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Door Country Family Camping Trip Part 2

Our recent trip to Door County, Wisconsin was so big and so much fun that I just had to split it into two posts. We just cannot say enough good things about our trip. Make sure to check out Door County Part One if you want to see our whole trip.

Since we had such a busy, fun and tiring day on Friday with so many activities for the family, we decided to keep Saturday a bit more care free and easy going. We all slept in in the morning (except for me, I just can’t sleep in, it is actually 5 am right now while I am typing…) and started our day off a little more slowly. I decided it would be a perfect day to make some simple and delicious camping doughnuts for Kelly and the kids. This got our day started off perfect. The kids all slowly got up and hung out with me in the screen porch eating doughnuts (shouldn’t every day start like this?).

Making-DoughnutsRuth Couldn’t Stop Eating The Doughnuts


Isaiah Was In Doughnut HeavenEnjoying-Doughnuts

After we finished our doughnuts and had a nice lazy morning around the campground of swimming, we decided to head out and drive along the coast of Green Bay and see some of the area as well as the cool towns like Fish Creek and Sister Bay.

For some reason, I guess we were just into it on this trip, we decided to play another round of mini golf while we were in Sister Bay. We stopped at Pirates Cove and tried our hand at playing mini golf with 7 people. It was eventful to say the least. Isaiah decided that picking up and throwing any golf ball he found would be most fun while Ruthie just wanted to run across every putting green (ours or other golfers). I was pretty fun.



Keegan & Mikaela Together In A Picture!!Keegan-and-Mikael


After mini golf we grabbed some pizza and hit up a couple of shops we thought the kids might like. While there are plenty of things to do around door county for you and your kids, the towns are not really very kid friendly. It seemed that everything was geared toward the older crowd and was rather costly. Many places did however at least have playgrounds for the kids.


After we got back to the campground Kelly and I decided it was time that we had a break from the kids. We put Keegan in charge and had Mikaela his helper and had them put on a movie for the girls while Isaiah napped. Kelly and I then slipped out and visited Door Peninsula Winery. This was a great time!

Gotta stop whenever Kelly sees a random chicken along the road...
Gotta stop whenever Kelly sees a random chicken along the road…

Door Peninsula Winery was a great place for Kelly and I to get out and have a date. It was only 10 minutes from our campground and had a lot for us to try. Kelly actually found a couple of wines that she really enjoyed, the super sweet ones of course.


At Door Peninsula Winery you could sample their wines, spirits, olive oil and…



The winery was it for us on Saturday. when we got back we made up some supper and enjoyed some more swimming at the campground and some nice family time around the campfire.

On Sunday morning it was time for one of the kids favorite parts of the trip. We were leaving Door County and heading to a water park in Wausau. Kelly is writing up a post currently on this and should have it up soon.

Hitting The Road Again
Hitting The Road Again

Door County was an amazing family trip that I am sure the kids as well as Kelly and I will remember for the rest of our lives.

Thanks for reading!

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