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Steady and Secure: The Best RV Leveling Blocks for Safe Camping

You finally made it to your destination and backed in successfully…yay! Now it’s time for the dreaded task of leveling your RV. Other than backing into your camping spot, and changing the sheets on your bed, is there anything harder than leveling your RV?

We’ll help make this task a little easier by giving you our top picks for the best RV leveling blocks.

best rv leveling blocks

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Beech Lane Camper Leveler

Budget Option
Tri-Lynx Levelers

Best Bundle
LevelMate Curved Leveling System

Best Overall

Beech Lane Camper Leveler

Beech Lane Camper Leveler 2 Pack with Carrying Bag - Precise Camper Leveling, Includes Two Curved Levelers, Two Chocks, Two Rubber Grip Mats, and A Carrying Bag, Patented

Leveling your RV front to back is easy enough to do with the jack on a travel trailer, or the landing gear on a fifth wheel. But, when it comes to side-to-side leveling, it gets a little more complicated. That’s where levelers like the Beech Lane leveler come in.

To use them, simply place the anti-slip mat on the ground behind your tire and wedge the ramp piece under the tire. Now, drive your RV up onto the ramp until you’re level. The last step is to place the included chock on the other side. Easy peasy. This is why Beech Lane is our top pick for the best RV leveling blocks.

Because of the curve, Beech Lane levelers can level your RV on terrain from ½” to 4” off-level.

If your axles are closer together and the Beech Lane leveler won’t fit between them, you can cut up to 4” off the end of these levelers.

Another great feature of the Beech Lane leveling system is that it comes with a lifetime, no-hassle warranty, even if you cut them off to fit your axles.

The Beech Lane levelers also come in black. As you’ll see, levelers can come in a variety of colors like orange, red, and yellow. If you like the look of black under your black tires, Beech Lane is the leveler for you.

One last feature we love, the Beech Lane RV leveling blocks come with a carrying case. We all love free carrying cases for storing tools in the basement.


  • Rated for up to 35,000 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Black


  • Only comes in sets of two
  • May be too long for some applications
  • Heavier than comparable levelers

Budget Option

Tri-Lynx Levelers

Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers - 10 Pack , Orange

For those who want a more budget-friendly option, the Tri-Lynx Levelers are our next option for the Best RV leveling blocks.

To use the Tri-Lynx Levelers, simply determine how high your RV needs to be elevated and stack the blocks accordingly. After they’re stacked, simply drive up, and your rig is level. Add the Lynx Stop n Chock to chock your wheels in place.

These levelers are perfect for those of us who are afraid of rolling off the curved levelers while you’re driving up them. With this system, if you go too far, just back up.

Tri-Lynx Levelers are designed to link together, kind of like Legos. If you’ve ever heard a fellow RVer talk about using Legos to level their RV, this is what they’re talking about.

Even though the waffle-like surface of these RV leveling blocks makes them lightweight, it also means they have a tendency to sink into softer terrain. If they sink, it can also cause them to crack.

One downside to these levelers is that each piece is a set thickness of 1”. Unlike the ramp levelers that can level your RV anywhere from ½” to 4”, you don’t have the flexibility with these blocks.


  • Lightweight
  • Don’t have to worry about driving off the end
  • Carrying case


  • Can sink in softer terrain
  • Not as durable
  • Can only make adjustments in 1” increments

Best Bundle

LevelMate Curved Leveling System

LogicBlue Technology LevelMate Curved Leveling System with LevelMatePRO – Curved RV Leveling Ramp – Includes One Leveler, One Wheel Chock, and One Grip Mat – Pack of 1

Up next on our list of best RV leveling blocks is the LevelMate Leveling System. This bundle includes the LevelMate Pro Bluetooth leveling system and a set of LevelMate ramp levelers. The LevelMate Pro is also our top choice for the best RV level.

The LevelMate is another curved leveling system, like the Beech Lane. What makes the LevelMate leveling system different is that you can use an app on your cell phone to tell you how far off level your RV is and never struggle with a bubble level again.

While this bundle does include one set of a leveling ramp, wheel chock, and anti-slip mat, there is only one included. However, you can order extra sets.


  • All-in-one system
  • Heavy duty


  • Slow connectivity with app

Carmtek Camper Leveler

CARMTEK Camper Leveler Kit - Curved RV Levelers with Camper Wheel Chocks and Storage Bag

Another curved RV leveling system that deserves a mention in our list of the best RV leveling blocks is the Carmtek Camper Leveler.

At first glance, this leveling system looks just like all the other curved levelers. On closer inspection, you’ll notice that the bottom of the leveler and the top of the chock both have grooves. These grooves fit together to help prevent the chocks from sliding out.

The Carmtek levelers can also be cut if needed, and detailed instructions are included.


  • Grooves that fit together
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Complaints that the surface is slippery

Quality Plastics Utility Blocks

Quality Plastics Utility Block - Four Pack

Here’s another option if you don’t like the curved RV leveling blocks. Unlike the Tri-Lynx levelers, these blocks don’t have a waffle structure. Instead, they’re made of solid, high-density plastic.

The grooves on the top and bottom allow them to be stacked to the needed heights, and the beveled edge acts as a ramp for driving your RV on top.

When it comes time to set the Quality Plastics RV leveling blocks, there’s a notch in the top so you can use your RV awning rod to move them where they need to be.

When it’s time to pack up and hit the road, there’s a handy rope that you can use to pull these RV leveling blocks out. Use your RV awning rod again and grab the rope; no bending required! Then, just stack the blocks and stow them away.


  • More durable than comparable blocks
  • Rope and notch for use with awning rod


  • May slip when stacking more than two high
  • More expensive than comparable blocks
  • No warranty listed

RV Leveling Blocks Buyer’s Guide

Size and Weight Restrictions

Even though most RV leveling blocks are rated for up to 30,000 pounds and 32” diameter tires, check the specifications to ensure that the levelers you choose will work for your RV.


Because you’ll be driving your RV onto the RV leveling blocks, they need to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of your RV. Again, check the specifications to ensure your home isn’t too heavy for the blocks you choose.

Easy to Use

Let’s face it, if the blocks you choose aren’t easy to use, you’re not going to be inclined to use them again. We all want to get the task of getting set up over as quickly as possible. The handy rope and notch for your awning rod will probably make the Quality Plastics blocks the easiest to use.


Every RVer has to consider storage when purchasing pretty much anything, and the best RV leveling blocks are no exception. For that reason, we tried to include options that come with storage bags. However, if you need a storage bag, Camco makes a nice-sized one.

RV Leveling Blocks Frequently Asked Questions

I have a self-leveling system, do I still need RV leveling blocks?

You don’t have to have leveling blocks if you have a self-leveling system, but it’s not a bad idea. The legs on your self-leveling system aren’t designed to be fully extended all the time. If you’re in a particularly unlevel spot, RV leveling blocks will help alleviate some of the stress on your self-leveling system.

How many RV leveling blocks will I need?

It all depends on your site. Most RVers carry at least two, and sometimes three, sets of the stackable Lego-style blocks.

If you opt for the ramp-style levelers, you’ll need one set per axle.

Wrapping up the Best RV Leveling Blocks

Leveling your RV doesn’t have to be a daunting task when you reach your favorite camping spot with one of these best RV leveling blocks onboard.

While we still can’t help you out with changing those sheets, take a look at our choices for the best RV levels to make your leveling task even easier.