extremely rugged. The heavy-duty cotton canvas is treated with a waterproof coating for superior weatherproofing all year long. It`s one of the most windproof glamping tents we`ve come across.

Additional features include a PVC ground cloth and mesh windows. There is no stove pipe vent for a wood stove. The tent comes with everything you need for all weather conditions, including rainproof caps and extra wind ropes. Compared to other canvas wall tents of a similar size, set up is very quick and easy.

The only downside to this glamping tent is its cost, but this tent is on the lower end of the cost spectrum. And you`ll get a top-quality luxury tent that will last for years on end.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Canvas
  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • Very Spacious
  • Mesh Windows/Doors
  • Quick Setup

PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent

Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent Wall Yurt Tent with Stove Hole for Outdoor Camping Hunting Hiking Festival Party

The PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent is our top choice for the best luxury tent for glamping.

It`s constructed from thick, durable canvas with a waterproof coating. The heavy-duty fabric performs well in the rain, wind, and snow. It`s even fire-resistant so you can safely use a wood stove or cook meals inside.

The tent is also very breathable. Mesh side windows and a top air vent allow for plenty of airflow. In the summer, you can even roll up the sides of this canvas tent to maximize breathability. A stove pipe vent ensures the space is properly ventilated if you pair it with a wood stove for cold-weather camping.

Additional highlights include the PVC floor and spacious design. There`s enough room for a small bed, table, and wood stove without taking up all the floor space. Various sizes are available. Despite the large size, this canvas tent is relatively easy to set up and take down. It takes around 15 minutes for one person to set up once you`re familiar with the process.

The only downside to the PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent is its weight. This sucker is heavy, making it less than ideal for those hoping to pack it into their campsite.

Key Features:

  • Durable Canvas
  • Waterproof and Fire-Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Spacious Interior Design
  • Easy Set Up

MC Canvas Bell Tent With Stove Jack

MC Canvas Tent Bell Tent 16.4ft*High9.2ft with Stove Jack for Glamping Family Camping Zipped Removable Floor

The MC Canvas Bell Tent is an absolutely beautiful glamping tent. Anyone who is lucky enough to stay in one of these feels like they are in glamping bliss.

The tent has a spacious 16.4′ diameter making it big enough for a king bed, or 8-10 individual sleepers. You can also set up your favorite glamping furniture to make it feel really luxurious.

The tent boasts 7 large windows/doors that can be unzipped to allow the beautiful summer weather in. Each window also has a mesh covering with a zipper in order to let in the weather but keep out the bugs.

The walls can also be detached from the roof allowing you to use the roof as a large tarp/shade for those hot sunny days.

My Favorite Features

  • 7 Large Windows/Doors
  • Detachable Walls From Roof
  • Cheap For Bell Tents
  • Stove Jack Included

Glamping Tent Buyer’s Guide

Glamping Tent from Above

Glamping tents come in numerous shapes, sizes, and varieties. There are also a host of special features to choose from. Knowing what to look for is important. It will help you choose the right luxury tent for your specific needs the first time around.

Here`s what you need to know to buy the best glamping tent:


The type of glamping tent you select not only influences how it looks and its overall aesthetic, but also how well it performs. Your main options include:

  • Bell Tent – A bell tent looks similar to a teepee or a yurt but it utilizes a center support pole with tension cables to maintain shape. These luxury tents are very spacious (many are suitable for 8 people or more) and are easy to set up and take down. 
  • Wall Tent – Typically constructed from durable canvas, a wall tent has four walls and a roof. They are among the most spacious options possible. They have the most vertical headroom of any other glamping tent. Wall tents are sometimes called outfitter tents or safari tents.
  • Tepee – A tepee, or tipi, is a conical-shaped shelter. The shape isn`t the most spacious but it helps the space stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Tepees are easy to set up and take down. Plus, many people prefer the unique aesthetic look.
  • Yurt – A yurt is one of the most comfortable luxury camping shelters, although they`re among the least portable. Their circular shape sets them apart from other glamping tents. They are one of the best options for cold-weather camping.

Other options include cabin tents, like the Coleman Instant Cabin, which are similar to a traditional camping tent, except with more room. You might also be interested in a rooftop tent that keeps you up off the ground and away from the elements.


How many people do you expect to house in your new luxury tent?

Although most glamping tents are more spacious than traditional camping tents, make sure that you select a model that is large enough to accommodate all of your guests.

Smaller models comfortably fit two or three sleepers while larger models can sleep ten people or more. Most glamping tents sleep somewhere between four and eight people.

Some people install a wood stove, camping kitchen, or even a makeshift bathroom facility in their glamping tent (although these are for more semi-permanent or basecamp installations). A larger tent is necessary if you demand extra living space.

Vertical height is yet another consideration. Most bell tents and tepees have limited vertical height, except in the dead center. A wall tent is a better option for those that prefer greater peak height for additional standing room.


The materials your tent is constructed from will influence its performance even more than you might think. Here are a few ways how:

  • Durability – The best glamping tents are often made with cotton canvas, heavy-duty poles, and thick guy lines to last for years on end.
  • Weatherproofing – Your luxury tent should be waterproof and windproof, especially if you plan to use it in late fall, winter, or early spring.
  • Breathability – Sometimes a downside of durability and weatherproofing is a lack of breathability. This is especially true with some tents made from synthetic fabrics. Despite its robustness, canvas is a relatively breathable material.
  • Flame Protection – If you plan to use a wood stove or a camping heater inside your glamping tent, look for a model made with materials that are compatible with wood-burning stoves. Faxed canvas is one of the best options.
  • Packed Weight – Material directly relates to the overall packed weight of your glamping tent. If you need to pack it in, lightweight material is a must. If your campsite is near your car, then weight isn`t nearly as big of a concern.

Canvas is the go-to material for many luxury tents. It is extremely durable, incredibly weatherproof (with a rainfly), and breathes well. But it`s also heavy and bulky. Synthetic material is probably a better (and often cheaper) option for those glamping in decent weather conditions (not winter).

Ease of Use

Most glamping tents take much longer to set up than a traditional camping tent.

However, certain models are relatively easy to set up, despite the heavy canvas and sturdy poles. Know that the extra setup time also helps make these camping structures sturdier against heavy wind and other inclement weather. 

If quick setup time (less than 10 minutes) is important to you, then it might be better to invest in a cabin-style camping tent rather than an actual glamping tent.

Other Glamping Gear You`ll Need

Family in Front of Glamping Tent

A glamping tent is just one piece of gear you need for an enjoyable glamping trip. You also need a whole host of other glamping equipment to make the experience possible.

Here`s some additional gear to add to your glamping checklist:

  • Platform – Although a platform isn`t strictly essential, it`s become something of a staple for glampers everywhere. Most are constructed from wood or concrete. They simply act as a platform for the tent to sit on. Due to their permanent nature, they`re best used if you plan to build a semi-permanent glamping location.
  • Sleeping – Most glamping tents are large enough for an actual bed. Another option is to hang a hammock inside with a hammock stand. Or, you can keep things simple with a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag
  • Food Storage – More permanent glamping shelters often have a somewhat traditional kitchen with cupboards or similar version. For a more rustic, DIY style shelter, a camping cooler for refrigerated foods is a must.
  • Kitchen – A well-thought-out camp kitchen makes cooking while glamping easier. In addition to a camping stove, you might like to incorporate a table or counter (folding options are available), a camping sink, and, of course, cookware and plate ware.
  • Portable Power – What`s more luxurious than a steady supply of electricity? The best portable power devices will help you stay charged while camping. A generator or power station is one option – but a portable solar panel works just as well.
  • Lighting – Illuminate your campsite with a lantern. The best camping lanterns provide bright, dispersed light all night long. Some are even compatible with our favorite solar panels and other portable power devices. 
  • Stove or Heater – A heat source is a must for glamping in winter. For compatible canvas tents, a wood stove is an extremely warm option. If your glamping setup is more portable, then a winter tent heater might be right for you.
  • Decor – One of the best parts about buying a new glamping tent is decorating the inside! You have far more options than with a traditional tent. String lights, prayer flags, and colorful floor rugs are common.

Our list of luxury camping gear lists 35 additional items that will help you turn camping into glamping. We also recommend our family camping checklist (or our winter camping gear guide if it`s winter) which list additional gear and equipment needed for an overnight stay outdoors.  

Additional Glamping Tips

Glamping Tent in the Woods

In all honesty, glamping is fairly simple and straightforward. But it can still be intimidating, especially on your first-ever trip.

Here are a few of the top glamping tips to remember for a seamless experience:

  • Your Campsite – A level campsite with natural wind protection is a must. Make sure your tent isn`t located underneath any widow makers.
  • Tent Setup – Setting up a glamping tent takes longer than a normal camping tent. The exact method varies depending on the model. However, it`s important to set yours up on a level surface, ideally a wooden or concrete platform for the true glamping experience.
  • Your Gear – There are dozens of different ways to furnish a glamping tent. The rest of your gear is just as important as the tent. Some people like to set up their tent to mimic an entire living area with a kitchen area, living space, and a bed. Others prefer to pack in multiple sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and cots for a high-capacity sleeping space.
  • Cold Weather – Canvas tents work very well in cold weather, especially when paired with a wood-burning stove. Add in a wooden platform for an even drier and cozier experience. It`s typically much warmer than sleeping in even the best winter camping tent.
  • Temporary vs Semi-Permanent – The most glamorous luxury tents are usually somewhat permanent. They`re set on a platform and furnished with a real bed and other furniture. But that doesn`t mean a portable glamping tent isn`t an option. Our favorite tents reviewed above all work well to set up for a weekend of camping before packing them down again.

Not a fan of the DIY glamping we`ve been discussing here?

Another option is to book a glamping rental – or even an all-inclusive glamping getaway. You won`t need your own luxury tent or any other glamping equipment, but you`ll still get to enjoy the entire glamping experience in a beautiful setting.

Glamping Tent FAQs

Luxury Tent for Glamping

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (and answers!) regarding glamping:

Q: What is glamping?

A: A portmanteau of glamorous and camping, glamping is simply a more luxurious form of camping that most often involves a larger tent, more comfortable furnishings, and additional amenities close at hand.

Q: What is the difference between a glamping tent and a camping tent?

A: Glamping tents are seriously sturdy and spacious. They are built with heavy-duty materials like canvas for increased weatherproofing and have a sturdy wood or concrete floor. The downside is that they`re far less portable than camping tents. On the other hand, a camping tent is lightweight and portable but much smaller and less luxurious than its glamping counterparts.

Q: What do you need to go glamping?

A: For DIY glamping, you need a glamping tent, sleeping gear, food storage, kitchen equipment, camp lighting, and more. The exact nature of your glamping gear depends on where you`re going and for how long. Don`t want to buy all your own equipment? Then consider a glamping rental instead!

Final Thoughts

Glamping Tent with Luxurious Decor

Taking the time to find the best luxury tent pays off big time. It will make a huge difference to your overall enjoyment of your glamping trip.

If you have any more questions regarding glamping or how to choose a glamping tent, let us know in the comments below. We`d love to help!