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The Best Dog Sleeping Bag: Our Top 5 Picks

If you’re considering taking your dog camping, you might wonder if dog sleeping bags even exist. Yes, they absolutely do, and they’re designed to keep your dog warmer and cozier than a traditional dog bed.

No pup should have to sleep on a cold surface, so we’ve tracked down the best dog sleeping bags that they will love. Keep reading to see our top dog sleeping bags to keep your fur baby comfortable on all your camping trips!

A dog sleeping in a sleeping bag. Best dog sleeping bag.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
LifeUnion Dog Sleeping Bag

Runner Up:
Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag

Best for Multiple Dogs:

Best for Small Dogs:
GEERTOP Sleeping Bag for Dogs

Best for Winter Camping:
Ruffwear Dog Sleeping Bag

Best Overall

LifeUnion Dog Sleeping Bag

Lifeunion Dog Sleeping Bag with Storage Bag Waterproof Warm Packable Dog Bed for Travel Camping Hiking Backpacking (Orange)

The best multi-function dog sleeping bag is the LifeUnion Dog Sleeping Bag. It has plenty of room, keeps your dog warm, and is soft enough to be used at home or while camping. This dog sleeping bag will protect your dog from cold, hard surfaces.

This is the perfect sleeping bag to just cover your dog with or let them use it as a regular blanket, so you can reap its multipurpose benefits. Or you can zip it around them. Dogs of all sizes can fit inside this sleeping bag.

Product dimensions are 43.3″ L x 27.5″ W when laid out, and it can be rolled up when not in use or traveling in its storage bag. The sleeping bag weighs less than two pounds.


  • Zipper on the tail and one side of the bag for easy entrance
  • Drawstring design for protecting your dog’s head
  • Unzips all the way


  • Not very compressible, which can be frustrating for backpackers

Runner Up

Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag

Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag - Camping Dog Bed - Extra Durable Waterproof Dog Sleeping Bag Bed - Packable Dog Bed for Camping, Hiking, Cottage and Beach – Portable Dog Bed with Stuff Sack (Orange)

The Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag is our runner-up and is made from the same fill material as the LifeUnion Sleeping Bag to keep your dog warm and cozy on cool camping trips on cold surfaces.

It packs up tight into its storage bag, so it can easily be transported from location to location, although reviewers have indicated this sleeping bag feels heavy when backpacking. This sleeping bag is perfect for car camping, though!

Product dimensions are 45.2″ L x 29″ W when laid out.


  • 2-way zipper, so your dog can enter from one side and exit from the other
  • Easy to wash
  • Portable


  • The filling is heavy and not evenly distributed
  • Doesn’t fully unzip

Best for Multiple Dogs


DOGHELIOS 'Trail-Barker' Multi-Surface Water-Resistant Travel Camper Sleeper Pet Dog Bed Mat w/ BlackShark Technology, One Size, Sunkist Orange, Dark Grey

If you’re going camping with more than one dog, you need the DOG HELIOS Dog Pet Bed. This dog sleeping bag features connectable zippers so multiple beds can be connected. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping with two dogs or ten; each will have a comfy place to sleep.

This dog sleeping bag features black shark technology to make it impermeable, waterproof, and windproof, all while retaining heat and keeping your pet cozy.

Product dimensions are


  • Lots of cushioning
  • Zipper along the side and bottom
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • Thick when rolled up
  • Not for backpacking
  • Small for large dogs

26″ L x 20″ W, so you will need to buy one bed for each dog you will be bringing on your camping trip.

Best for Small Dogs

GEERTOP Sleeping Bag for Dogs

GEERTOP Dog Sleeping Bag Durable Packable Pet Sleeping Bed Comfortable Washable, Portable Pet Bed for Cats and Small Dogs - Dog Bed for Camping Hiking Cottage Beach

If you have a puppy, pug, poodle, or other small dog breeds, then the GEERTOP Sleeping Bag for Dogs is the best choice for your little fur child.

Don’t be surprised if your cat confiscates it from your dog because reviewers say their cats love cuddling up in this dog sleeping bag.

(Considering bringing your cat camping with you? Check out this article about Camping with Pets for more tips and tricks on how to camp with dogs and cats).

This sleeping bag is 35 L x 26 W and only weighs about 0.7 pounds, so it can be easily packed up to a compact carry size–your dog will have no problem carrying this sleeping bag if you’re on a backpacking trip.


  • The material does not clump or shift
  • Easy to clean and dries fast
  • Easy to bring with you anywhere


  • Not the warmest sleeping bag–lacks heat retention
  • Not for dogs heavier than 20 pounds
  • The zipper is not sturdy

Best for Winter Camping

Ruffwear Dog Sleeping Bag

The Best Dog Sleeping Bag: Our Top 5 Picks 1

If you’re going winter camping with your dog in harsh climates, do your pup a favor and get him or her a Ruffwear Dog Sleeping Bag. This dog sleeping bag contains lightweight synthetic insulation and an integrated pad sleeve that can accommodate the Ruffwear Highlands pad for extra cushion and warmth.

This dog sleeping bag has been designed for backpacking and winter camping to provide warmth to your dog on the trail or at the campsite, and it comes in two sizes: Medium and Large.

The medium option is 33.5 x 25.2 x 2 inches, and the large is 43.3 x 28.3 x 2 inches. The medium weighs 1 pound 9.6 ounces, and the large weighs 2 pounds 3.2 ounces.


  • The zipper opens wide and closes tight
  • Lightweight and designed for your dog to carry
  • Compression sack compatible with Palisades or Approach dog packs.


  • Expensive
  • Too hot for some dogs

Dog Sleeping Bag Buyer’s Guide

A dog lying on sleeping bags in a tent.


Most dog sleeping bags are made from Polyester or Nylon because these materials do better in wet conditions and are often considered waterproof or water-resistant.

When selecting a dog sleeping bag, you can get a good idea of the quality of the material by looking at the denier of polyester or nylon. Denier is a unit of measurement that informs the buyer of the yarn thickness. The thicker the denier, the thicker the material.

Most outdoor gear has a denier between 30 and 80.

Weather Durability

Consider the weather durability of your dog’s sleeping bag when making a choice, especially if you plan to camp in harsher climates. The Ruffwear Dog Sleeping Bag is going to be best for the harshest climates because you can add extra padding, and its shell is made from 75-denier polyester.


You not only want a zipper that’s easy to zip, but you want to pay attention to the location of the zippers and how the zippers function. Some dog sleeping bag zippers open all the way, so you can use it as a cozy blanket too. Other zippers are 2-way and don’t open up.

Figure out what zipper type works best for your dog!


Dog sleeping bags are available for every size of dog. Measure their shoulder height to determine which is the right fit for your pup.


Dog sleeping bags are typically lightweight but fold up differently depending on their materials. If you want your dog to carry his or her sleeping bag, you need to make sure it fits in a dog backpack.

Most dog sleeping bags are only a couple of pounds (or less), though they can feel heavy if the filling is not evenly distributed. This is important to consider if you and your pup are going backpacking.

Dog Sleeping Bag Frequently Asked Questions

A pair of dogs on a tent camping trip.

How often should you replace a dog sleeping bag?

This is going to depend on use, but a general rule of thumb is to replace your dog’s bedding every two to five years. Now, if you only use your dog’s sleeping bag every other weekend, it can last longer!

Consider the following before replacing your dog’s sleeping bag:

  • Are there rips and tears?
  • Has your dog outgrown the sleeping bag?
  • Has your dog’s needs changed due to an illness or injury?
  • Are you happy with the design and style of the sleeping bag?

Deep cleaning the dog’s sleeping bag after every camping trip–either by hand washing or machine washing, depending on the wash instructions–can help extend the life of your dog’s camping bed.

Can my dog really carry his or her own sleeping bag?

Yes! Save your energy and let your dog carry his or her gear. Many dogs will be able to carry his or her dog sleeping bag with a dog backpack.

Before loading your dog up with all the gear, consider its weight. A dog should not carry more than 25 percent of their body weight. Puppies and senior dogs should not carry more than 10 to 15 percent of their body weight.

It’s best to balance your dog’s load so they are carrying the same amount of weight on both sides of their body. This will make the trip much more comfortable for them.

Some breeds are better at carrying than others, so always look for signs of discomfort in your dog and lighten their load if needed.

How do you train a dog to use a sleeping bag?

Start by letting your dog sniff the sleeping bag when you unpack it. Open the sleeping bag as far as it goes and reward your dog whenever he or she stands in the bag.

A dog in a sleeping bag.

Throw a treat inside the dog’s sleeping bag if your dog isn’t going inside it to convince the dog to go inside. Repeat this as many times as needed so your dog understands that going into the sleeping bag means a reward.

If your dog is trained, use the command “lay down” when the dog is stepping inside the sleeping bag. If your dog is not trained yet, you can train them by using the command when they are already lying down.

Get your dog used to the sound of the zipper. Reward them when you zip them up in the sleeping bag so they associate going into the sleeping bag with being rewarded.

Take baby steps if they are scared of being zipped in the sleeping bag. Find the stage where they are comfortable laying and reward them, then slowly progress when they do not realize you are moving forward.

However, if your dog cannot lie calmly, it’s best to try this process when the dog is tired and more likely to want to lie down.

We recommend doing this at home before your camping trip because dogs are more likely to sleep in areas that smell like them. That’s what makes the LifeUnion Dog Sleeping Bag a great choice because it’s designed to be used in any situation.

Are dog sleeping bags safe?

Dog sleeping bags (designed specifically for dogs) are perfectly safe for your pup. Unlike a human sleeping bag, they are smaller and designed to shape to your dog’s body.

Wrapping up the Best Dog Sleeping Bags

Closeup of a dog asleep in a sleeping bag.

Now you know all about the best dog sleeping bags! The LifeUnion Dog Sleeping Bag is the perfect new bed and sleeping bag for your dog, but any of these choices are fantastic camping dog sleeping bag choices.

(And if you’re looking for a fun new camping-inspired toy for your dog, check out this adorable sleeping bag squeaky dog toy. It will certainly keep your dog entertained while you’re camping.)

Before heading into the wilderness with your dog, check out our guide to hiking, backpacking, and camping with dogs for more tips and tricks to have a successful camping trip with a man’s best friend.