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Gentle on the System: The Best RV Toilet Paper for Responsible Disposal

Unless you’re a seasoned RV traveler, most people don’t know that RVs require specialized toilet paper–and why would they?

Some RVs don’t include a bathroom on board, but those that do have a delicate disposal system to support nature’s calling. This system includes a blackwater tank, which holds waste and toilet paper. This tank doesn’t bode well with household toilet paper, but it requires specialized RV toilet paper that breaks down easily to reduce the likelihood of clogging when you’re emptying the tank.

Keep reading for our list of the five best RV toilet paper that you can purchase ahead of your next trip.

Best RV Toilet Paper

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
RV Toilet Tissue from Fireberry Outfitters

Best Budget-Friendly
2-Ply Quick-Dispensing Toilet Paper from Amazon Commercial

Best Eco-Friendly
Tree-Free Toilet Paper from Caboo

Best Overall

RV Toilet Tissue from Firebelly Outfitters

RV Toilet Paper, Septic Tank Safe-MADE IN THE USA- 8 Rolls,2-Ply 500 Sheets - Fast Dissolve Bath Tissue for Camping, Marine, RV Holding Tanks, Biodegradable - Firebelly Outfitters

As the name suggests, RV Toilet Tissue from Firebelly Outfitters is designed precisely for RV use. Offering two-ply super-soft comfort, this RV toilet paper is a fan-favorite amongst road travelers, campers, and mariners, and it won’t compromise on the fine quality you’re used to at home.

This RV toilet paper is designed to disintegrate much faster than standard toilet tissue. Because it’s fast-dissolving, this toilet paper increases the capacity of your septic tank and reduces the frequency of RV blackwater tank treatments. Who knew that using a certain toilet paper could make for easier on-the-road maintenance?

You’ll also notice that this toilet paper flows more easily through your sewer hose. Fewer clogs translates to an easier cleanup overall–and that’s something everyone is sure to appreciate.

This fan-favorite RV toilet paper is 100% biodegradable, unscented, made in the U.S., and doesn’t contain any dyes or parabens. Its composition makes it fully safe to use in septic systems, portable toilets, and camping toilets. It comes with eight super-soft rolls per pack at 500 sheets per roll.


  • Two-ply comfort
  • USA-made
  • 100% biodegradable


  • Some customers say the rolls are smaller than competitor brands
  • Not individually wrapped

Best Budget-Friendly

Two-Ply Quick-Dispensing Toilet Paper from Amazon Commercial

AmazonCommercial 2-Ply Quick Dispensing Toilet Paper for RV's & Marine, Waste-Tank Compatible, Unscented, 7200 Count, 24 Packs of 300 Sheet per Roll, White

When you’re stocking up on RV toilet paper for the whole family, price is undoubtedly one of the most important factors. But not to worry, because the two-Ply Quick-Dispensing Toilet Paper from AmazonCommercial has you covered!

This family-friendly pack comes with 24 rolls with 300 sheets per roll, for a total of 7,200 sheets. This two-ply RV toilet paper is strong, yet soft, and has quilted texture for added comfort. This toilet paper is unscented and gentle to use on skin of all sensitivity types, so it’ll surely be well-used by you and your fellow travelers.

This toilet paper is fast-dissolving and specifically designed to be used in RVs, marine waste systems, campsites, and anywhere else you need quick-to-disperse toilet tissue. It breaks down much better than standard bathroom tissue to prevent clogs for lower-maintenance cleanup.

The toilet paper also fits inside any universal toilet paper dispenser. Customers say that it’s unexpectedly soft and a cheaper alternative to high-price brands without sacrificing the reasons why people buy the higher-cost products.

Another plus about this product is that it’s eco-friendly. This RV toilet paper is made using Forest Steward Council (FSC)-certified paper, which ensures that the product comes sourced from forests that are managed according to strict environmental, social, and economic standards.

Every part of the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, from the cardboard box it arrives in to the individually-wrapped toilet paper rolls.


  • Product contains 24 RV toilet paper rolls with 300 sheets per roll
  • Two-ply toilet paper
  • Competitive pricing


  • Customers say that it’s difficult to tear off from the dispenser and requires two hands to tear it, which can cause overuse

Best Eco-Friendly

Tree-Free Toilet Paper from Caboo

Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper, Septic Safe, Biodegradable, Eco Friendly Bath Tissue with Soft, Quick Dissolving 2 Ply Sheets (300 Sheets Per Roll, 24 Double Rolls)

It’s not every day that you come across tree-free RV toilet paper, which automatically makes Tree-Free Toilet Paper from Caboo a unique choice. This toilet paper is great to consider if you want to be gentle on the environment, even when you’re answering nature’s call.

This toilet paper is made from sustainably grown bamboo, a fast-growing grass, which makes it a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional tree-based toilet paper. It’s safe for all disposal systems, including RV blackwater tanks, septic tanks, motorhomes, and marine sanitation systems.

Perfect for use at home and on the road, this eco-friendly toilet paper is hypoallergenic, BPA-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, lint-free, and non-GMO project-verified. It’s also manufactured using an elemental chlorine-free bleaching process.

This two-ply RV toilet paper is strong and comfy, offering the perfect combination of the strength of bamboo coupled with soft fibers. Available in bulk, this product comes in 24 double rolls with 300 sheets per roll.


  • Eco-friendly; toilet paper is tree-free
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Higher price point compared to competitors
  • Some customers describe the toilet paper as very think

Best Two-Ply

RV Bathroom Toilet Tissue from Camco

Camco RV Bathroom Toilet Tissue - 16 rolls | Septic and sewer safe | Biodegradable 2-Ply Bath Tissue | White | 500 Sheets Per Roll (40282)

The RV Bathroom Toilet Tissue from Camco earns a spot on our list as the best two-ply RV toilet paper because it’s super soft and budget-friendly. Designed and approved for use in RV and marine sanitation systems, this toilet paper provides a dependable clean without compromising on comfort.

This RV toilet paper offers two-ply protection, which is simply preferable to many. If you’re looking for durability, you can’t go wrong with an extra barrier. This toilet paper dissolves fully, deeming it clog-resistant, flushable, and safe to use in RVs and on boats. Because it’s 100% biodegradable and doesn’t contain dyes or perfumes, it’s perfectly acceptable to use in blackwater tank systems.

Available at a budget-friendly price point, this product comes with 16 rolls at 500 sheets per roll. It’s sure to last you through most of your trip–if you aren’t gone too long, that is.


  • Two-ply
  • Budget-friendly
  • Tightly-packed rolls


  • Some customers say the toilet paper is rough-feeling
  • Some customers say they received the product with the rolls crushed in on themselves

Best One-Ply

Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper from Scott

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, 48 Double Rolls (6 Packs of 8) = 96 Regular Rolls, 231 Sheets Per Rolls

Whether you’re choosing toilet paper for home use or for your RV, comfort is one of the biggest details to consider. After all, it’s never a pleasurable experience to use weak toilet paper that starts disintegrating in your hands–and while you’re using it. Fortunately, Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper from Scott offers superior quality for one-ply RV toilet paper, and it does so at an affordable price point.

The manufacturer boasts that this RV toilet paper breaks down 10 times faster than competitive brands to prevent clogs and make cleanup easier. That’s impressive!

This product is 100% biodegradable and free of perfume or scents, so there’s no need to worry about allergies or irritation. It’s also sustainably sourced from responsibly-managed forests and sold in recycled packaging. This RV toilet paper includes 48 regular rolls with 231 sheets per roll.


  • Bulk package at competitive pricing; 48 rolls included
  • Manufacturer boasts this toilet paper breaks down 10 times faster than competitive brands


  • It’s a one-ply toilet paper and simply won’t please everyone
  • Rolls are small, which may compromise the bulk offering

RV Toilet Paper Buyer’s Guide

Aside from price, there’s really only one thing to consider when purchasing RV toilet paper, and that’s its capacity to dissolve. The best RV toilet paper will dissolve almost entirely.

If you want to test out the dissolving capacity of your RV toilet paper beforehand, and it’s suggested you do so, perform the cup of water test. To do the test, take a sheet or two of RV toilet paper and place it in a cup of water. Make sure the cup you’re using is transparent so you can see clearly how the tissue reacts.

Let the toilet paper sit in the cup for a while. Check on it periodically to see how it reacts after 10 minutes, an hour, and a day later. If the toilet paper has fully dissolved, then it’ll react the same way in your blackwater tank. If it hasn’t, then you might want to try out another brand before hitting the road in your RV.

RV Toilet Paper Frequently Asked Questions

What makes RV toilet paper different?

RV toilet paper is made with a different glue, or binder, than standard toilet paper. This key difference allows RV toilet paper to dissolve faster and more thoroughly, so it won’t affect your RV’s blackwater tank system.

Wrapping up the Best RV Toilet Paper You Can Buy

Toilet paper is not the most exciting product that you’ll need to buy, but it’s fundamental. Without toilet paper, you certainly won’t be comfortable, and it’ll only be a matter of time before you have a problem on your hands–perhaps, literally so. RV toilet paper offers the dual-purpose of keeping you clean and preventing your blackwater tank and sewer hose from clogging.

Now that you have options to consider for the best RV toilet paper, be even better prepared for your RV experience by checking out our post on the Best RV Toilets.