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Chino Hills State Park Camping Guide

Are you looking for an expansive state park for camping and tons of other fun activities? Consider camping at the Chino Hills State Park.

This 14,000-acre California State Park is located in the Chino Hills of the Santa Ana Mountains and ranges from 430 feet to 1,781 feet in elevation. It offers stunning views of the San Gabriel and Santa Ana Mountain Ranges, as well as the Angeles National Forest.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Chino Hills State Park camping.

Chino Hills State Park camping


Originally, the state park was used as a short-term home to the Tongva Indians, who set up temporary gardening and living spaces along the Santa Ana River Basin.

Before the area became Chino Hills State Park, a portion of it was the Rolling M Ranch, established in 1948, and mainly used for cattle grazing.

Then, in 1984, the area was officially designated as a state park by the California Legislature. Through the years it has expanded from a 1,720-acre ranch to the 14,000-acre state park it is today.

The Chino Hills State Park is unique because it is home to a variety of native wildlife, as well as migrating wildlife, and it is a major botanical habitat reserve. It serves as a critical link in the Chino-Puente Hills Wildlife Corridor.

What to Expect at Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park features thousands of acres of biodiversity and unique nature trails that span the entire California State Park. The state park sits between the north end of the Santa Ana Mountains and the south end of the Puente-Chino Hills and offers endless outdoor recreation opportunities.

It is the only place in the LA Basin where you only have to drive a few miles down the road to encounter breathtaking views from the many trailheads at the park, hiking, biking, or even horseback riding. There is something for everyone to enjoy at this State Park.

Pets are allowed on paved roads and in the campgrounds, but they are not allowed on any of the park trails, so keep that in mind if you plan to bring your furry friend!

It is important to mention that the park does close in the event of heavy rains, considering the steepness of the Chino Hills.

Entrance Fees

To enter the park with a vehicle, you will pay an entrance fee of $10 per day. Seniors over 62 pay a $9 entrance fee per day.

There is no entrance fee for foot traffic.

Annual Passes

There are many annual passes available for purchase in California State Parks, such as the Annual Day Use Pass, Golden Poppy Annual Day Use Pass, Annual Boat Use Pass, and more. Still, you will need to make sure your pass is accepted at Chino Hills State Park before your adventure.

Chino Hills State Park Camping

You can make future reservations for Chino Hills State Park for up to six months in advance through California’s State Parks Reservation System.

chino hill state park camping

Registration and Access

Visitors can register in advance or at the entrance to the park. Since the State Park is closed and locked at sunset every day, your registration is important for coming and going.

Registered campers use a combination code to access the entrance and exit gate after hours. If you plan to leave the park after sunset, you will need to check with the Park Staff for your code before you leave. These codes can change daily.

Park Rangers will conduct campground checks during opening and closing hours and periodically throughout the day.


Rolling M Ranch, the main campsite at Chino Hills State Park, has 20 campsites.

These campsites each have paved parking and a picnic table. Although no hookups or dumping station facilities exist, RV camping is allowed.

Each campsite can accommodate an RV up to 30 feet long or two regular vehicles. Two of the 20 campsites are reserved for persons with accessibility needs.

No more than 8 occupants are allowed at each site, with a 2-tent limit. Any group larger than eight but smaller than 16 can reserve two campsites, but if your group is any larger, you’ll need to make group camp reservations ahead of time.

You will find flush toilets and drinking water at the campground.

Equestrian Camping

Another unique aspect of Chino Hills State Park is equestrian camping!

The southern and central portions of the Equestrian Staging Area are available for equestrian campers. The area is not designated for camping, so it is a bit underdeveloped, but you will find a nice slice of peace and privacy as equestrian campers are dispersed about in the area.

The area features hitching posts, a mounting assistance ramp, horse corrals, and more. For more developed restroom and shower facilities, a trail connects the Staging Area to the campgrounds.

Group Camping

To camp in groups at Chino Hills State Park, you must make advanced reservations. There is a group camping area near the Equestrian Staging Area.

There is a vast grassy area for pitching tents and recreational activities. The group camping area accommodates up to 16 people and has two shade canopies.

There is adequate parking in the area and the amphitheater at Rolling M Ranch for any large events or ceremonies.

Activities to Enjoy at Chino Hills State Park

Hiking and Biking

This large park is ideal for hiking and mountain biking. While no backcountry or trail camping is permitted, the campground serves backpackers and cyclists.

Chino Hills State park Camping


Hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding are a few of the possible recreational activities you will find at the 16 trailheads, which lead to 28 individual trails and span 48 miles throughout the park.

Some trailheads you will encounter in Chino Hills State Park include ButterfieldCommunity ParkFairfield RanchGrand Avenue Park, and many more.

Enjoying the Chino Hills State Park

From hiking, mountain biking, and trail running to equestrian and group camping, Chino Hills State Park has got it all! Spend the weekend horseback riding and hiking, or stay for an extended camping trip for up to 14 consecutive days.

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