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Cobb Premier Grill – A Campers Review

I absolutely love grilling. I’m not saying that I’m any good at grilling, just that I love it :). I love to grab a home brewed beer, get outside (while camping or at home), relax and hopefully cook some good meat.

Cobb Grill

When I say I am not that good at grilling, I mean I’m downright bad. I have learned a lot over the past year though and can at least now proudly say that I can get my charcoal to burn evenly and not scorch all my meats, but that is about it.

Recently I’ve been getting into smoking my food and looking for a way to become a better griller, this is why I thought that the Cobb Premier Grill would be perfect for me.


I picked up the Cobb about two weeks ago from Coates RV in Hugo while we were talking about our trailer and some camping ideas. I was told to prepare myself because the Cobb was going to blow me away with how awesome it was. Everyone at Coates was telling me this was the most amazing grill ever, they were just gushing over it. I pretty much dismissed them and thought they were probably just trying to push their product.

I was wrong.

The Cobb has easily been the best grill I have owned. So far I have grilled burgers, chicken and smoked a rack of ribs in the Cobb. Each has been incredibly easy, cooked perfectly and tasted great.

Kelly Waiting For Supper
Kelly Waiting For Supper

One really nice thing to point out on the Cobb is the amount of charcoal used. For 4 burgers I used about 6 briquets. 6 was more than enough. For the chicken I used a Cobb briquet (these are supposed to fit perfectly and be very convenient), which was kind of expensive (I wouldn’t recommend shelling out the $20 for a 4 pack) and for the ribs I used a handful plus some hickory wood chips.


The Cobb grilling surface makes it easy to cook your food without burning it. In the center directly above the charcoal there are no openings in the grilling surface. All of the openings are around the outside of the grilling surface. When smoking, this creates a tunnel effect for your smoke.


Another great feature of the Cobb is that the outside of the grill stays every bit as cool as before you were grilling. The only thing that gets hot is the lid. So you can easily move your Cobb if needed while grilling, have it on a picnic table or just about anywhere.


For camping, I really like that the Cobb is so small and portable. It takes up less room than our grill and packs up neatly. Unlike the grill, there are no holes in the bottom for soot to fall through when transporting either.


If you really want to experience all that the Cobb has to offer, they make many different attachments so you can bake, grill, fry, smoke and more.

Ryan Is Such A Good Cook!
Ryan Is Such A Good Cook!

The one complaint that I had about the Cobb is that it is a bit too small for my family. I understand this is probably a plus for some people, but I need to cook a lot of food when feeding my whole family and it can take me 2-3 rounds with the Cobb. Maybe they’ll come out with a bigger version soon! You can purchase the Cobb Grill Here.


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Friday 1st of July 2022

They make a Supreme which is larger and oval shaped...can cook for the whole family!


Friday 19th of July 2019

I agree-4 American sized adults is the reasonable limit to getting everyone fed simultaneously on a Cobb. With the Kettle, wok, fry pan, raised grill rack, pizza stone, this thing is REALLY a "Cook System", not just a grill! My last 4 day weekend, I 100% committed to cooking EVERYTHING on the Cobb and it was so satisfying! That kettle is just amazing!!! Cooking over a fire-thats REAL camping. Avoiding those horrid green propane bottles that will be in our garbage dumps (possibly outliving humanity) for ? x ?hundreds of years-SO SATISFYING! Properly steaming rice is the only thing that I see as a challenge; but pouring boiling water from the Cobb Kettle onto "boil in bag" rice in a thermos, then sealing the thermos for 10 minutes is an effective way to get rice cooked. I will try to post pic/vid soon.