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SunBell Solar Light & Phone Charger


I can`t count how many times I have found myself out on the campground with a dead phone. I try my best to get us in an electric sight, however some times we find ourselves “roughing it” in theCoates RVcamper! I have had my eyes on the look out for a solar light charger and I am happy to have found theSunBellSolar Light & Phone Charger because it is much easier to recharge my devices from a non-electric site at the campground with this product.

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I made sure to set my SunBell under the sun in a spot that would have rays throughout the whole day. I didn`t want to spend my camping trip on babysitting a solar light. As the sun started to set I went over to the Earth Easy SunBell to check on my phone.

After A Full Day Of Fun”¦

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I was very happy to find a fully charged phone! Not that I use my phone to call people while we are out camping, but I do use it a lot for sharing updates on our social media platforms during the day. It was the end of the day and I didn`t have much to talk about online, so I put my phone and cord away in the camper with a smile. I was so happy to know it would be ready to go in the morning.

That`s Not All

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The SunBell Solar Light stayed bright for hours into the dark. Ryan and I stayed up way pass our bedtime with our oldest son, Keegan. We find that`s the best time to truly connect with our teenager. We had a small campfire going in the background whilewe spent timemessing around in the dark with the solar light. Well, that is until I fell into this lake”¦ (photo taken earlier in the day)

Late Night Swim For Mom

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I thought I would sneak up on Keegan and spook him, instead I ended up falling into the water! Another great memory made while camping with kids!

If you are looking for a new camping solar light or phone charger I would recommend testing out theSunBell. It does both light and charging, plus you have the ability to hang it up on a tree branch, too. You can expect to pay about $80.00 for one in yellow or red.

You can Purchase the Sunbell Solar Light & Charger at Amazon for $79.98.