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Choosing Your Home on Wheels: The 5 Best RV Rental Companies Reviewed

RVing has always been a great way to get out and see the country, but its popularity has soared in the past several years. All the hype may have gotten you into the RV mindset for your next vacation.

Read on to learn about who we think are the best RV rental companies for your next adventure!

Best RV Rental Companies

Factors to Consider

Type of Company

The rise of peer-to-peer RV rental companies has led to some more traditional companies calling it quits, but there are good options still exist for each type of company.

Traditional RV rental companies

The traditional RV rental company is like a rental car company. It’s a business that owns a fleet of various RV models that it rents out to users.

You can expect consistency among the vehicles in these fleets, as each company presumably has across-the-board standards for maintenance and cleanliness. It’s also easy to check up on these vehicles’ safety records, thanks to the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s databases.

Traditional RV rental companies also are more likely to allow you to do a one-way rental than peer-to-peer companies are.

Peer-to-peer RV rental companies

The internet and business models developed by companies like Uber and AirBnB have given rise to several types of internet-based, peer-to-peer rental models including everything from RVs to personal swimming pools.

A few pros about using a peer-to-peer RV rental company are that they tend to be less expensive than traditional companies, and they can offer rentals in areas that may not be served by a traditional company. You might also have a greater variety of unique RVs to choose from if you use a peer-to-peer service.

Peer-to-peer RV rental companies, however, are more likely to require that your rental be round-trip, returning the rig back to the owner at the end of your adventure.

Type of RV Experience

Before choosing the best RV rental company for your adventure, think about how you plan to use the vehicle.

Will you be staying mostly off the grid and boondocking, or mainly parking at an RV resort with lots of amenities? Or maybe you plan to do a little of both and some RV camping at National Parks or other campgrounds along the way.

Boondocking/Dispersed Camping

If you plan to boondock, look for an RV rental with higher clearance, as you don’t know what kinds of terrain you may have to deal with, and no one wants to get stuck, high-centered, in the middle of nowhere.

RV Camping

You’ll also need to consider power. Most off-grid RVs rely on solar panels or a generator for power, so you need a rig that has panels or that is capable of carrying or towing a generator. It’s also important to rent an RV that can carry a large amount of freshwater (think, 85 or more gallons per 10 days).

Class A RVs

For more luxurious RVing, where you have plenty of room and lots of built-in amenities, a Class A motorhome is the grade-A choice. However, these large RVs do require a lot of gas compared to a smaller, more budget-friendly Class B or Class C rig (though, a Class B rig also gets better gas mileage than a Class C).

Class A motorhomes come with a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping quarters, and eating area, and can sleep anywhere from two to seven people. If you plan to stay in the same spot for several days, a Class A motorhome might be a good choice; fuel won’t be as much of an issue if you aren’t driving around, and you won’t have to hook and unhook as often as if you have several moves. Class As come with electricity, AC, heat, water, and gas.

Class B RVs

Class B motorhomes come with a refrigerator, stove, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet, and shower, as well as electricity, air conditioning, heat, water, and gas. Quite a bit smaller than a Class A rig, Class Bs sleep two to four people.

Class C RVs

The best budget option for a driveable RV is the Class C. These “bare bones” RVs are the most economical. They have far fewer bells and whistles than the other two classes, but can still sleep up to six people.

Now that you have an idea of what you want in an RV and an RV rental company, it’s time to learn about our top picks!

1. RVshare

RVshare has partnered with one of our all-around favorite booking sites, Campspot, to help campers of all ilks book their perfect vacation at the perfect destination.

This peer-to-peer RV rental company has a huge network of RV owners willing to rent out their vehicles. RVshare’s vast and diverse inventory of RVs ranges from motorhomes and campervans to travel trailers and fifth wheels.

RVshare also provides towing and delivery options for certain RVs, making it convenient for renters who may not have their own towing vehicle.

RV Share

One more reason RVShare has landed on our list of the best RV rental companies is that it has many pet-friendly rental options, allowing you to bring your favorite, furry copilot along on your RV adventure.

The website and app are easy to use, as well. You should be prepared to set up a free account before you can start searching the inventory, but this process is straightforward and doesn’t take too long if you’re prepared. You will need to be at least 25 with a valid driving license, and will have to pass a DMV check that looks for any red flags on your driving record.


  • Large inventory of RVs available for rent across the United States
  • Affordable pricing and transparent rental policies
  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage and roadside assistance


  • You can only rent or list on one account, not both. So, if you’re an RV owner who also wants to rent someone else’s rig, you’ll have to create a separate account in RVshare.
  • Smaller selection/network compared to some competitors

2. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is one of the best RV rental companies out there. Its easy-to-use website and huge network of RV owners make this peer-to-peer rental company worth a look when you’re planning your RV trip. In fact, Outdoorsy’s community of RV enthusiasts is a wealth of information. Community members share travel experiences, tips, and recommendations.

Outdoorsy’s local approach allows for more tailored, unique, and authentic travel experiences. Owners from all kinds of locations, including popular tourist destinations and off-the-beaten-path spots, list their RVs on the site.

Outdoorsy offers four insurance options–essential, preferred, “peace of mind,” and stationary–with deductibles range from $500 to $1,500. It also provides reliable roadside assistance and 24/7 customer support.

Another great thing about Outdoorsy is that some listings offer instant booking options, allowing renters to secure their RV rental quickly and easily. The platform also facilitates direct communication between renters and owners for any inquiries or questions.


  • Wide selection of privately-owned RVs for rent
  • User-friendly platform for easy browsing and booking
  • Excellent customer support and comprehensive insurance options
  • Flexible rental options, including delivery and pet-friendly rentals


  • Some owners can have what seem like very strict rules. However, remember, this is someone’s property, and they just want to protect their investment!
  • Fees add up quickly, so make sure you read all the fine print before you commit. Fees will include a security deposit (anywhere from $500 to $2,000), which, ideally, you’ll get back, insurance, delivery fees, taxes, mileage, cleaning fees, and host fees (fuel, pet surcharge, generator use, and the like)

3. Cruise America

Cruise America is one of the best established, most trusted names in RV rentals in America. If you prefer a more traditional RV rental company, take a look at Cruise America’s offerings.

Cruise America works like a rental car company, only it maintains a fleet of RVs instead of cars. You select the type and size of RV you want, and Cruise America will match you with a vehicle in your chosen area.

With numerous rental locations across the United States and Canada, Cruise America makes it convenient for travelers to find a pickup and drop-off location that suits their travel route and itinerary.

What’s even better—and a reason Cruise America made our list of best RV rental companies—is affordable. The company is known for providing cost-effective RV rental options, making RV travel accessible to travelers of all budgets.

RV Family

Cruise America takes pride in maintaining their rental fleet to high standards. Vehicles undergo regular inspections and maintenance, ensuring that renters receive reliable and well-kept RVs for their trips.

Rentals come equipped with basic amenities, like a kitchenette with a stove, microwave, and refrigerator, and a bathroom with a shower.

You can go to Cruise America’s website to do all your trip planning, too. It provides useful travel resources and tips, like advice on destinations, driving tips, and camping suggestions.


  • One of the largest RV rental companies in North America
  • Diverse fleet of well-maintained Class C motorhomes
  • Convenient pickup and drop-off locations
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and basic insurance included
  • Newer RVs
  • One-way rental options


  • Not prevalent in more rural areas
  • Fine print on fees can be cumbersome, but make sure to read before signing a rental contract so you aren’t surprised by any fees when you return the RV.
  • Fairly uniform inventory–you won’t find any quirky vintage RVs here

4. El Monte RV

El Monte RV is another traditional RV rental company that was able to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and is still thriving. With over 50 years of experience in the RV rental industry, El Monte RV has established itself as a reputable and reliable company. Its long-standing presence in the market reflects the company’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

El Monte RV has a diverse fleet of RVs that cater to different travel preferences and group sizes, including Class A, Class C, and Class B motorhomes, as well as smaller campervans. All these options give customers the flexibility to choose the most suitable vehicle for their needs.

One of the reasons El Monte RV is on our list of best RV rental companies is that it offers full-service rentals that include essential amenities and features for a comfortable, fuss-free journey. All of the company’s larger RVs typically come equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom, sleeping quarters, and dining areas.

In addition to standard RV amenities, El Monte RV offers optional rental accessories such as bedding kits, kitchen kits, and camping chairs.

Our favorite thing about El Monte is that all of its fleet is pet friendly! In addition to that perk for pet owners, the company also provides renters with information and guides on traveling with their furry friends.


  • Extensive network of rental locations throughout the United States
  • Wide range of motorhome options, including Class A and Class C models
  • Competitive pricing and seasonal discounts
  • One-way rental options
  • Complimentary 24/7 roadside support


  • Not as many options as a peer-to-peer RV rental company
  • Pricier than other options
  • Doesn’t rent camper vans

5. Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans is another popular rental company that ranks on our list of the best RV rental companies out there. It offers a unique and adventurous way to travel and explore destinations throughout the country.

Escape’s fleet of custom-designed campervans cater to travelers seeking a comfortable and convenient experience on the road, but who don’t want to commit to a full-out RV.

Escape’s diverse fleet consists of brightly colored campervans, hand-painted by local artists and often adorned with artistic designs that add to each van’s distinct character.

Talk about a unique ride! The vans are available in various sizes and configurations, ranging from smaller, two-person campervans to larger models that can accommodate up to five people.

RV Kitchenette

Typical amenities in an Escape campervan include beds with bedding; a kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator, and stove; a dining area, storage space, and a 12V power system for charging electronic devices.

The company promotes eco-friendly travel practices, including employing low-emission and fuel-efficient vehicles and encouraging responsible camping and waste management during trips.

Escape Campervans operates in several locations across North America, including the United States and Canada. Escape has rental depots in major cities and tourist destinations, making it convenient for travelers to start and end their road trips from different locations.

Renting a campervan from Escape Campervans is pretty straightforward. You can book your rental online, selecting the pickup and drop-off locations, dates, and the campervan model that speaks to you! The company offers various rental durations, from short weekend getaways to extended road trips.


  • Specializes in unique and eye-catching campervan rentals
  • Vibrant and artistic designs on vehicles
  • Affordable rates and unlimited mileage options
  • Multiple pickup and drop-off locations in popular travel destinations
  • Eco-conscious


  • Although Escape Campervans outfits can be found in popular travel destinations, they aren’t as prolific as some other companies
  • Less space and fewer amenities than a larger RV
  • Road noise and vibrations are more pronounced than in larger RVs
  • Unique and vibrant artwork may draw unwanted attention (if you don’t want people to gawk at your campervan and start spontaneous conversations with you, this may not be the recreational vehicle for you)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special license to operate an RV?

Most RVs, especially Class C motorhomes, can be driven with a standard driver’s license. However, larger Class A motorhomes may require a special license or additional training in some states. Be sure to check your state’s regulations before signing a rental agreement.

Another thing to consider is whether you’re comfortable operating a large vehicle like an RV. Just because you don’t need a special license and training to operate an RV doesn’t mean you should.

How do I handle waste during my rental period?

The question you don’t think to ask until you’re onboard! Thankfully, RV rental companies usually provide instructions on waste disposal and basic RV maintenance. If you aren’t given instructions, be sure to ask before you set out.

RV Waste Disposal

Are there other costs I should budget for when renting an RV?

In addition to the rental fee, there may be extra costs involved in RV rental, such as insurance, mileage fees, generator use fees, and cleaning fees. Obviously, you will be responsible for all fuel costs, and you may need to pay a fee for certain extra amenities, like bedding.

Be sure to clarify all potential additional charges before signing your rental agreement.

Take a #VanLife Vacation!

Still wondering if you should use one of our proposed best RV rental companies for your next adventure? Do you like to camp, but want something a bit more comfortable than an inflatable mattress in a tent?

Fortunately, with these great RV rental companies, you don’t have to commit to full-time vanlife to experience the fun of RVing. Learn more about RVing on our RV camping hub!