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Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner Propane Stove Review

Product Review Summary

  • Price: $$ Purchase At Amazon
  • Pros: Large Cooking Area, Even Temperature Control, More…
  • Cons: Heavy, Large Footprint, More…
  • My Rating: Value: 5 Star, Quality: 5 Star
  • Weight: 19.6 Lbs.
  • BTUs: 28,000
  • Manufacturer: Coleman

Cooking is an integral part of camping. When you start thinking about camping and packing your camping gear, most people start with either their shelter or their cooking gear. If you don`t have a comfortable sleeping arrangement, camping won`t be fun, and if you don`t have a great way to cook great food, again, it won`t be fun!

I`ve got a big family, so a big camping stove is a must for me and my family. Last summer I saw the Coleman EvenTemp 3 as I was hunting for a new stove to take on our trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota and thought that it looked like a great stove, at a good price that was big enough to cook for my large family.

Where To Buy

Coleman Classic 3-Burner Propane Camping Stove, Portable Camp Stove with 3 Adjustable Burners and Push-Button Instant Ignition, Includes Wind Guards, Pressure Control, and Carry Handle, 28,000 BTUs

Features & Benefits:

The Coleman Eventemp 3 burner camp stove has all of the features you would expect on a camping stove from Coleman.

First, and most obvious, this stove packs in 3 burners into a large cooking space that allows three 8″ pans or two 12″ pans. For me, I enjoyed being able to use one stove and keep multiple items cooking at the same time.

Coleman Gas Stove

A push button ignition eliminates the need for lighters and matches on the Eventemp and standard wind block panels shield the burners from the elements.

Finally, with 28,000 BTUs of cooking power, you will not find yourself under-powered by any means while trying to complete any of your camp cooking.

Coleman Eventemp 3 Pros and Cons


  1. Large cook space due to it being a 3 burner camp stove that easily accommodates larger size camping groups.
  2. 3 Independently controlled burners.
  3. Push button ignition.
  4. Wind blocking panels.
  5. Aluminized steel cooktop for rust resistance.
  6. Easy to set up and easy to clean.


  1. Weight: This stove is heavy, roughly 19.5 lbs. For me, this means that it isn`t coming along on most of my camping trips. Typically this stove is only coming along on car camping adventures.
  2. Size: Same problem as with the weight. This Coleman stove takes up a lot of valuable room in your car. It`s roughly 26″ x 6″ x 19″.

My Personal Experience With The Coleman Stove

I`ve used my Coleman Eventemp 3 burner stove on a few different trips over the last year and I have had nothing but good luck with it.

Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner Propane Stove Review 1

One mistake I made was to misunderstand what they meant by Eventemp to begin with. I took that to mean that all three burners will produce the exact same amount of heat when set to the same setting on the knob. This was not true.

I later realized that what they meant was that once you set the burner at a certain setting, it will not fluctuate, which I found to be true on my stove.

When I went to the Black Hills in South Dakota with my family last summer, my Coleman Eventemp was the only stove that I brought, so I did roughly 80% of all our cooking with it over a 6-day camping trips. Breakfasts, pastas, meats and more were all cooking directly on it along with my Coleman Family Cookset.

When I purchased my Eventemp, I also purchased the Eventemp Coleman Griddle and the Coleman Stove Carrying Case, both of which I really like.

Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner Propane Stove Review 2
Cooking pancakes using the griddle attachment for the Coleman Even-Temp

The griddle is great for cooking that big morning breakfast and fits perfectly onto the stove. The case is purely just a convenient way to store and travel with your Coleman stove.

Finally, set up and clean up on this stove was incredibly easy. There was almost no set up involved when originally opening the box, I believe I just had to install the wind blockers and put on the grate. For clean-up, I simply removed the grate and easily wiped everything down.

Why You Would Buy This Product

There are many different camping stoves out there and many of them are fantastic (I know because I have a problem and can`t stop buying them!!).

A 3 burner camp stove like the Coleman Eventemp 3 is perfect for a few different people.

The first is obviously the car camper who has a large group to feed, like me when we go on family trips. If you have to do some serious cooking, you definitely don`t want a small one burner stove. Many two burner stoves are still small and can barely accommodate two 8″ pans let along two 12″ cooking pans.

The second person is the anyone who really enjoys cooking, doesn`t mind the weight and size, plans on cooking up a storm and doesn`t want to spend too much money. A big Coleman propane stove like the Eventemp 3 is perfect.

Who This Stove Is Not For

This stove is definitely not for anyone who needs lightweight equipment. If you are backpacking, canoe camping or even just need to hike into your campsite, then the Eventemp 3 is going to be too big and too heavy.

I would also say that it is not for small groups of 2-3 people who aren’t planning a lot of major cooking during their camping trip. There are lots of other great smaller camping stoves that are perfect for these people.

My Final Opinion

I`m happy with my Coleman Eventemp 3 and it fits me and my family perfectly for our car camping trips where we set up a basecamp that doesn`t move.

Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner Propane Stove Review 3

With all our different types of camping, I don`t use it a lot every year, usually just 2-4 trips, but it seems as though it should last me as long as I want to keep using it.

  • Value: 5 Star
  • Price: 5 Star
  • Quality: 5 Star

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